Jan. 13 2011: VWER Open Forum

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Transcript of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable January 13, 2011

Topic: Open Forum

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Photos by Kali, Lolly, Wrenaria, & Iggy. Join our VWER groups at Flickr and Koinup to add your own pictures!

Olivia Hotshot: Hi everyone, and welcome to our weekly Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable meeting. We meet here each week at 2:30 pm SLT for an hour.

Olivia Hotshot: The Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable is a forum to educate and inform the community about issues that are important and relevant to education.

Blu Heron: t want to sit on someone

Olivia Hotshot: Today’s meeting, “VWER Open Forum” will be in TEXT CHAT only.

Olivia Hotshot: The views and opinions of any of our special guests or visitors do not necessarily represent those who volunteer or organize these meetings.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: won’t be the first time, Blu

Olivia Hotshot: This is a public meeting, so we do keep a transcript of what is said in local chat. For a copy of transcripts, please visit http//www.vwer.org

Blu Heron: nope!

Olivia Hotshot: The Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable meeting happens each week and we are looking to develop a community of educators from around the world with a variety of thoughts, needs, and ideas.

Olivia Hotshot: Please join the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable group here in SL. You can also find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Flicker, and KoinUp, as well as on Twitter as VWER.

Olivia Hotshot: Finally, if you have Mystitool on, or other similar tool, please put it to sleep or detach it for now. -) It tends to lag things.

Olivia Hotshot: I’m Olivia, today’s moderator for this group. If you’ve not seen the transcripts Iggy runs, you should check them out – they are a great information asset.

Olivia Hotshot: Now then, it’s time to get started. please introduce yourself to the group. I am Ann Steckel, a techie and math educator from California State University, Chico who is managing 2 campuses for the university, building a new one for Stockton College of NJ,

FireFly Chair 1.0.30: Sorry, only the owner of this chair can access it’s admin-menu

Ignatius Onomatopoeia is Joe Essid, Dept. of Rhetoric and Communication Studies. I’ve taught four courses with SL and will move my teaching, including the House of Usher simulation, to Jokaydia Grid in 2011. Just ask for Roderick Usher over there!

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Why does the Firefly Chair keep talking?

Oronoque Westland: Roberta Kilkenny, I teach Caribbean and women’s studies at Hunter College, City University of New York

Profdan Netizen: Dan Holt, Lansing Community College, Lansing, MI. I teach writing, both fy composition and creative writing.

FireFly Chair 1.0.30: Sorry, only the owner of this chair can access it’s admin-menu

667 Footman: Is Dave Riske, ICT instructor at Western Nevada College

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Chris Robinson, EdTech Office, Georgia Gwinnett College

hobbs Constantine: is Heather Dodds, Course Mentor in Natural Sciences, Western Governors University and Capella doctoral student in Instructional Design

JeanClaude Vollmar: Hello. I’m Jeff Le Blanc from the University of Northwestern Ohio. I’m their VP for IT there and help support our island in SL.

Maggie Quinote: Rita Mulholland, special education faculty at Richard Stockton college in NJ and Ann just built our site! This semester will be my first use of SL

Lolly Dovgal: Hello, Laura Sederberg from CSU, Chico, been busy and away last few months, but back now. I manage Technology & Learning Program.

Margaret Michalski: Margaret Czart, Research Information Specialist, University of Illinois at Chicago

Ariadna Dorado: The University of Costa Rica, Department of Communications & Doctoral Program in CUltural Studies

Kali Pizzaro: Evelyn MCElhinney Glasgow Caledonian University Nurse Lecturer

AstroGrl Enzo: Danielle Martino, Santiago Canyon College, astronomy professor

Zotarah Shepherd: I am an MA in Education student at Sonoma State University in northern California working on a Thesis curriculum project: Teaching and Learning Life Foundation Skills in Second Life on my sim Ralanora.

Graham Mills: Peter Miller, biologist, University of Liverpool (mainly on OpenSim these days)

Olivia Hotshot: anyone else?

Delenn Daines: Judy Kelly, Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, MI

Wrenaria Antiesse is Kimmy Hescock @ Oregon State University, visual information designer

Blu Heron: Science and technology educator from California, currently not in RL classroom

Kali Pizzaro: 25 on the sim for the transcript

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: this table rules

Olivia Hotshot: Welcome everyone.

Kali Pizzaro: hey grizzla join us at the funky table

667 Footman: and Comfy chairs

Grizzla Pixelmaid: I’m trying to TP a colleague here.

Arielion Clawtooth: I wonder if it counts as a prim that you can rez pictures and web pages on

Grizzla Pixelmaid: He won’t want to rez on the table.

Olivia Hotshot: Today’s meeting as to be conducted as a lightning round with 3 different moderators – however – we are going to an open forum instead. So shall we all just start chattering away? I’ll start us off by asking a question. How does your 2011 look and what new projects do you all have on the burner?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I’ll be bringing students back in late 2011, but not to SL. We’ll be doing a focused simulation in Jokaydia Grid.

Birdie Newcomb: Wow, is this the biggesst table yet?

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Georgia Gwinnett College will finally begin using SL in a hybrid class this semester.

Olivia Hotshot: awesome news Grizzla!


