June 15th 2010 : Open Forum (but focus is on Linden Lab Layoffs / Future of SL for educators)

June 15th, 2010 | Posted by Ulani David in Transcripts


Transcript of Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable: June15, 2010

Topic: Open Forum (but focus is on Linden Lab Layoffs / Future of SL for educators)

Editorial remarks: I wish I could have attended.

AJ Brooks talked about the LL refocus on consumers this way: “I guess if you have to focus on 8% or 30%, you pick the 30%.”

It got noted that 8% of SL’s usage is by education. Had I been there, Iggy would have responded that ignoring our work in SL would be an appropriate strategy for a company preparing to sell out. But if LL is indeed as profitable as it claims, long-term investors of the 8% are less likely to switch to new platforms. Education, given our budeting process and long-term planning, should have gotten a renewed focus from the Lab as well.

I feel for my colleagues with heavy institutional investments in SL. If LL leaves them twisting in the wind when it closes shop or sells out to a company that will do even less for education, it will set back other investments in 3D immersive environments for a while. Imagine, for instance, had Netscape bombed before Microsoft entered the game with Internet Explorer. How long would it have been before business and education reinvested in “that Web thing”?

Iggy’s Other Notes:

Special thanks to Kali for capturing this transcsript in my absence! No photos this week, so I used a prior one posted by Grinn. Thanks! Join our VWER group at Flickr and add your own pictures! And you’ll find really good links to blogs about the LL layoffs, SLCC 2010, and more in the text.

Noteworthy quotations and points:

  • Educators about equally divided on whether a separate edu grid would be a good thing
  • Jimmie Veeper: It’s killing our future funding
  • AJ Brooks: well – this is more than just a layoff – this was massive, first, and quite surgical
  • Csteph Submariner: re-focus implies they were focused in the first place
  • they ARE a business after all not a public service.
  • Trudy Takacs: I don’t expect it free, textbooks aren’t free
  • AJ Brooks: the RP communities drive the LL economy
  • AJ Brooks: I said over two years ago that SL is like to be the AOL of virtual environments
  • Marcia Kjeller: is there anything we should do, since this news just broke, or someplace we should petition. to see what is going to happen to the educational component/parcels/islands of SL? or just sit, listen and wait?. . . .AJ Brooks: Marcia – I think its just sit and wait it out
  • Grinn Pidgeon: surely they know our fiscal years are about to switch and we need to budget. . . .Jimmie Veeper: And not let admin read our conversations here for fear of program cuts.

[14:32] Vic Michalak: You just have to try not to sit on someone… like musical chairs….

[14:32] AJ Brooks: I’m going to go ahead and get started

[14:32] Zotarah Shepherd: Hi Hobbs

[14:32] AJ Brooks: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable meeting.

[14:32] Zotarah Shepherd: Hi Mimi

[14:32] AJ Brooks: Our meetings are made possible by the Office of Information Technology at Montclair State University. We meet here each week at 2:30pm SLT for an hour.

[14:32] AJ Brooks: Our meeting today is an OPEN FORUM. Hopefully you’ve brought some ideas, thoughts or questions.

[14:32] Mimi Muircastle: hi all – good to be here

[14:32] AJ Brooks: For those sitting up in the amphitheatre seating, please come down and join us around the roundtable. There is always an empty seat on the side closest to the ramp.

[14:32] hobbs Constantine: Hi Z!

[14:32] AJ Brooks: The Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable is a forum to educate and inform the community about issues that are important and relevant to education.

[14:32] AJ Brooks: The views and opinions of any of our special guests or visitors do not necessarily represent those who volunteer or organize these meetings,

[14:33] AJ Brooks: or of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Office of Information Technology , or Montclair State University.

[14:33] AJ Brooks: This is a public meeting, so we do keep and publish a transcript of what is said in local chat. For a copy of transcripts, please visit http://www.vwer.org

[14:33] AJ Brooks: If you’ve not seen the transcripts, you should check them out – they are a great information asset.

[14:33] AJ Brooks: The Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable meeting happens each week and we continue to develop a community of educators from around the world with a variety of thoughts, needs, and ideas.

[14:33] AJ Brooks: Please join the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable group here in SL. You can also find us on Facebook and Flickr by our full name and Twitter as VWER.

[14:33] AJ Brooks: Finally, if you have Mystitool on, or other similar tool, please put it to sleep or detach it for now. 🙂 It tends to lag things.

[14:33] AJ Brooks: Just one more reminder, we ask that everyone sitting in the theater seating join us around the roundtable. There is always an empty seat on side closest to the ramp.

[14:33] AJ Brooks: As a hint, it is better to have “local chat” open for these meetings, it will help you follow along better.

[14:33] AJ Brooks: You can find local chat by clicking COMMUNICATE in the bottom navigation bar and you’ll find LOCAL CHAT as one of the tabs at the bottom of the window.

[14:34] AJ Brooks: at least in the old viewer

[14:34] AJ Brooks: guess I better update that for the new viewer

[14:34] AJ Brooks: Why don’t we start off the way we always do, by introducing ourselves. No need to wait, go ahead and type into local chat now

[14:34] AJ Brooks: who you are, what you do, and your educational affiliation.

[14:34] AJ Brooks: My name is AJ Kelton and I am the Director, Emerging Instructional Technology for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State University in New Jersey

[14:34] Jimmie Veeper: Hi All

[14:34] Grinn Pidgeon: Dr. Barbara Pittman, Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, Ohio. Faculty Development/Instructional technology/English teacher

[14:34] Birdie Newcomb: Birdie Newborn, education explorer

[14:35] Kali Pizzaro: Evelyn McElhinney Glasgow Caledonian University Lectuer, RN, tanned from my recent visit to Portugal

[14:35] Katya Anatine: Faculty, educational studies in St. Louis

[14:35] ValentineBouquet Garnet: Hi I am a professor of Education, Pittsburgh

[14:35] Zotarah Shepherd: I am a MA in Education (technology & psychology) student at Sonoma State University in northern California working on a curriculum project: Teaching and Learning Life Foundation Skills in Second Life.

[14:35] hobbs Constantine: is Heather Dodds, Course Mentor for Natural Sciences, Western Governors University, also doctoral learner @ Capella

[14:35] Teri Boxen: Teri Lind, MS,RN Simulation educator in nursing CSUEB

[14:35] Eliasdehart Sixpence: Casey Ashe, Tulsa Community College LRC Supervisor

[14:35] Meredith Winslet: I’m a history teacher at TCC and work in the li8brary.

[14:35] Lali Latte: Dr. Melinda Korzaan. Middle Tennessee State University. Murfreesboro, TN. professor in Computer Information Systems

[14:35] AJ Brooks: anyone else?

[14:35] Vic Michalak: Phil Youngblood, Chair, Computer Information Systems, University of the Incarnate World, San Antonio, Texas; owner of STEM Island in SciLands and other involvement..

