Next Destination: World Builders

December 8th, 2010 | Posted by Pathfinder in General Information | Guest Contributer | The Super Set

We travel along many roads in our lifetimes.  We choose our goals, pack our bags, and set forth with the hope of arriving at our destination.

And as we walk along our own roads, we sometimes meet up with fellow travelers on similar journeys.

For over two years, the VWER has been exploring how virtual worlds can enhance education.  You’ve built an incredible collaborative community using Second Life.  And when your community decided to explore how it might expand its presence in virtual worlds beyond Second Life, you reached a major milestone.

But something even more powerful has happened.

Rather than simply expanding into another virtual world, the VWER has decided to build their own world and explore how to connect it to other worlds.

With the creation of the VWERGrid, you’ve set out on a completely new journey.  You are no longer simply tenants in someone else’s virtual world.  You are truly world builders.

And by making this very bold choice, the VWER is now in a position to help its members explore how they too might become world builders themselves in the future.

The possibilities of OpenSim and Hypergrid connectivity are just now opening up to the VWER.  This is a new frontier, and there will naturally be bumps along the road.  But it is only by exploring new frontiers that communities truly evolve.

I’m following a very similar road.  With my current work at ReactionGrid, I’m dedicated to helping people take their destiny in their own hands and give them the tools to build and manage their own virtual worlds.  And since the VWER has chosen to partner with ReactionGrid, I’m thrilled that I’ll have the opportunity to work closely with all of you as you explore the road ahead.

The trick to growth is to always reach a bit beyond what you’re currently doing.  To move beyond your comfort zone into areas that are challenging.  And if you’re part of a community doing such things, you can reap the rewards of collaborative efforts.  You grow and learn together.

The VWER has done just that.

Welcome to The Future.  You’re now building it.

-John “Pathfinder” Lester

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2 Responses

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  • iggy says:

    There’s something seductively easy–too easy–about wall-garden grids. I got a warm welcome from mentors at InWorldz for my monthly column on grids beyond SL that I write for Prim Perfect. Many of SL’s smartest content creators are over there, too.

    InWorldz is a charming alternative to SL, but it’s also closed. On the other hand, I find the giddy feeling of a “wild frontier” with hypergridding matches the expectation I had for virtual worlds. And if the hair and clothes are not what we’ve come to expect, we’ll just have to make them ourselves or make do with “stock parts.”

    VWs were never about hair, anyway. We’ll figure out a way to protect the IP of our talented builders who need to support themselves. I’ll settle for bad hair until that day arrives; pioneers rarely had time to fret about fashion. We’ll leave that to the settlers who come in the next wave.

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