Kali Pizzaro: I will be bringing students back into Sl for Problem based learning scenarios in nursing

hobbs Constantine: I’ll be trying to keep myself and my avatars in solid corporial form (aka not blow up)

Arielion Clawtooth: Still trying to get folks at work to let me do something here and SL changing ghe rules doesn’t help

Arielion Clawtooth: the

667 Footman: going to start experimenting with hosting an OpenSim grid

Birdie Newcomb: I’m participating on a board to create a teen grid for 3rd Rock Grid, called Curiosity Grid

Olivia Hotshot: Excellent 667. Are you by any chance on the VWERgrid?

Arielion Clawtooth: We’ll probably go to OpenSim behind a firewall on our own server

hobbs Constantine: woot Birdie!

Olivia Hotshot: \o/ Birdie!!

Kali Pizzaro: Oh and may be in our uni opensim and VWERgrid of course

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: that’s some big news, Birdie!

Zotarah Shepherd: Great Birdie!

667 Footman: Not yet Olivia… got a lot of catching up to do

Arielion Clawtooth: But I’d still like to get them participating with other sims

Blu Heron: I just finished my masters project, “Universal Design Considerations ofr Learning Spaces in SL” and will be offering some focus groups and workshops this spring in SL

Birdie Newcomb: Still in the planning stage, but one university has committed to it

hobbs Constantine: Woot Blu!

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: @Arielion, they may be able to hypergrid out from your site.

Zotarah Shepherd: Yay Blu!

Ariadna Dorado: we will probably begin to compare OpenSim and SL performance regarding firewall requirements

Olivia Hotshot: Blu, i would be interested in seeing that when you are done

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Yay Blu!

Kali Pizzaro: Oh Blu great

Zotarah Shepherd: Me too Blu.

667 Footman: Got on to Jokaydia briefly and then my laptop died

Kali Pizzaro: Oh i will be starting my PhD research in Sl

hobbs Constantine: Perhaps Blu could present here?

Profdan Netizen: Sounds cool, Kali.

Maggie Quinote: Kali, that will be extremely interesting.

Olivia Hotshot: woot Kali!!

Arielion Clawtooth: yes, I hpe we’ll be hypergridding our little hearts out :o)

Kavon Zenovka: We’re in SL, but will bring some students over to Jokaygrid this semester.

Zotarah Shepherd: I am working on finishing my MA project. Blu inspires me.

hobbs Constantine: Yay Kali!

Kali Pizzaro: Hope so

Ariadna Dorado: and we will still use sl for classes and international collaboration projects

Olivia Hotshot: Good luck with that Zo! you’ll do great.

Blu Heron: I didn’t really have a chance to do much beyond prototyping the activities, so will be wanting to get additional feedback from educators..I’ll probaly post opportunities through ISTE and VAI groups

667 Footman: I’ve been thinking of going there too Kali!

Kali Pizzaro: and other Virtual worlds I should say

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: be sure to come to my sim in Jokaydia Grid and pick up the freebies before you leave, Arielion.

Olivia Hotshot: rumour has it Iggy has some free dreds there.

Delenn Daines: What is the name of your saim on jokadia grid Iggy

Arielion Clawtooth: Thanks Igg

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Sim is Nevermore 🙂

Kali Pizzaro: HI Corwin come join us when things rez

667 Footman: <– wants virtual world learning to be more than just distance with avatars… good learning simulations are hard to build/find

Sam55 Chester: I should have guessed that one Iggy.

Olivia Hotshot: Open seats under the Montclair sign

Olivia Hotshot: 32 on the sim atm

Olivia Hotshot: hmmm and i thought 32 chairs would be enough

667 Footman: and one on the table

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: LOL Olivia…Roderick barely has any hair. We’ll have Victorian clothing a la Viv Trafalgar soon 🙂

hobbs Constantine: agrees with 667 but those good learning opportunities are more every day

Olivia Hotshot: awesome iggy

Oronoque Westland: 2011 so far is looking good – teaching a course on Women in the African Diaspora for the first time and have FINALLY acquired my own sims, though not in SL. My sims are on JokaydiaGrid, which is a great educators’ and artists’ community. I hope to involve students in projects integrating virtual worlds (JKG and SL) with the internet and world.

Kali Pizzaro: my plot on VWERgrid is the irish word for collaboration, but i cant remember how to spell it lolol

Wrenaria Antiesse: lol kali

667 Footman: yes it’s definitely growing…

Grizzla Pixelmaid: ‘scuse me everybody, I’d like to quickly introduce Nik Revnik – his first time here.

Pathfinder Lester: welcome Nik

667 Footman: well if it’s Irish it probably starts ti zpqwr…

Arielion Clawtooth: Hi Nik!

Nik Revnik: Hi y’all!

Kali Pizzaro: Hey NIK welcome

Birdie Newcomb: Hi Nik

Olivia Hotshot: I’d like to ask a question and revisit it in Dec – How many of you have a parcel or an instance on/in Open Sim or another grid?

Ariadna Dorado: Hi Nik

Kali Pizzaro: heeh 667

Kali Pizzaro: me

Birdie Newcomb: A temporary one

Grizzla Pixelmaid: We have a small space on VWERGrid

Arielion Clawtooth: Y’all? Somehow I expected Russian. :o)

Marc Rexen: Several…come and go.

Profdan Netizen: yes, at VWER, though a bare plot at the moment!

Grizzla Pixelmaid: We’re in Georgia (US), Arie 🙂

667 Footman: I exist…but I got no space… yet

Olivia Hotshot: wow – quite a few

Sam55 Chester: Hii Nik

Arielion Clawtooth: @667 You think, therefore you am. :o)

Pathfinder Lester: I have the region Pathlandia on jokaydiagrid. and the region Permutation on ReactionGrid.