[14:35] Graham Mills: Peter Miller, University of Liverpool

[14:35] Mimi Muircastle: Mimi Muircastle/Charlotte educator interested in both k-12 and univ. level educ

[14:36] Alexsis Kamala: Hi! I am Alexsis Kamala in SL and Anna-Marie Robertson in RL. I am an online High School Mathematics instructor for Richard McKenna Charter High School Online located in Idaho

[14:36] Sam55 Chester: Hi I am relatively new here I am an English and Writing teacher at National Park Community College in Hot Springs, Ar

[14:36] Jimmie Veeper: James Fullerton Southern Lehigh SD

[14:36] AJ Brooks: did we miss anyone?

[14:36] Kali Pizzaro: 23 on the sim for the transcript

[14:36] Jimmie Veeper: .

[14:36] AJ Brooks: ok – great

[14:37] AJ Brooks: NCL, Cleo – feel free to join us at the table

[14:37] Jimmie Veeper: James Fullerton from Southern Lehigh SD

[14:37] AJ Brooks: there is an empty seat on the side by the ramp

[14:37] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: ty

[14:37] Ncl Wozniak: ty

[14:37] AJ Brooks: so – today we are going to do an open forum, which we can’t done in a long time

[14:37] AJ Brooks: like a year!

[14:37] AJ Brooks: LOL

[14:37] AJ Brooks: I thought I would start us off

[14:37] AJ Brooks: just so you know how this works

[14:38] AJ Brooks: we talk about a topic and try to stick with it until the conversation takes a natural turn in another direction

[14:38] AJ Brooks: having your local chat open will help – A LOT!

[14:38] AJ Brooks: so you can follow the conversation along

[14:38] Kali Pizzaro: this is the therapy session

[14:38] Mimi Muircastle: natural turn = soccer 🙂

[14:38] Kali Pizzaro: 😉

[14:38] Trudy Takacs: ha

[14:38] Lali Latte: lol

[14:38] AJ Brooks: like I said, I thought I would start us off

[14:38] Trudy Takacs: needed this week it seems

[14:38] AJ Brooks: I’m sure many of want to talk about the layoffs at Linden Lab

[14:38] AJ Brooks: BEFORE we do

[14:39] Trudy Takacs: ha

[14:39] AJ Brooks: I’d like to say one thing

[14:39] AJ Brooks: we need to keep separate what is confirmed and what is speculation

[14:39] Trudy Takacs: yes

[14:39] AJ Brooks: so – does anyone want to say anything about this subject

[14:39] Trudy Takacs: I would like some insight

[14:39] Grinn Pidgeon: me too

[14:39] hobbs Constantine: I went to the Linden graveyard

[14:39] Teri Boxen: yes

[14:39] Mimi Muircastle: yes, Fleep had a great blog post on this anyone else read it?

[14:39] Trudy Takacs: I wonder why LL is being so tight lipped

[14:40] Trudy Takacs: with all the speculation and blogging

[14:40] AJ Brooks: fleeps blog is great

[14:40] Jimmie Veeper: private Corporation behaviour typical

[14:40] AJ Brooks: so is Rob Knops

[14:40] Trudy Takacs: any ideas?

[14:40] Mimi Muircastle: yes, read Rob’s too

[14:40] hobbs Constantine: Mimi: provide link?

[14:40] Jimmie Veeper: Why would they?

[14:40] Alexsis Kamala: can you share the blog URL for those of us that haven’t read it?

[14:40] Mimi Muircastle: give me a minute – eating my lunch:)

[14:40] Alexsis Kamala: kk

[14:41] AJ Brooks: perhaps someone can locate them, moderating and locating things can be tough sometimes

[14:41] Trudy Takacs: Well, I do remember the good ‘ol days where they’d try to appear to answer ?

[14:41] AJ Brooks: well – why do we think they might be tightlipped

[14:41] Jimmie Veeper: Selling off the company

[14:41] hobbs Constantine: Legal reasons– illegal to talk about firing

[14:41] Trudy Takacs: well, half empty or half full

[14:41] AJ Brooks: all three good reasons

[14:41] Trudy Takacs: it really can be what Pathfinder suggested

[14:41] AJ Brooks: and all three very well could be right

[14:41] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: what arent they telling us that we should know?

[14:42] AJ Brooks: I think hobbs is right about the layoffs

[14:42] Grinn Pidgeon: could be because they think we are self-sufficient and don’t need hand holding?

[14:42] AJ Brooks: what do you think we should know, Cleo?

[14:42] Trudy Takacs: well, corporate or not

[14:42] Vic Michalak: The Linden Graveyard is at Rouge(170,52,21)

[14:42] Jimmie Veeper: Stop the speculations

[14:42] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: thats what i asked you 🙂

[14:42] Trudy Takacs: bad PR is bad PR

[14:42] Teri Boxen: yes

[14:42] Trudy Takacs: and disgruntled and scared consumers are bad

[14:42] AJ Brooks: well – what more than what they told us do you think they should be telling us?

[14:42] Jimmie Veeper: It’s killing our future funding

[14:42] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: nothing.

[14:42] Trudy Takacs: did you see the Fortune snippet today of Philip? odd timing

[14:43] Trudy Takacs: as if it was placed

[14:43] Jimmie Veeper: link?

[14:43] AJ Brooks: no, trudy – what did it say?

[14:43] Trudy Takacs: well, just a little ‘making of SL” – I’ll get it

[14:43] AJ Brooks: great – thx

[14:43] Trudy Takacs: had to look several times at date – thought it was an old resurrection, saw it on twitter

[14:43] AJ Brooks: by the way, all these links will be part of the transcript, so that is good

[14:43] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: what would be odd is if they didnt lay anyone off, every one is doing it these days.

[14:44] Vic Michalak: See http://techcrunch.com/2010/06/09/linden-labs-lays-off-30-percent-of-staff/ and http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/linden-lab-restructures-to-generate-efficiencies-and-support-investment-in-new-platforms-95982564.html

[14:44] AJ Brooks: thansk vic

[14:44] Jimmie Veeper: ty

[14:44] AJ Brooks: well – this is more than just a layoff – this was massive, first, and quite surgical

[14:44] AJ Brooks: this was not just lay off a whole bunch of extra folks

[14:45] Teri Boxen: ohh

[14:45] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: what percentage of total staff?

[14:45] AJ Brooks: well – it doesn’t seem so random

[14:45] AJ Brooks: 30%, I think I read

[14:45] Lali Latte: i read 30%

[14:45] AJ BrooksAJ Brooks nods

[14:45] Kali Pizzaro: yeah me too

[14:45] Csteph Submariner: ouch

[14:45] Teri Boxen: i live in SF bay area

[14:45] Teri Boxen: not too uncommon

[14:45] Kali Pizzaro: Hi Hattie join us at the table folks

[14:45] Vic Michalak: My concern is that appears that all of the educational support Lindens that I knew have been axed…

[14:45] Kali Pizzaro: viv come on down

[14:45] AJ Brooks: for a company that has recently boasted about how set it is financially and how well the SL economy is doing?

