VWERGrid on ReactionGrid is Closing

June 18th, 2011 | Posted by AJ Kelton in From the Desk Of... | General Information | Headlines

Late last year the VWER Community participated in a broad reaching discussion about opening a second virtual world home in an open sim world.  After a good deal of research, the VWER was able to negotiate a sponsored relationship with ReactionGrid, which we announced in November 2010.  Our arrangement included four sims: VWERMain (where our amphitheater and “give-and-take” was to be located), VWER East, VWERFutura (a closed sim for classes for those under 18 years old) and our premier project, the VWERELI (ELI stands for Educators Land Initiative).  With the closing of the Montclair State CHSSSouth sim in Second Life, the CHSSSouth Free Land Initiative also closed, and was taken over by the VWER to be moved to VWERELI.

On Thursday the VWER was notified that our sponsored relationship needed to be terminated.  The effective date for this we are still waiting to hear about and will post to this blog once we have more information on that.  Due to these circumstances, it is necessary to shut down the VWERGrid project at this time.  For right now we have temporarily  moved VWERMain and VWERELI to Kitely.

The VWER would like to thank ReactionGrid for their generosity for this important, albeit short-lived opportunity and we will be sure to report future updates here on our blog.

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  • Core says:

    Sorry to hear about this news. I certainly hope Kitely works out for you, at least until you can relocate to another permanent location. It’s a shame, WVER has done and continues to do great things for and about virtual education. I’ve been following you since your beginnings in SL and only wish I had means to available financial resources. Best wishes and good thoughts.

  • Graham Mills says:

    Likewise sorry to hear this. Last time I was in vwergrid, I was impressed by the amount of building going on and the international scope. Hope ReactionGrid give you time to plan your next move sensibly.

  • AJ Kelton says:

    ReactionGrid has confirmed that they will be closing the VWERGrid on July 1st. June 30th, 2011 will be the last day the VWERGrid will be accessible.

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