Olivia Hotshot: welcome Josain!

667 Footman: ^,..,^

Olivia Hotshot: Hey Path good to see you. How is your Explorer Club going?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I love my sim in Jokaydia Grid….bought it right away. So cheap I did it out of pocket, too.

Graham Mills: I have a standalone sim hosted by simhost-

Graham Mills: also on NWG

Marc Rexen: simhost for a while too…

Ignatius Onomatopoeia waves at Path. Oronoque and Path are great neighbors and even put up with me 🙂

667 Footman: semester doesn’t start til the 24th… I don’t have to think yet… and disappears in a poof of logic

Kavon Zenovka: On Jokaydiagrid – really haven’t build much on it yet. We’re the space with the orange and purple terrain across from Pathlandia. It’s called Center4EduPunx

Margaret Michalski: my sims moved to Reaction Grid. :: )

Arielion Clawtooth: How do you pay international fees from the US?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: @Arielion, Paypal supports that now.

Kali Pizzaro: hey MrE come sit with us if there is a seat left ‘-)

VWer 14jan 2011_002

Arielion Clawtooth: I’m avoiding Paypal. So much spamming and phishing

Marc Rexen: It is a good way to start an economy on a grid, though.

Pathfinder Lester: Kavon, whenever I look at the color scheme of the land on your region, I think I’m in WoW. 😉

Zotarah Shepherd: I used to pay my SL landlord in France in 2007 so easy to do.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: See, Olivia, you didn’t make too many chairs

Arielion Clawtooth: I’llhave to see if Jokay will take a US check. :o)

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Maybe they know I’m a worthless and broke deadbeat, Arielion. I’ve used PayPal for 100s of eBay transactions w/o trouble.

Kali Pizzaro: Seat next ot Hobbs

Marc Rexen: Residents then decide if the grid is “safe” enough for building, etc.

Zotarah Shepherd: I have never had trouble with PayPal.

Olivia Hotshot: I was reading that 3RD Rock now has a currency called the Geode…. am i correct about that? Does anyone know more?

Arielion Clawtooth: Yes, I think this table is a case of “if you build it they will come”…A lot of folks here tonight!

667 Footman: @Iggy I managed to take part in one of the Hypergrid excursions before the winter break… How is that coming along?

Kavon Zenovka: @ Pathfinder – I know it looks like a combo of Undercity and Durotar.

667 Footman: Oh didn’t see Pathfinder… I guess I could have addressed that to you as well

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: @667….Path is your expert. I’ve only been touring grids for Prim Perfect but plan to join Path’s club soon

Pathfinder Lester: @ 667, lol

Kali Pizzaro: Hey Jeddin come join us

Olivia Hotshot: empty chairs under the Montclair sign Jeddin

Pathfinder Lester: we’ve been having fun with the Hypergrid Adventurers Club. just posted a report from our excursion this past Sunday. http://becunningandfulloftricks.com/2011/01/13/hypergrid-adventurers-club-meet-3132-a-message-in-a-bottle-for-staminagrid/

Pathfinder (center) Slacking

667 Footman: looking at my keyboard has disadvantages

Arielion Clawtooth: I love the HAC but they move too fast. :o) I always get left behind, no matter what bush said.

Zotarah Shepherd: Hi Jeddin

Birdie Newcomb: I know they were planning on a currency on 3rd Rock

Pathfinder Lester: we found an empty place on the hypergrid and filled it with free content. 🙂

Margaret Michalski: 3rg has a currency

Olivia Hotshot: Birdie – good to know i am not totally off base.

Margaret Michalski: called geods or something

Olivia Hotshot: Margaret, it I called the Geode i believe

Olivia Hotshot: and btw, we all look stylish as all heck at this table

Kali Pizzaro: agree

Pathfinder Lester: Arielion, if you need help during any of our trips, please just yell at me. i do my best to leave no hypernaut behind.

Birdie Newcomb: Is the Geode a cross-platform currency I wonder.

Jarrad Voom: Thanks Olivia

Olivia Hotshot: any time Jarrad

Arielion Clawtooth: I know Path but there’s only so much anyone can do with soeone as clumsy as me. :o)

Jarrad Voom: Hi MrE

Birdie Newcomb: Are Lindens good anywhere else?

MrE Raynier: hello, Jarrad

Arielion Clawtooth: There’s probably some copyright issue with that

Olivia Hotshot: Maybe on the Home Shopping network, Birdie. =)

Oronoque Westland: are Lindens good here?

Josain Zsun: Are you asking about currency or techs?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: LOL @Oro

Birdie Newcomb: lol

hobbs Constantine: I know I said this before, but I’ve wanted to do the hypergrid thing but I had to the time straight– which I have done now, but I can’t get my grid avatar right. And I feel bad about asking for help b/c of the Austrailian floods

Pathfinder Lester: Arielion, you could also try reading one of our past reports on the blog and follow the instruction notecard. that’s a good way to explore the same places we do, but on your own time.

Arielion Clawtooth: LOL

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: isn’t the value dropping? I better cash out again before April & my membership renewal 🙂

Arielion Clawtooth: Laughing at whether Lindens are good here. :o)

hobbs Constantine: (hobbs weird logic, sorry)

Kali Pizzaro: Do you need a currency?

Marc Rexen: Yes

Oronoque Westland: @Kali, where?

Kali Pizzaro: in a VW

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I did feel bad in InWorldz on my tour with an empty pocket. I wanted to support the merchants over there.