[14:46] Trudy Takacs: here in case someone hasn’t posted it: http://money.cnn.com/video/fortune/2010/06/14/f_vis_philip_rosedale_second_life.fortune/

[14:46] AJ Brooks: Vic – they HAVE all been axed

[14:46] Jimmie Veeper: ty Trudy

[14:46] Zotarah Shepherd: The names I read included those who were helping educators.

[14:46] AJ Brooks: our three contacts were Pathfinder, Claudia and George – and they are all gone

[14:46] AJ Brooks: Blue did the teen grid, gone too I believe

[14:46] Zotarah Shepherd: And Jay helped me with my sim too

[14:46] Trudy Takacs: what an odd time for this to appear, it doesn’t say anything

[14:46] Vic Michalak: Plus Jay Linden (see you mentioned her)…

[14:46] AJ Brooks: Jay is gone too?

[14:46] Vic Michalak: yes.

[14:46] AJ Brooks: REALLY – from accounting?

[14:47] Jimmie Veeper: Yes, Blue’s gone…I’m an island owner on the TG.

[14:47] Vic Michalak: We are too…

[14:47] AJ Brooks: wow – I didn’t know that, just talked to her 2 weeks ago

[14:47] Vic Michalak: Jay and Claudia are the ones who were helping us there…

[14:47] Vic Michalak: TG…

[14:47] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: so they are re focusing.?

[14:47] Kali Pizzaro: 32 on the sim for the transcript

[14:47] AJ Brooks: yes – clearly they are, M said so

[14:47] Trudy Takacs: I did say that they would address our concerns soon – can’t remember who said that – in what blog

[14:48] AJ Brooks: they are refocising on new members

[14:48] Zotarah Shepherd: And a while beck Prospero helped with the teen grid and of course Pathfinder. All gone. So who in LL is left who helps educators?

[14:48] AJ Brooks: and making money – which, for a business is important

[14:48] Csteph Submariner: re-focus implies they were focused in the first place

[14:48] Trudy Takacs: but it just gets louder and more speculative and they don’t respond

[14:48] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: hehe Csteph

[14:48] AJ Brooks: @Csteph – LOL

[14:48] AJ Brooks: see – here is what I don’t understand

[14:48] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: new members and making money. well, that sort of makes sense.

[14:48] AJ Brooks: many companies can focus on new business AND keep their existing customer base happy

[14:49] Trudy Takacs: yes

[14:49] AJ Brooks: I worked in sales for years

[14:49] Jimmie Veeper: Dusan thinks LL is up for sale.

[14:49] Trudy Takacs: PR is everything – especially w/social, viral media

[14:49] AJ Brooks: its a truism – its cheaper to keep customers than to make new ones

[14:49] Kali Pizzaro: getting old customers back is always the biggest challenge. i am sure i read that

[14:49] Kali Pizzaro: customers

[14:49] Trudy Takacs: and why hasnt’ Dusan said anything?

[14:49] Grinn Pidgeon: maybe no more educational discounts for sims

[14:49] Trudy Takacs: I haven’t seen him blog

[14:49] AJ Brooks: dusan?

[14:49] Jimmie Veeper: Too early

[14:49] Kali Pizzaro: i can not type tonight ignore spelling

[14:50] AJ Brooks: we all speak typonese, Kali

[14:50] Jimmie Veeper: Private corp are tight…they do not have to be open.

[14:50] Trudy Takacs: yes why hasn’t dusan been blogging, AJ?

[14:50] AJ Brooks: who is Dusan?

[14:50] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: so are they focussing on customers who make them money ??

[14:50] Zotarah Shepherd: Dusan Writer

[14:50] Chimera Magic: Dusan Writer?

[14:50] Trudy Takacs: no, Jimmie they don’t but this is social, viral and they should know better!

[14:50] Chimera Magic: Owner of Metanomics and Remedy

[14:50] AJ Brooks: ah – right

[14:50] Trudy Takacs: remember we can hold strikes in SL!

[14:50] Jimmie Veeper: http://dusanwriter.com/

[14:51] AJ Brooks: ty jimmie

[14:51] Trudy Takacs: oh sorry, AJ, assumed you knew.

[14:51] Csteph Submariner: interesting Trudy

[14:51] Vic Michalak: Most companies pare down to make themselves more attractive to potential buyers — that may not be what is happening here, but the behaviour is similar from my perspective… But lots of rumors are flying right now for lack of firm knowledge…

[14:51] Zotarah Shepherd: LL tried a prim tax years ago and that was protested.

[14:51] AJ Brooks: Vic, I would agree that this is typical behaviour for that kind of activity

[14:51] Jimmie Veeper: @Vic…BAM

[14:51] Mimi Muircastle: back – sorry, can’t find the post for Fleep

[14:52] Trudy Takacs: It just seems so ‘out to lunch’ to not respond in any way, corporate or no

[14:52] Jimmie Veeper: So, Dusan thinks Amazon should buy out LL and SL, who do you think whould be great new owners?

[14:52] AJ Brooks: what if LL does change hands….do we thinkt aht will matter

[14:52] Jimmie Veeper: Disney?

[14:52] Trudy Takacs: or is that ‘plant of Philip talking about leggos’ their way of respoinding ! lol

[14:52] Jimmie Veeper: just for fun

[14:52] Kali Pizzaro: depends on who takes over

[14:53] Jimmie Veeper: My vote is for Apple

[14:53] Csteph Submariner: Google seems the obvious candidate

[14:53] AJ Brooks: Apple is a hardware company

[14:53] Kali Pizzaro: what if it was murdoch – sky bsb – aaaahhhhhhh

[14:53] Jimmie Veeper: Expanding their online goods

[14:53] Trudy Takacs: I just wish they’d make it easier for education, regardless how it develops or who owns it

[14:53] Csteph Submariner: Nooo Kali!

[14:53] Grinn Pidgeon: this blog? http://www.fleeptuque.com/blog/

[14:53] Kali Pizzaro: indeed

[14:53] Jimmie Veeper: iTune?

[14:53] Trudy Takacs: lighter is fine with me

[14:53] Jimmie Veeper: Virtual goods AJ

[14:53] Trudy Takacs: cheaper is what we need, especially in this economy

[14:53] AJ Brooks: @jimmie – just supports their hardware business

[14:53] Mimi Muircastle: not apple – the cost will skyrocket! google is my vote 🙂

[14:53] Vic Michalak: Google is at least innovative and does not march to others’ drum beats (imho)

[14:53] Jimmie Veeper: oh

[14:53] Eliasdehart Sixpence: does HTML5 have any relationship to the desire to become browser-based?

[14:54] Csteph Submariner: Anyone remember google’s previous VW effort?

[14:54] Csteph Submariner: I forget the name

[14:54] Trudy Takacs: yes!