Olivia Hotshot: well it would help so that even a zero transaction could be recorded

Arielion Clawtooth: I guess everyone can set their own rules, a barter system in their world if they want…barter World

Kali Pizzaro: good point Plivia

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: @Arielion, we should start HillbillyGrid!

Arielion Clawtooth: But they’d need to have some skill to trade

Olivia Hotshot elbows kali

Marc Rexen: bartertown…then the wheel of decision…money exists for a reason.

Kali Pizzaro: so you need a system even if you want it to be free

Pathfinder Lester: i wish more content creators would simply sell their content on their own websites, using paypal.

Olivia Hotshot: Path, i agree hugely.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: @Marc…”break a deal and spin the wheel”

Zotarah Shepherd: So do I Path

Kali Pizzaro: yeppath

Arielion Clawtooth: Not everyone is killed enough to create content though

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Path, if we buy it on PP, we can upload it?

Oronoque Westland: @Pathfinder, then no matter where you live you can shop from the same vendor

Kali Pizzaro: mm do you mean skilled

Olivia Hotshot: I am waiting for the first well known designer like Moody Stiletto fo rexample to make theirs available that way for ALL worlds.


Pathfinder Lester: that’s how I buy my textures for opensim. i use this site a lot. http://www.texturesrus.net/front_content.php

Oronoque Westland: @Arielion, I assume you meant skilled lol

Pathfinder Lester: Grizzla, sure. the content creators could zip up their content as XML files and texture files.

Olivia Hotshot: we all deserve great hair and shoes in ALL worlds

Arielion Clawtooth: I didn’t see what I typed but yes I meant skilled

Kali Pizzaro: great way to do it

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: It’s a big hurdle making things. Took me a couple of hours to find a CC-licensed script for my fireplaces at Jokaydia Grid. in SL, Morris Mertel, a wonderful creator, gave them to me after I spent a lot of Linden bux at his shop.

hobbs Constantine: lol

Delenn Daines: wow, there is some interesting synchronicity going on here with avie movements in the seats

Delenn Daines: live the wave

Delenn Daines: like

Kali Pizzaro: hehe Deleen

Arielion Clawtooth: I’m telling you my avatar looks like he’s going to get hairy hands and go blind

Kali Pizzaro: Delenn

Arielion Clawtooth: avatar

Pathfinder Lester: some folks give their content away. as freely downloadable stuff that you could upload to opensim or SL, too. like this guy. http://tgib.co.uk/category/creations/

Grizzla Pixelmaid: I want to know how Marc escaped the chair animation

Jarrad Voom: blind?]

Olivia Hotshot covers her ears when Arielion talks about his kilt problem.


Marc Rexen: Didn’t turn off my AO…:)

Blu Heron: I have question..is there a need for building skills classes on the other sims?

Arielion Clawtooth: Ah! I didn’t think of that.

Kavon Zenovka: I think so.

Marc Rexen: re…too tired and lazy to click. 🙂

Olivia Hotshot: I believe so Blu.

Arielion Clawtooth: Now if I could figure out how to do it in Viewer 2

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: @Blu, perhaps. I have a sense that the early immigrants can build. I could use a scripting class, though!

Kavon Zenovka: There’s a content collective that’s meeting tomorrow.

667 Footman: what’s wrong with hairy hands??

Pathfinder Lester: Blu, i would say YES. especially since most folks on Opensim grids are very focused on building whatever they need, as opposed to them buying stuff.

Kavon Zenovka: on Reaction Grid

Kavon Zenovka: let me look it up

Olivia Hotshot: Especially because editing and building are related.

Kali Pizzaro: yep

FireFly Chair 1.0.30: Sorry, only the owner of this chair can access it’s admin-menu

Pathfinder Lester: I think there’s a BIG opportunity for folks interested in teaching building on Opensim grids.

Marc Rexen: The whole community, which includes LL, needs to come together and create a “reasonable and common” viewer.

Blu Heron: I have developed some “boxed” classes I use in SL..mostly for ISTE workshops ..I could import those into other VW,, and am willing to do a workshop…

Kali Pizzaro: agree path esp if you have never built elsewhere

FireFly Chair 1.0.30: Sorry, only the owner of this chair can access it’s admin-menu

Arielion Clawtooth: LOL.

Blu Heron: but not sure how to communicate that

Marc Rexen: V2 has failed…the interface motif is bad.

Arielion Clawtooth: Now I’m floating

Olivia Hotshot: Currently i am creating houses/buildings/objects using only the library textures on VWERgrid so that others can copy them and reproduce if needed.

Kali Pizzaro: Fab Blu

Kavon Zenovka: Event: Content Cooperative [Reaction Grid] Group* Meeting this

Friday, January 14th @ 22:00:00 UTC [or 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time or 5:00

p.m. Eastern Time]

Marc Rexen: The others are in trouble because of specialized libraries.

Marc Rexen: LL should just bring the whole group of indies together to work on a V3.

Kavon Zenovka: so here’s a group that’s starting to build and share

* Content Cooperative Group Charter – [Roughly and to start] To

facilitate the exchange of available OS open content. In addition,

the group will stage mini training sessions on both beginning and

advanced virtual world building and simulation development topics (but

given the extensive virtual world experience of many in the group,

likely will include many more advanced — than beginning — virtual

world use/development sessions).

Olivia Hotshot: Marc, that would be like AOL coordinating web 2.0 apps

Kali Pizzaro: i have been going around with my iphone taking pics , uploading to flickr iphone app then emailing and uploading into VWERgrid

Graham Mills: Naali is an interesting one

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: The cool thing about being in OpenSim is with Imprudence’s export feature I can export my stuff, then put it on another grid. If textures don’t follow, I upload them for free.

Marc Rexen: TCP/IP works so well “everywhere” because it’s a standard.

Oronoque Westland: Event: Content Cooperative [Reaction Grid] Group* Meeting this

Friday, January 14th @ 22:00:00 UTC [or 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time or 5:00

p.m. Eastern Time]

Place: The roof of the CONTENT collection [freebie] shop in the

Gridizen’s Market region of the Reaction Grid (with the coordinates =

Gridizens Market 204, 62, 34)

Discussion Topic: Favorite OS Grid Shopping and/or Build Destinations

667 Footman: my problem is I have no programming or designing skills… I’m poor… and I would like to simulate some very specific learning objectives somewhere (SL Open…) It’s going to be a steep climb for me


Pathfinder Lester: Kavon, oh yes! I’ll be at that meeting this friday. since my vacation has been postponed, I’m still around until the weekend.

Marc Rexen: But different vendors still make money on switching equipment, etc.,

Josain Zsun: A VWER Educators Swapmeet might help.

Kavon Zenovka: thanks Oronoque was trying to see what email the notice was in.

Birdie Newcomb: Great idea, Josain

Olivia Hotshot: 667, my suggestion is to start networking with your peers and collaborate on resources & skills

Marc Rexen: Same would happen…the many ships would become a boat…and folks would get just as PC – Mac divided…but the division is at the cosmetic, not functional, level.

Kali Pizzaro: yeah i had that on my list of meeting Josain

Olivia Hotshot: Josain, i will bring that up at our next meeting. TY

Kali Pizzaro: a swapshop

Birdie Newcomb: Yeah, upload some skills…

Arielion Clawtooth: We were going to have the swap meet here a few weeks ago but it fell hrough

Kali Pizzaro: yes

Kali Pizzaro: it was thanksgiving

Josain Zsun: I’ve been holding them monthly on Isla Sonoita. 2nd Saturdays.

Kali Pizzaro: so i cancelled it

Kali Pizzaro: fab

Kali Pizzaro: Josain

Josain Zsun: 09:00 SLT

Olivia Hotshot: Josain, would you consider hosting it here for vwer?

Olivia Hotshot: or on the VWERgrid?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: they love you more than me, Olivia 🙂 33 on the sim for the transcript 🙂

667 Footman: Thanks Olivia ^,..,^ been working that angle… which is why I can now say I have no programming skills instead of negative skills ^,..,^

Kali Pizzaro: haha Olivia tries her best to hook Josain in cackle

Josain Zsun: OK, I’ve been asked to do it at VWBPE also.

Oronoque Westland: The swap meets are great for sharing both objects and information

Olivia Hotshot: New TOPIC: is anyone presenting at VWBPE or going to it? What other conferences or wedinars do you suggest?

Kali Pizzaro: got a feeling we are going to have some great pics tonight

Kali Pizzaro: I am thinking of putting something into VWEBPE

Kali Pizzaro: if I can get my act together

Oronoque Westland: I hope to be part of a JokaydiaGrid panel at VWBPE

hobbs Constantine: I presented at Sloan-C last year and highlighted VWER

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I have been swamped at work, but I have spoken to the organizers about “Lessons Learned as an Immigrant in OpenSim”

Josain Zsun: I’ll have to get a bigger gunny sack, but hope to garner a lot of full perm. items that could then be made available in RG/Jokaydia

Kali Pizzaro: thanks Hobbs

Arielion Clawtooth: I’llhave to see what the hours are. Can’t get in SL anymore from work lately. :o(

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I bet we’ll see a lot of non-SL presis this year

Lolly Dovgal: I hope you don’t mind me taking pics.


hobbs Constantine: Margaret here was my assistant (Thanks again Margaret)

Zotarah Shepherd: I will go to VWBPE If I finish my thesis project in time I will be glad to help out too.

Kali Pizzaro: i am presenting my action research on Vw teaching and a poster at a RL conferenc

Kali Pizzaro: in ORLANDO

Kali Pizzaro: woop

hobbs Constantine: is blown away! Way to go Kali

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: woot, Kali!

hobbs Constantine: Say Hi to Harry for me (wink)

Delenn Daines: welcome to this side of the pond Kali!

Zotarah Shepherd: Yay Kali!

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Make sure you get my good side, jobbs.

Kavon Zenovka: I’m the program committee chair for VWBPE. So of course I think everyone should present there.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: *hobbs

Kali Pizzaro: ;-P

Pathfinder Lester: lol

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: don’t drink any beer. They think Bud is beer in Florida 🙂

Arielion Clawtooth: Kalli and Mickey Mouse. What a pair

Kali Pizzaro: cheeky

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Get a tropical drink with an umbrella in it

Kali Pizzaro: shrek at least

Arielion Clawtooth: Isn’t Cheeky one of the 7 dwarves? :o)

Olivia Hotshot: oh my

Kavon Zenovka: 50 -100 word abstract for submission. Also think about posters – 256 m and 100 prims.