[14:54] Delenn Daines: lively

[14:54] AJ Brooks: I’m sure it does, Elias, plus wanting to reach a greater audience

[14:54] Trudy Takacs: open one day or one week

[14:54] Csteph Submariner: That was it

[14:54] Vic Michalak: Could be…. interesting thought…. about HTML5…

[14:54] AJ Brooks: Lively

[14:54] Trudy Takacs: that sure was fast

[14:54] Csteph Submariner: misnomer if ever there was one…

[14:54] Trudy Takacs: ha

[14:54] AJ Brooks: Well – they screwed it up from the start, google did

[14:54] AJ Brooks: with big successes come big failures

[14:54] Csteph Submariner: once bitten twice shy?

[14:55] AJ Brooks: Babe Ruth was the #1 strike out king of his time

[14:55] Jimmie Veeper: So Google failed at Lively….at least they have desired a VW in the past…ummm

[14:55] Trudy Takacs: does anyone know what Claudia is going to do?

[14:55] Trudy Takacs: is she going to consult like Pathfinder?

[14:55] Csteph Submariner: good point Jimmie

[14:55] Trudy Takacs: too soon, I guess

[14:55] AJ Brooks: I think its too soon to know

[14:55] AJ Brooks: about Claudia

[14:55] AJ Brooks: I’ve talked to her just the other day

[14:55] Kali Pizzaro: Hi katya

[14:55] Vic Michalak: Would be nice to learn the ex-Lindens’ new last names….

[14:56] AJ Brooks: I’m sure they’ll make them known in the community if they want to

[14:56] AJ Brooks: we’ve alredy seen that Path is on the SLED list

[14:56] Trudy Takacs: yes and that’s the point, to me

[14:56] AJ Brooks: ?

[14:56] Trudy Takacs: education has grown in SL because of the people

[14:56] Mimi Muircastle: yes, Path is around more and more – nice

[14:56] Trudy Takacs: we’re here and will continue to build programs for our own purposes

[14:56] Trudy Takacs: until we get shoved off

[14:56] Trudy Takacs: but

[14:57] Vic Michalak: “What if ‘God’ were one of us?” 🙂

[14:57] AJ Brooks: i guess if you have to focus on 8% or 30%, you pick the 30%

[14:57] Trudy Takacs: they need to help us with the costs as the RL economy

[14:57] Jimmie Veeper: or merged Trudy

[14:57] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: well, it would be good if they run more efficiently and do a better job of catering to the user who is spending money in sl ?

[14:57] AJ Brooks: they already do, trudy

[14:57] Jimmie Veeper: Sorry..TG language

[14:57] Csteph Submariner: free first sim to education and non-proifit I reckon

[14:57] AJ Brooks: the monthly maintenance is 1/2 of what others pay

[14:57] Trudy Takacs: those of us who got in this mess to begin with did so knowing it was a risk

[14:57] Trudy Takacs: an uphill early adaption

[14:57] Trudy Takacs: but it gets exhausting, doesn’t it!

[14:58] AJ Brooks: well – this IS the bleeding edge

[14:58] Vic Michalak: I thought they were overwhelmed as it was… I cannot imagine what it will be like now… Such as who is minding the “Tickets”….

[14:58] AJ Brooks: I’m afraid the easiers routes are not as exciting, but they are easier

[14:58] Trudy Takacs: with all the budget cuts and they just won’t give on the tier

[14:58] AJ Brooks: Trudy – they DO!!!

[14:58] Kali Pizzaro: it is easier to give up than to stick it out

[14:58] AJ Brooks: every island owner pays $300 per month

[14:58] AJ Brooks: edu only pays 150

[14:58] Kali Pizzaro: but you have to think it is worth it. i think it is

[14:58] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: they ARE a business after all not a public service.

[14:58] Eliasdehart Sixpence: so where do people go for education support? one another, this roundtable, the SLED list…

[14:59] Mimi Muircastle: good pt. kali –

[14:59] AJ Brooks: @Elias – yes, to all three

[14:59] Trudy Takacs: well, yes, AJ but with all the other barriers, it’s still getting expensive

[14:59] Trudy Takacs: I don’t expect it free, textbooks aren’t free

[14:59] Vic Michalak: Our best bet right now is a shared knowledge base, like we develop here….

[14:59] AJ Brooks: there are other alternatives that are cheaper

[14:59] Grinn Pidgeon: why do we think they supported education in the first place? Free PR?

[14:59] Trudy Takacs: more free development!

[14:59] AJ Brooks: great question, Grinn

[14:59] Marcia Kjeller: what can we do, as educators, to all stick together and be heard as one voice? any plans of action being tossed about?

[15:00] Trudy Takacs: like dumping betas on the residents to fix and tweak:)

[15:00] AJ Brooks: educators? one-voice? ROFL

[15:00] Trudy Takacs: that’s the cup half full

[15:00] Jimmie Veeper: education must equal profit to LL

[15:00] AJ Brooks: we all have such different needs

[15:00] Vic Michalak: Remember that educators educate potential new residents…

[15:00] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: maybe they are making a separate educational grid? it might work better actually.

[15:00] AJ Brooks: actually – vic, you know what the percentage of students who come into Sl for class and stay is?

[15:00] Marcia Kjeller: if we aren’t heard somehow. as a ‘group” we will lose

[15:00] Alexsis Kamala: That would be a good idea

[15:00] Viv Trafalgar: it really would

[15:00] Morgen String: @I agreee, Cleopatra

[15:00] AJ Brooks: very very low

[15:01] Chimera Magic: the beauty of SL is that educators and students can mix with others outside of academe

[15:01] Kali Pizzaro: agree AJ

[15:01] Chimera Magic: I’d hate to see a separate grid

[15:01] Mimi Muircastle: yes, chimera

[15:01] Chimera Magic: “walled gardens”

[15:01] Viv Trafalgar: @chi – also a very good point

[15:01] Eliasdehart Sixpence: From M. Linden’s blog post: “I’m concentrating on our reorganization. In coming weeks, I’ll blog more about our focus for the remainder of the year.”

[15:01] Alexsis Kamala: Yes, that is the beauty of sl

[15:01] AJ Brooks: i would LOVE a separate grid – IF we could get to a main grid and keep that connection

[15:01] Kali Pizzaro: yeah it depends on what you are teaching. it is good to see other areas

[15:01] Vic Michalak: AJ — wish I knew…. Yes, I read that the mean age in SL is now 36, up from 32 a couple of years ago… Can anyone confirm this?

[15:01] Trudy Takacs: oh good, I’ll save the popcorn for that:)

[15:01] Marcia Kjeller: where do we find those blogs?

[15:01] Eliasdehart Sixpence: waiting for the news

[15:01] Kali Pizzaro: haha Trudy

[15:01] Zotarah Shepherd: Imagine if all educational content was taken off this grid. and we could not shop for things – one of the problems of the teen grid.

[15:01] Viv Trafalgar: @Vic – doesn’t that mean the same people are getting older?

[15:02] AJ Brooks: @Vic – those numbers come for kzero.com.uk

[15:02] Jimmie Veeper: There is nothing altruistic about a corporation

[15:02] Trudy Takacs: @Zotarah or the other grids

[15:02] Kali Pizzaro: good point Viv

[15:02] AJ Brooks: kzero does that kind of work

[15:02] Trudy Takacs: SL is still the best

[15:02] Jimmie Veeper: so do not expect feelings

[15:02] AJ Brooks: but there are education efforts in other grids

[15:02] AJ Brooks: Reaction Grid

[15:02] AJ Brooks: 3rd Rock Grid

[15:02] Trudy Takacs: Media grid

[15:02] AJ Brooks: ActiveWorlds is still around

[15:02] Vic Michalak: Yes… I must have read it there…. good source of data (I believe)

[15:02] AJ Brooks: kzero is awesome

[15:03] AJ Brooks: I use them in my presos all the time

[15:03] Zotarah Shepherd: I can’t get the new download to work for RG so I can’t get on it anymore.

[15:03] Kali Pizzaro: So even with all the issues. Will you still use VWs for teaching?

[15:03] AJ Brooks: they do great work

[15:03] Trudy Takacs: this just came on heels of Princeton leaving

[15:03] Csteph Submariner: I understand that one thing they are looking at is a grid architectre which doesn’t have to run all sims at all times, but instantiates the sim as you tp in

[15:03] Trudy Takacs: or downsizing and I wonder if others will jump ship this week

[15:03] Vic Michalak: I was first in Active Worlds in 1998(!) — large educational contingent there…

[15:03] Chimera Magic: Activeworlds is mainly used in educational research project tho isn’t it? never been there

[15:03] Kali Pizzaro: Do you think it is worth it

[15:03] Trudy Takacs: I guess you saw the Erica Driver is closing the ThinkBalm

[15:03] Chimera Magic: Erica’s sim? No, hadn’t seen that

[15:04] Trudy Takacs: Said they’re just too many barriers to business using vw as mainstream

[15:04] Mimi Muircastle: Erica twittered that she has a new job with another co.

[15:04] Grinn Pidgeon: who are the biggest SL educational investors–either institutions or orgs?

[15:04] AJ Brooks: NMC

[15:04] AJ Brooks: ISTE

[15:04] Trudy Takacs: now Texas

[15:04] AJ Brooks: yup

[15:04] Vic Michalak: Yes… 🙂

[15:04] Marcia Kjeller: anyone else here an NMC member?

[15:04] AJ Brooks: 3 sims x 16 institutions

[15:04] Vic Michalak: Howdy educational pardners!

[15:04] Trudy Takacs: too expensive

[15:04] AJ Brooks: my institution is a member

[15:04] Grinn Pidgeon: we lease land from NMC

[15:04] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: does education pay its fair share of the costs though, i mean per capita use? the students don’t usually pay do they?

[15:05] Mimi Muircastle: but isn’t Texas more of a one year project and then the next years are up to indiv. colleges

[15:05] Kali Pizzaro: not ours

[15:05] Zotarah Shepherd: I am an NMC member but have not been there in a while

[15:05] AJ Brooks: yes, mimi – but Mario said he thought most of them were going to reup

[15:05] Marcia Kjeller: I’d like to chat with those that are NMC members. if possible

[15:05] Vic Michalak: Ours is invested here and getting more so…

[15:05] Kali Pizzaro: uni has bought island and a team to run it

[15:05] Marcia Kjeller: later

[15:05] Kali Pizzaro: build

[15:05] Mimi Muircastle: ty

[15:05] Eliasdehart Sixpence: TCC leases from NMC also – not a member though

[15:05] Trudy Takacs: but to that end, and AJ may know this more – maybe not pay the most in rental space

[15:05] Trudy Takacs: but what about innovations or inventions contributed to SL

[15:05] Csteph Submariner: I try to think of an SL angle for each funding call I see go out

[15:06] Trudy Takacs: what % has come from educators or students?

[15:06] Csteph Submariner: and a suprising number could have an element worked in

[15:06] AJ Brooks: I’d think a very small number

[15:06] Trudy Takacs: really

[15:06] Mimi Muircastle: didn’t t linden say it was 8% recently

[15:06] AJ Brooks: I’m afraid so

[15:06] Jimmie Veeper: AJ, wasn’t you who mentioned 85/15?

[15:06] AJ Brooks: I think more comes from the RP communities

[15:06] Jimmie Veeper: 15% educational

[15:06] AJ Brooks: no – 8% is the most recent number

[15:06] AJ Brooks: It used to be 10% was edu and business

[15:06] Jimmie Veeper: yikes

[15:07] AJ Brooks: but that number has changed recently as business leave and edu has grown

[15:07] Zotarah Shepherd: But educators add to the overall SL economy in what we buy too.

[15:07] Jimmie Veeper: hardly a voice

[15:07] Kali Pizzaro: how much Zo

[15:07] AJ Brooks: Z – we don’t buy nearly as much as other sectors do

[15:07] Jimmie Veeper: adult virtual goods

[15:07] Mimi Muircastle: well, I shop a lot and try to do my part 🙂

[15:07] AJ Brooks: the RP communities drive the LL economy

[15:07] Grinn Pidgeon: I do my part too

[15:07] Trudy Takacs: ha:) I do also Mimi

[15:07] AJ Brooks: LOL – thx MIMI

[15:07] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: merchants too

[15:07] cyber Placebo: Where do you find all that info? stats etc…?

[15:07] Eliasdehart Sixpence: I doubt if we create long-term users to the general community also

[15:08] Mimi Muircastle: my pleasure 🙂

[15:08] AJ Brooks: various blogs

[15:08] Kali Pizzaro: yeah but if you dont have a budget of your own….

[15:08] Zotarah Shepherd: No idea but look at the educational sims here I know many textures and scriped things were bought here and not created by sim owners

[15:08] AJ Brooks: 85 % of all stats are made up to prove a point

[15:08] Mimi Muircastle: I get my info from the SL folks I follow on Twitter 🙂

[15:08] Viv Trafalgar: ROFL @AJ

[15:08] Kali Pizzaro: yours included mister spss

[15:08] Mimi Muircastle: so true, AJ, doc student you are 🙂

[15:08] Kali Pizzaro: 😉

[15:08] cyber Placebo: is this info from reliable sources?

[15:08] Chimera Magic: I was just at the NMC conference

[15:08] Jimmie Veeper: Good stats AJ.

[15:09] Mimi Muircastle: some is, some isn’t – must do your own research

[15:09] AJ Brooks: wasn’t it disreali who said – lies, damn lies, and statistics

[15:09] Marcia Kjeller: @chimera I was, too

[15:09] Chimera Magic: Claudia Linden was on the presenter list, and cancelled (of course) when the news broke

[15:09] Trudy Takacs: ha@AJ

[15:09] Mimi Muircastle: I am sure – it is a deep thought

[15:09] Delenn Daines: mark twain AJ

[15:09] AJ Brooks: no – not twain, he was quoting Disraeli

[15:09] Kali Pizzaro: so will we still be all here in a year!!