Wrenaria Antiesse: hehehe

Kali Pizzaro: indeed Olivia get us back on track hehe

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: LOL Arielion…Cheeky was the censored 8th Dwarf

Kali Pizzaro: k ok Kavon

Kali Pizzaro: i her you

Kali Pizzaro: hear

Nik Revnik: I have a question about SL and Bb…

Kavon Zenovka: and we’re doing Machinima for the first time this year as a stream.

Kali Pizzaro: go Nik

Pathfinder Lester: is the submission deadline for VWBPE the end of this month?

Olivia Hotshot: Yes Nik? wondering which is the bigger dark force?

Graham Mills: not sure of my availability

FireFly Chair 1.0.30: Sorry, only the owner of this chair can access it’s admin-menu

Nik Revnik: I know there’s a Moodle Single Sign On thingie

Kavon Zenovka: yes for presentations and posters

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Serious Q, Kali: is this a non-VW conference? I wonder how a more general audience reacts to VW research…

Kavon Zenovka: Feb. 15th for Machinima

Nik Revnik: Does anyone know if there is a Blackboard plugin for SL?

hobbs Constantine: lol Olivia

Kali Pizzaro: Yes Ig

Graham Mills: there is

Kali Pizzaro: yes Nik

Kali Pizzaro: Ball state

Kali Pizzaro: but you got to work on it yourself to make it secure

Nik Revnik: Grahm, how to find it?

AstroGrl Enzo: a blackboard plugin?

Kali Pizzaro: we had it working on a test

Oronoque Westland: I think it is only for the most recent Bb version

Pathfinder Lester: http://idiarts.org/projects/25

AstroGrl Enzo: can you explain it a little?

Kali Pizzaro: server but IT dept would not let us put it on the real BB

Nik Revnik: That’s what we have

Pathfinder Lester: is that the one your’e talking about?

Graham Mills: y

Olivia Hotshot: Nik, there is currently NO building block for it to my knowledge

Olivia Hotshot: there are funding project at Ball but not yet

Kali Pizzaro: yes i had chat loggin to Sl

Olivia Hotshot: they are

Oronoque Westland: but you can also use media on a prim to bing in BB

Kali Pizzaro: and registration

Kali Pizzaro: straight to bb from sl

Oronoque Westland: bring*

Olivia Hotshot: it is not fully functional yet as i was told

Kali Pizzaro: indeed

Nik Revnik: Thanks

Kali Pizzaro: some security issues

Ignatius Onomatopoeia envies any school with coders who can do what Oronoque mentions

Arielion Clawtooth: @Olivia WHo is the POC?

Kali Pizzaro: but you can wor on it

Grizzla Pixelmaid: What does an LMS plugin do?

Olivia Hotshot: PoC?

Olivia Hotshot: point of contact?

Arielion Clawtooth: Point of Contact at BALL STATE FOR MORE INFO

Arielion Clawtooth: Having a terrible time typing tonight

Arielion Clawtooth: terrible :o)

Oronoque Westland: must be the hairy hands

Kali Pizzaro: one of the Learning techs at my school had it working and was woring on it

Sam55 Chester: I know there is for ANGEL

Arielion Clawtooth: LOL

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: oh my poor transcript!

hobbs Constantine: lol

Arielion Clawtooth: You’re going to edit this thing, right IGGY? :O)

Blu Heron: lol..areen’t we all great about reading between the typos?

Nik Revnik: Who is the POC? at Ball?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: @Arielion, MS Word does the editing 🙂

667 Footman: good thing we all speak typonese

Olivia Hotshot: well jeremy Kemp is one of the people on the committee – but the project as far as ican tell died off a year a go

Profdan Netizen: Angel only has a link to SL, not really anything that will work back and forth, like a drop box.

Kali Pizzaro: if you go to there sim there is a box with all you need


Mimetic Core

Kali Pizzaro: yes Olivia

Kali Pizzaro: their

Kali Pizzaro: oops

Nik Revnik: aah thanks

Kali Pizzaro: then you are free to work on it I am pretty sure as Olivia says they are not working on it but you can

Arielion Clawtooth: Thanks from me too. o)

Graham Mills: yes, used to be available close to the landing point in BSU sim

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Ball State amazes me…presence in Blue Mars, too. It’s an art gallery in fact.

Arielion Clawtooth: I remember someone talking about it at one of the conferences but not who it was

Kali Pizzaro: 31 for the transcript I am under pressure for next week

Kali Pizzaro: does anyone use sloodle

Oronoque Westland: I think there has been a decline in interest in working on plug-ins since viewer 2 was rolled out

Kali Pizzaro: while we are on the subject

Oronoque Westland: moi—sloodle

667 Footman: I’ve tried it a little… not much success

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: We do have our defense-industry folks in the slot for Feb. I hope they give me a virtual tank or something.

Arielion Clawtooth: Iggy For Sloodle?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: never used it.

Josain Zsun How are they all typing with their hands behind their heads?

Nik Revnik: Our Moodle guy has loaded it on our Moodle test

Oronoque Westland: please pass Iggy a flower

Nik Revnik: That’s what got me thinking

Graham Mills: Fire Centaur used to consult on SLOODLE, I think

Arielion Clawtooth: I’d think Sloodle would not be secure enough for Defense/Industry

Oronoque Westland: I think Fire still does

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: We should have asked Daniel about it last week!

Kali Pizzaro: indeed Iggy

Josain Zsun: I believe he is presenting at ISTE next week.

Conover’s Flight-Helper 6.3.3 (WEAR ME!): Flight-helper is ready and operational.

Oronoque Westland: Fire is at ISTE

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: In fact, SL is not secure enough. This company uses OpenSim behind a firewall.