[15:09] AJ Brooks: yes

[15:09] barbarathelibrarian Magic: yes

[15:09] AJ Brooks: I think SL will still be here in a year

[15:09] Mimi Muircastle: I definitely will

[15:09] Kali Pizzaro: yes

[15:09] AJ Brooks: nto the same, but still here

[15:10] Kali Pizzaro: is it still worth it?

[15:10] Mimi Muircastle: but change is life!

[15:10] AJ Brooks: I said over two years ago that SL is like to be the AOL of virtual environments

[15:10] Csteph Submariner: @Kali, we’ll be here, or we’ll be somewhere else

[15:10] Jimmie Veeper: some blogs are suggesting a new own though by summers end.

[15:10] AJ Brooks: it was in Tampa at SLCC

[15:10] Trudy Takacs: well, we knew it would change

[15:10] AJ Brooks: and Claudia had a big fight with me over that

[15:10] Trudy Takacs: look at AOL is making a comeback

[15:11] Mimi Muircastle: pioneers can be pioneers forever!

[15:11] Trudy Takacs: after being beat down

[15:11] AJ Brooks: amen, mimi

[15:11] AJ Brooks: but they are also the ones with the arrows in their backs

[15:11] Mimi Muircastle: and peace be with you aj

[15:11] Trudy Takacs: the thing is, there are so many combinations of vw

[15:11] AJ Brooks: we need standards, and we need them now

[15:11] Trudy Takacs: but not up to SL

[15:12] Kali Pizzaro: yes can we use them all or are we going to have to stick with one.

[15:12] AJ Brooks: SL will become irrelevant if they don’t move in that direction – with all the OS grids

[15:12] Mimi Muircastle: yikes! if there are standards there will be testing!

[15:12] Trudy Takacs: just wish it were either cheaper or easier for education

[15:12] Alexsis Kamala: @ AJ spoken like a true teacher ~smiles~

[15:12] AJ Brooks: not those kinds of standards!

[15:12] AJ Brooks: lol

[15:12] Kali Pizzaro: is it too confusing or too difficult to teach students other Vws

[15:12] Grinn Pidgeon: no avatar left behind

[15:12] AJ Brooks: ROFL

[15:12] Mimi Muircastle: I know – it is just the sound of that word

[15:12] Vic Michalak: A Web-based SL is probably inevitable, but I cannot imagine SL becoming another “Farmville” (which has its place, but my nightmare is “You just completed another building. Do you want to share that with others?”)

[15:12] Kali Pizzaro: oh god noooooooo

[15:12] Jimmie Veeper: Aj’s right, has Sl and LL created “The Standard” for VWs?

[15:12] Sam55 Chester: lol

[15:12] AJ Brooks: well – thats because you are thinking of it like a teacher – this is technology, and in technolgoy standards are essential

[15:12] Kali Pizzaro: i hate fb aps

[15:13] Kali Pizzaro: apps

[15:13] Csteph Submariner: same

[15:13] AJ Brooks: Sl is not the standard

[15:13] Trudy Takacs: well, I have to think farmvilles will pass just as soon as they exploded

[15:13] Jimmie Veeper: Will our work, our pedagogical efforts be useful?

[15:13] Csteph Submariner: but I love FB, strange isn’t it?

[15:13] Mimi Muircastle: I agree, tech standards and expectations for service from LL are def. needed

[15:13] AJ Brooks: the standards are developing AROUND sl – not with them

[15:13] Trudy Takacs: it’s the social that will remain

[15:14] Trudy Takacs: ‘the backyard’

[15:14] Mimi Muircastle: yes, Jimmie – they are great early examples!

[15:14] AJ Brooks: hey – the edu community moved from ACtiveWorlds to here when SL bribed…I mean, provided incentives for them to do so

[15:14] Trudy Takacs: or back fence – lol – can’t remember, thinking of the book “Bowling Alone”

[15:14] Eliasdehart Sixpence: If SL doesn”t stay with it, some commercial entity will eventually come forward to be a provider I would think. Not a big community, maybe, but still significant. Probably cost more then? But the tendency would be for someone to attempt to centralize a service & gateway.

[15:14] AJ Brooks: or we can each run our own – with standards – we could connect them all

[15:14] Trudy Takacs: Well, the best — only if LL is having problems — is someone to buy this

[15:15] AJ Brooks: and those who can’t run their own, buy their services from a provider

[15:15] cyber Placebo: mmmh that sounds messy

[15:15] AJ Brooks: which are all coneected also

[15:15] Trudy Takacs: it is the package with the most maturity

[15:15] Grinn Pidgeon: isn’t Case working in the Enterprise version?

[15:15] Vic Michalak: @Trudy… the social IS SL, in my opinion… otherwise it is isolated simuations, a 3D desert island

[15:15] AJ Brooks: Cyber – its called The World Wide Web

[15:15] Viv Trafalgar: @cyber – that’s the internet

[15:15] cyber Placebo: unless people go with open access

[15:15] Mimi Muircastle: good pt. Vic

[15:15] Viv Trafalgar: lol @aj

[15:15] cyber Placebo: to educational material

[15:15] cyber Placebo: wikiversity is growing but slowly

[15:15] Mimi Muircastle: maybe we need to call Al and talk with him about this whole internet thing

[15:15] AJ Brooks: there are ways to control all of this – the only reason it seems so hard to US is because LL has MADE it seem hard

[15:16] cyber Placebo: academe do not want to let go of their material

[15:16] Jimmie Veeper: how about this…Google buys LL…creates a standard that allows ava to cross over to other VWs.

[15:16] Kali Pizzaro: so what about education. how do we stop the resent backlash from feeding the ” see that SL will be gone in a month”

[15:16] Marcia Kjeller: is there anything we should do, since this news just broke, or someplace we should petition. to see what is going to happen to the educational component/parcels/islands of SL? or just sit, listen and wait?

[15:16] AJ Brooks: Marcia – I think its just sit and wait it out

[15:16] Weebit Offcourse reviews chat log, wonders what is main topic…

[15:16] Marcia Kjeller: ugh

[15:16] Trudy Takacs: I agree @AJ

[15:16] Mimi Muircastle: whew! good thinking Kali!

[15:16] Trudy Takacs: really nothing else to do

[15:16] Marcia Kjeller: seems we ought to be able to be heard somehow

[15:17] AJ Brooks: the problem, Kali – is SL COULD be gone in a month

[15:17] Grinn Pidgeon: surely they know our fiscal years are about to switch and we need to budget

[15:17] Jimmie Veeper: And not let admin read our conversations here for fear of program cuts.

[15:17] Trudy Takacs: they’ll either work it out, come out with an announcement

[15:17] Mimi Muircastle: what is it exactly that *we* want LL to hear?

[15:17] Trudy Takacs: hopefully before the end of summer so we can get on with it!

[15:17] Kali Pizzaro: yeah but AJ we dont need to tell anyone

[15:17] Trudy Takacs: lol

[15:17] Jimmie Veeper: good

[15:17] AJ Brooks: The fact is – thats not likely

[15:17] Jimmie Veeper: shhh

[15:17] Trudy Takacs: Is anyone going to the SL Conference?