Oronoque Westland: the 18th

Arielion Clawtooth: Ah. that’s what I thought.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: They make RL rigs for VR training, too 😉

Arielion Clawtooth: So they’ll use Sloodle in their own VW behind a firewall?

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Phew. For a minute I thought I was in an OpenSim grid

Kali Pizzaro: hehe

Arielion Clawtooth: I didn’t think it would work on anything but SL

Oronoque Westland: Sloodle works in open sim

Graham Mills: y


Arielion Clawtooth: Cool

Pathfinder Lester: i’ve seen sloodle working on opensim

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: not sure, Arielion, but we’ve not had a SLoodle-focused meeting for a while. I’d love to know more about how others are using it these days.

Kali Pizzaro: what is i called osoodle?

Profdan Netizen: That would be interesting, Iggy.

Kali Pizzaro: sorry Iggy

Pathfinder Lester: openoodle?

Olivia Hotshot: hehehe Path

Graham Mills: the SL in sloodle doesn’t stand for SL

Grizzla Pixelmaid: I like openoodle

hobbs Constantine: kali, are you having a wee nip?

Arielion Clawtooth: Reactionoodle

Kali Pizzaro: ha not tonight

Olivia Hotshot: Noodle Rock

Ignatius Onomatopoeia will have an un-wee nip after this meeting 😀

hobbs Constantine: lol

Kali Pizzaro: hehe oh i could burst into song Olivia

Nik Revnik: SL in skloodle isn’t SL?

Grizzla Pixelmaid wonders why Iggy would wait

Arielion Clawtooth: I blame it on these chairs. We’re too relaxed. :o)

667 Footman: not sure anyone has waited

Kali Pizzaro: Indeed Nik your honour

Pathfinder Lester: I know someone named “Aime Socrates” on the opensim grid “NewWorldGrid” has been doing a bunch of stuff with sloodle.

Zotarah Shepherd: I hear grid merge will take place early next Thursday morning (20th Jan 2011) Will that affect anyone here?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: It’s Nerd Night Gizzla. I have to save my strength for my gaming later 😀

Oronoque Westland: my movie theatre has chairs like this….great for napping

Kali Pizzaro: what is it Zo

Pathfinder Lester: our club visited his place on NewWorldGrid. we didn’t explore his sloodle work, but if you follow our tour report you can find your way to his home regions there. http://becunningandfulloftricks.com/2011/01/08/hypergrid-adventurers-club-meet-2829-physics-education-and-giant-laboratories-on-newworldgrid/

Kali Pizzaro: thanks Path

Kali Pizzaro: brings a sense of calm and professionalism

Nik Revnik: I don’t want sloodle. I want SLord?

Kali Pizzaro: 😉

Nik Revnik: SLboard?

hobbs Constantine: is envious

Pathfinder Lester: i don’t have any contact info for Aime Socrates, other than knowing the journey to where he lives on opensim. 😉

Zotarah Shepherd: The teens will be all transferred by then and so will my alt there.

Oronoque Westland: what is grid merge please?

Kali Pizzaro: ah right Zo

Kali Pizzaro: interesting times

Graham Mills: His Physics sim is great fun to visit

Margaret Michalski: @ Oro….just about to ask the same thing

Delenn Daines: the teens! the teens! oh the horror!

Zotarah Shepherd: TG with MG

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: ah, we’ll manage

Oronoque Westland: I survived my kids teen years


Zotarah Shepherd: Well the older teens anyway

Olivia Hotshot: Folks we have abou t8 minutes left, and since i have been left in charge today (makes a sinister laugh) I ask we end the meeting with something new. Please post in chat any announcements you want to make about projects or events you think deserve support in the coming months. It will be great for the transcript!

Marc Rexen: It’s going on now…not that different.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: okies…here’s one that I know you’ll like:

Birdie Newcomb: @Zo — Oh, I hadn’t thought about my alt on Teen Grid. I wonder if I can meet myself…

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I want to toss in a book ref for all of you. I’m about to blog on one of the ideas from it at Rebel Yell for AJ. The title is The Master Switch: The Rise & Fall of Information Empires. Author is Tim Wu.

Profdan Netizen: I was able to let in a 16 year old into my Creative Writing Class on SL this coming semester.

Zotarah Shepherd: I think so Birdie : )

Birdie Newcomb: @Iggy — he was on Charlie Rose recently — interesting ideas

Nik Revnik: I gotta know: what’s Rebel Yell for AJ.??

Kali Pizzaro: virtual ability are having a session at 8pm slt today

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Wu is a serious historian of technology from Columbia. Best read for me on the subject since Thomas Parke Hughes’ Networks of Power

Olivia Hotshot: Any announcements????

Pathfinder Lester: for folks who want to get involved with the Hypergrid Adventurers Club, we now have a Google Group here: http://bit.ly/HGAC_Google_Group. Great place to ask questions and get your feet wet before attending an actually hypergrid tour.

Zotarah Shepherd makes a note to check out the book. Thanks Iggy

667 Footman: Thanks all… can just make my next RL meeting… Waves and poofs

Zotarah Shepherd: I wish I had time for that now Path.

Graham Mills: Out of curiosity, is anyone linked via Hypergrid 1.5?