[15:17] AJ Brooks: I am

[15:17] CLEOPATRA Xigalia: why do these things always become linden lab bashing?

[15:17] Delenn Daines: I am

[15:17] Kali Pizzaro: SLCC?

[15:17] Jimmie Veeper: maybe

[15:17] Trudy Takacs: I’m signed up but they’re still trying to get tract leaders

[15:17] Zotarah Shepherd: If SL is gone in a month my MA thesis project will be toast

[15:17] Trudy Takacs: is that a bad sign?

[15:17] Marcia Kjeller: too late for shhhh lol and now I have to find a way to convince admin to keep coughing up the $$

[15:17] Kali Pizzaro: send me a ticket i will be there

[15:17] cyber Placebo: have you got a link for that SL conf?

[15:18] Trudy Takacs: yes one sec

[15:18] AJ Brooks: slconvention.org I think

[15:18] Kali Pizzaro: i could start a wee get Kali to SLCC fund

[ [15:18] AJ Brooks: we devoted all last weeks meeting to the topic, with Fleep Tuque as my special guest

[15:18] barbarathelibrarian Magic: Zotarah, i wanted my doctoral dissertation to be based on SL…I am worried too

[15:18] Trudy Takacs: Well @ Zotarah – just change it to the thesis of how a vw implodes:)

[15:18] Marcia Kjeller: will these recent layoffs be addressed at convention

[15:18] Kali Pizzaro: me too Zo

[15:18] AJ Brooks: Linden Lab does not run teh convention

[15:18] Vic Michalak: http://slconvention.ning.com/

[15:18] AJ Brooks: but I’m sure it will be talked about

[15:19] Delenn Daines: http://www.slconvention.org/

[15:19] Csteph Submariner: inevitable I think Marcia

[15:19] cyber Placebo: tah 🙂

[15:19] Jimmie Veeper: so much for a narrowed focus on the research question

[15:19] AJ Brooks: probably more back channel talk, though

[15:19] Zotarah Shepherd: My thesis is about my curriculum and my sim which is already built.

[15:19] Trudy Takacs: http://www.slconvention.org/

[15:19] Marcia Kjeller: 🙂 but will someone be getting info from attendees? maybe that is the place for our edu voices to be heard

[15:19] AJ Brooks: since I’m nto sure how many lindens will be there

[15:19] Trudy Takacs: What makes me also scratch my head about the conference

[15:19] AJ Brooks: convention

[15:19] Marcia Kjeller: ohhhh get pathfinder and claudia ===

[15:19] Trudy Takacs: it seems like they waited really late to announce it, call for presentations, etc.

[15:19] barbarathelibrarian Magic: my proposal is about professional learning communities…i hope there are communities left!

[15:19] AJ Brooks: i don’t believe either of them will be there

[15:20] AJ Brooks: Trudy – they had no choice

[15:20] AJ Brooks: they did it as soon as they could

[15:20] AJ Brooks: some of the reason why we are seeing now

[15:20] AJ Brooks: with the layoffs and upheaval in SL

[15:20] Zotarah Shepherd: Me too Barbara

[15:20] Trudy Takacs: yes, makes me wonder but we’re checking the website to make sure it runs

[15:20] Trudy Takacs: and will go if it runs

[15:20] AJ Brooks: there WILL be community left -0 because the community is NOT SL – ti is US

[15:20] Kali Pizzaro: true

[15:20] Trudy Takacs: right

[15:20] barbarathelibrarian Magic: true

[15:20] AJ Brooks: the convention WILL be taking place

[15:20] Vic Michalak: touche!!

[15:21] AJ Brooks: 100%

[15:21] barbarathelibrarian Magic: comforting AJ

[15:21] Mimi Muircastle: yes, AJ could you repeat that again and again!

[15:21] Marcia Kjeller: but….sl is the connection. if it is gone then what?

[15:21] Vic Michalak: @AJ.. you said it…

[15:21] hobbs Constantine: other vws

[15:21] AJ Brooks: so if its SL – or Reaction Grid – or AJ’s Grid

[15:21] Trudy Takacs: we’ll all migrate to the next vw that makes sense

[15:21] Kali Pizzaro: so i am not being overwhelmed with offers for the get Kali to SLcc fund

[15:21] AJ Brooks: this is about US – and not about SL or LL

[15:21] Kali Pizzaro: heh

[15:21] Trudy Takacs: start all over again with the crashes,

[15:21] AJ Brooks: no

[15:21] Marcia Kjeller: and how will I know where everyone is wandering off to

[15:21] Trudy Takacs: the rez problems – urghhhhh

[15:21] Mimi Muircastle: you know, as a prin. I have had in the past to let go 30% of my staff and my school did not close –

[15:21] barbarathelibrarian Magic: i got an OS grid sim for a couple of months

[15:21] AJ Brooks: the os grids are FAR better than when I first got into SL

[15:21] AJ Brooks: I run my own grid right now

[15:21] Trudy Takacs: do I have the energy to start over

[15:21] AJ Brooks: its not that bad

[15:21] barbarathelibrarian Magic: hired someone to run it

[15:21] Kali Pizzaro: yeah but you cant tp away

[15:22] AJ Brooks: its NOT SL – but its not like 2 years ago

[15:22] barbarathelibrarian Magic: it felt like death valley

[15:22] barbarathelibrarian Magic: they kept dumping me

[15:22] barbarathelibrarian Magic: then passwords didn’t work

[15:22] barbarathelibrarian Magic: it was a nightmare

[15:22] AJ Brooks: what grid is that, barbara?

[15:22] barbarathelibrarian Magic: OS

[15:22] barbarathelibrarian Magic: GRid

[15:22] AJ Brooks: hmm – never been in that one

[15:22] AJ Brooks: had great luck with ReactionGrid and 3rg Rock Grid

[15:23] AJ Brooks: our own Margaret Michalski can tell you about 3rd Rock Grid

[15:23] Eliasdehart Sixpence: I think I remember talk from last year about being able to TP between virtual worlds SL, Reaction Grid, OS Grid, etc. – that sounds like it’s off the plate

[15:23] AJ Brooks: no

[15:23] AJ Brooks: with SL it is

[15:23] hobbs Constantine: Heritage Key (no exactly the same idea) is very good too

[15:23] barbarathelibrarian Magic: http://www.osgrid.org/elgg/index.php

[15:23] AJ Brooks: but others are doing it

[15:23] Kali Pizzaro: mm

[15:23] Trudy Takacs: I think MEdia Grid is working on that

[15:23] AJ Brooks: the New Zealand VirtuaL World gird is doing it

[15:23] Mimi Muircastle: which ones are, AJ?

[15:23] Teri Boxen: reaction grid?

[15:23] AJ Brooks: New Zealand Virtual Worlds grid – the one we visited as VWER a few months ago

[15:23] Mimi Muircastle: so, New Zealand + ??

[15:24] AJ Brooks: their four grids with that grid structure

[15:24] Mimi Muircastle: I missed that visit 🙁

[15:24] cyber Placebo: Scott Diener

[15:24] Kali Pizzaro: 32 on the sim

[15:24] Kali Pizzaro: yeah Scott

[15:24] AJ Brooks: auckald and 3 other U’s in Neww Z

[15:24] hobbs Constantine: It’s coming Mimi…and all

[15:24] AJ Brooks: scott is awesome

[15:24] cyber Placebo: not mine 🙁

[15:24] AJ Brooks: and soon enough, you’ll be able to go from them to my MSU grid

[15:24] Mimi Muircastle: ty hobbs – when?

[15:24] Mimi Muircastle: can we visit your MSU grid AJ

[15:24] hobbs Constantine: @ Mimi– if I knew, I wouldn’t be here

[15:24] AJ Brooks: soon – yes

[15:25] AJ Brooks: we’re just up and running

[15:25] Mimi Muircastle: 🙂

[15:25] AJ Brooks: so in a few weeks, perhaps

[15:25] hobbs Constantine: 🙂

[15:25] Mimi Muircastle: cool, AJ – please share!

[15:25] AJ Brooks: I hope to hold a non-Tue VWER meeting there

[15:25] AJ Brooks: oh – I will – I’m very excited about it

[15:25] Mimi Muircastle: you should be – awesome news!

[15:25] cyber Placebo: what do we need to get in? permission aj?

[15:25] AJ Brooks: My guess is that there will be big news between now and the EDUCAUSE SuperGrid meeting in October

[15:25] AJ Brooks: Cyber – we’re not at that point yet

[15:26] cyber Placebo: I seem to have issues connecting to Heritage key with my staff machine

[15:26] Trudy Takacs: well, surely something will break by October!

[15:26] Mimi Muircastle: nice – I will watch for it 🙂

[15:26] Trudy Takacs: I won’t be able to stand it, lol

[15:26] AJ Brooks: does everyone know about the SuperGrid Meeting in October?

[15:26] Eliasdehart Sixpence: so many virtual worlds, so many ports to open up

[15:26] Mimi Muircastle: I don’t

[15:26] barbarathelibrarian Magic: no

[15:26] Zotarah Shepherd: No

[15:26] Marcia Kjeller: nope

[15:26] Delenn Daines: no, tell us about it aj

[15:26] hobbs Constantine: yup

[15:26] barbarathelibrarian Magic: please include me

[15:26] Birdie Newcomb: What’s that?

[15:26] Grinn Pidgeon: yes

[15:26] Sam55 Chester: no

[15:27] cyber Placebo: http://slenz.wordpress.com/2010/06/03/nzvwg-vlenz-update-june-03-2010/

[15:27] AJ Brooks: the EDUCAUSE Virtual Worlds Constituent Group will be meeting at the EDUCAUSE Anunal Confernce in October

[15:27] Mimi Muircastle: hobbs, you must tell!

[15:27] cyber Placebo: bolg on the NZvW grid if you are interested

[15:27] Kali Pizzaro: So even after all that. Do VWs have a future in education?

[15:27] Jimmie Veeper: http://www.conferences.uiuc.edu/supergrid/agenda.html

[15:27] AJ Brooks: right now – we’ll be meeting there, in SL, in Reaction Grid, Heritgage Key, and a few others grids as well

[15:27] hobbs Constantine: @Kali…I think yes

[15:27] Mimi Muircastle: from my humble pov, vw’s will only grow in educ.

[15:27] AJ Brooks: no – thats not it Jimmie

[15:27] Kali Pizzaro: i hope so

[15:27] Jimmie Veeper: sorry

[15:27] AJ Brooks: no worries

[15:27] Jimmie Veeper: old link

[15:28] AJ Brooks: but I want to check out that link, so I stop using a name that is already used

[15:28] AJ Brooks: no -different event

[15:28] AJ Brooks: i coined the phrase, or thought I did

[15:28] hobbs Constantine: how about TARDIS grid?

[15:28] AJ Brooks: guess I’ll have to find another name

[15:28] AJ Brooks: folks – our time is almost up for this week

[15:28] AJ Brooks: we have about two minutes

[15:28] cyber Placebo: thanks for all that info

[15:28] Mimi Muircastle: good discussion, all!

[15:28] Teri Boxen: yes ty

[15:28] Csteph Submariner: Dirgegrid

[15:28] Zotarah ShepherdZotarah Shepherd holds breath

[15:29] AJ Brooks: we’ll be back here next week at this same time

[15:29] Sam55 Chester: Yea thx guys

[15:29] Mimi Muircastle: be positive as this too will probably pass!

[15:29] barbarathelibrarian Magic: thank you sorry i was late the commute was bad

[15:29] AJ Brooks: possibly another open forum

[15:29] Viv Trafalgar: thank you AJ

[15:29] Kali Pizzaro: tahnks all

[15:29] Kali Pizzaro: thanks

[15:29] Lali Latte: thank you, AJ!

[15:29] Mimi Muircastle: this is a great time for open forums!

[15:29] Meredith Winslet: Thank you.

[15:29] Csteph Submariner: thanks AJ

[15:29] AJ Brooks: I thin you are right MIMI

[15:29] Zotarah Shepherd: Thanks AJ

[15:29] Eliasdehart Sixpence: yes thanks AJ & thanks all – good meeting ?

[15:29] Marcia Kjeller: thanks AJ

[15:29] Morgen String: I’d like to suggest an educational grid for educators to work with teen students too. How do you feel about that?

[15:29] Mimi Muircastle: of course 🙂

[15:29] Jimmie Veeper: fun talk ty all

[15:29] Trudy Takacs: that’s the Media Grid

[15:30] Serolod Teskat: thanks

[15:30] Vic Michalak: Thanks for the continuity, AJ… We need continuity right now…

[15:30] hobbs Constantine: Thank you to all of your contributions to the meeting

[15:30] Csteph Submariner: ttfn all

[15:30] Mimi Muircastle: Morgan – I would be very interested

[15:30] AJ Brooks: thanks vic

[15:30] Trudy Takacs: the Immersive Education Institute is trying that

[15:30] Morgen String: I agree Mimi

[15:30] Jimmie Veeper: Morgen, count me in!

[15:30] Mimi Muircastle: keep in touch, Morgen

[15:30] Kali Pizzaro: thanks all for coming

[15:30] Kali Pizzaro: see you all again i missed you guys

[15:30] Morgen String: Yes, but I have no idea about the grid

[15:30] Kali Pizzaro: 😉

[15:30] Zotarah Shepherd: I hope I can find a way to get back on Reaction Grid

[15:30] Morgen String: it’s just a need I have

[15:30] Trudy Takacs: ok Morgan, I’ll give you the link

[15:31] Morgen String: great Trudy

[15:31] Trudy Takacs: Reaction Grid is part of Media Grid, as is Project Wonderland

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