Profdan Netizen: What’s the VA meeting about, Kali?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: looking forward to that roll out, Graham, with the next upgrades to OpenSim

Oronoque Westland: @Birdie —— this will let you run more than one instance of SL at a time —– C:\Program Files\SecondLifeViewer2\SecondLife.exe –set InstallLanguage en –multiple

Pathfinder Lester: Neo Cortex’s “Hyperbase42” is on version 1.5 of the Hypergrid. http://hbase42.blogspot.com/

Birdie Newcomb: Can we have an upcoming topic: the legal dimensions of teens on Main Grid

Graham Mills: ty

Oronoque Westland: are teens legal in RL?

Arielion Clawtooth: @Birdie But who would be qualified to talk about that? Any lawyers?

Olivia Hotshot: Birdie, what do you mean by that?

Maggie Quinote: What a topic Birdie; I thin down the road some parent will file a lawsuit about what happened with their teen.

Birdie Newcomb: @Oro — I wonder if it works for a Mac?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: yes, it’s a concern. I’m glad we no longer have an island, at times.

Graham Mills: i have a vague feeling that there’s now a setting in prefs that allows multiple viewers

Oronoque Westland: @Birdie — sorry, I am PC only

Oronoque Westland: don’t know Mac

Kali Pizzaro: @prof someone talking about their research i cant find the note

Birdie Newcomb: In part to help plan the 3rde Rock teen grid — what is actually required by law and what by convention? And at what ages?

Kali Pizzaro: sorry

Olivia Hotshot: Next week folks we will be conducting our Roundtable with the topic: Assessment in VWs how, what, why – be there or be square… which we all know IS an option in virtual environments.

Pathfinder Lester: info on how to run multiple copies of SL (or any 3rd part viewer, really) on a mac is here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Running_Multiple_Viewers

Kali Pizzaro: hehe

Blu Heron: There’s some info here for bothe PC and Mac..running multiple viewers http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Running_Multiple_Viewers

Blu Heron: lol

Kali Pizzaro: I will be oderating for my sins

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Birdie, You can also run two clients. I often run Imprudence and SL’s viewer at the same time

Kali Pizzaro: next week

Graham Mills: it’s on the Advanced tab — less hassle

Birdie Newcomb: Thanks Path

Kali Pizzaro: great Iggy

Arielion Clawtooth: @hy would you want to do multiple instances?

Arielion Clawtooth: Why

Zotarah Shepherd: Assessment – least favorite, but necessary I suppose.

Olivia Hotshot: I want to thank you all for coming today and sharing your expertise, comments, jokes, and laughter. See you all next week, but probably with a less cool table.

Graham Mills: be in two places at once

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I ran them to test scripts at Usher

Kali Pizzaro: boo

Zotarah Shepherd: Thank you Olivia

Maggie Quinote: God, thanks for the education!!!!

Olivia Hotshot: Youre welcome Zo!

Pathfinder Lester: i like logging in and meeting myself and having conversations. I’m a great listener.

Blu Heron: have more than one avatar logged in, good for testing builds

Wrenaria Antiesse: multiple viewers helps for testing

Arielion Clawtooth: :o)

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Thanks all! I want this table every week!

Arielion Clawtooth: I get in enough trouble as one of me!

Sam55 Chester: Thanks everyone.

Delenn Daines: cool talbe Olivia!

Wrenaria Antiesse: lol @ path

hobbs Constantine: zzzzzzzzzzz


Kavon Zenovka: Thanks. Bye!

Birdie Newcomb: @Ig — I’ll try it.

Pathfinder Lester: thanks for hosting this meeting, Iggy. good times.

Zotarah Shepherd: Great meeting and more comfortable chairs too. Wow Thanks everyone.

Arielion Clawtooth: @Iggy Feel free to delete anything I said from the transcript! :o)

Olivia Hotshot: OHH and btw, we want to welcome Wren to our group of volunteers so look for announcements to come from her.

Kali Pizzaro: ok Kali picks up her mohijto and

Pathfinder Lester: and i love the table too!

Kali Pizzaro: goes to bed

Wrenaria Antiesse: 😮

Maggie Quinote: Where do we find the transcript?

Zotarah Shepherd: Cheers Kali

Olivia Hotshot: vwer.org, Maggie

Margaret Michalski: ok

Kali Pizzaro: cheers Wren

Olivia Hotshot: Iggy will send a message when he posts it.

Margaret Michalski: see you all next week maybe

Sam55 Chester: BYe folks

Zotarah Shepherd: Oh yes Margaret

Kali Pizzaro: Cheers Margaret

Olivia Hotshot: try and come Margaret, you have been missed!

Blu Heron: Bye!

Birdie Newcomb: Bye Bye

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Have a good week, everyone.

AstroGrl Enzo: thank you everyone. have a great weekend.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: @Maggie, I’ll IM you the link

Profdan Netizen: Thanks, Olivia, excellent moderating as usual.

Ariadna Dorado: bye thanks!

Olivia Hotshot: thanks Prof!

JeanClaude Vollmar: See you all next week. Bye all!

Kali Pizzaro: put any pics up to the VWER group on flickr

Zotarah Shepherd: Bye folks

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: see y’all soon. Off to Nerd NIGHT!

Pathfinder Lester: take care folks. have a good night.

Olivia Hotshot: bye Iggy!

Zotarah Shepherd: Good to see you all.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Have fun IG

Zotarah Shepherd: Thanks again Olivia

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: we can dance on this table you know

Kali Pizzaro: great crowd

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: LOL

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: see y’all

Olivia Hotshot: amazing meeting – i love this group.

Teachergirl Razor: love the new chairs

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