June 30, 2011: The Future of Education in Virtual Worlds

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Transcript of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable, June 30, 2011

Topic: The Future of Education in Virtual Worlds

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Kali Pizzaro: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable. We meet each Thursday at 2:30pm SLT for an hour.

Kali Pizzaro: The Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable is a forum to educate and inform the community about issues that are important and relevant to education.

Kali Pizzaro: This is a public meeting, so we will be keeping and publishing a transcript of what is said in local chat. If you’ve not seen our transcripts, you should check them out – they are an excellent information asset.

Kali Pizzaro: The transcripts can be found at our web site http://www.vwer.org – select the LIBRARY tab at the top.

Kali Pizzaro: The Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable continues to develop a community of educators from around the world with a variety of thoughts, needs, and ideas. Please join the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable group here in SL – and our Facebook group.

Kali Pizzaro: You can also find and post pictures to our Flickr group and follow us on Twitter @VWER. When you blog or tweet, please remember to include the tag #vwer.

Kali Pizzaro: At the end of the meeting I will be asking for some suggestions for future meetings so get you thinking caps on for that.

Kali Pizzaro: Tonight’s theme is ‘What is the future for education in 3D Virtual Worlds?’ – you can be as imaginative as you wish or back up with links to research or new technology which you think could change education in VWs.

Kali Pizzaro: oh and Happy Social Media day. Lets get started the way we always do by introducing ourselves. I am Evelyn McElhinney an RN, Nurse lecturer in Advanced Practice Nursing at Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland

02 Kali

AJ Brooks: I’m AJ Kelton, Director of Emerging Instructional Technology for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair State University. I’m also the Founder and Chief Moderator for the VWER

Samantha Chester: I am Ashlyn Dugan.I teach Writing and Composition at NPCC.

JeanClaude Vollmar: I’m Jeff Le Blanc, VP for IT at the University of Northwestern Ohio. I support the faculty and students in their use of SL.

Profesora Farigoule: LC Weaverling – USA Delaware, Delaware Tech , Architecture & Integrated Arts

Maggie Quinote: I’m Rita Mulholland, Assoc Prof at Richard Stockton College, NJ (Special education)

Geoff Lumley: Geoff Barker-Read from the University of Leeds, UK. I lead the Academic Quality and Standards Team

Zola Zsun: Linda Lindsey utsa

Ridvan-Researcher: I’m Ridvan phD student at the university of shefffield , doing research about teaching in SL

Salty Saenz: University English Prof, Morelia, Mexico. Tecnologico de Monterrey

Grizzla: Chris Robinson, Virtual Assistant, Georgia Gwinnett College

Kali Pizzaro: anyone else

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: G.Ferrigno IBM Italy, expert in Project Management

Tab Scott: I’m Terry Beaubois, Director of the Creative Research Lab, College of Arts & Architecture, Montana State University

Tab Scott

Shanti Suntzu: I’m Lucie Johnson, Psych Prof at Bethel U, MN

Widget Whiteberry: Sherry Reson, Co-Producer of Virtually Speaking in SL and on the web. Podcasts on btr.com. Public affairs and current events,

Exosius Woolley: Edward Howell, artist, designer and inventor… looking for work actually

Kali Pizzaro: πŸ˜‰

barbarathelibrarian Magic: I’m Barbara Janson, reference librarian Johnson & wales university second year doctoral student

Kali Pizzaro: going

Kali Pizzaro: going

Kali Pizzaro: gone to Prof Farigoule’s tophat

Exosius Woolley: so yeah… looking for a job. πŸ™‚ cough

Kali Pizzaro: 20 for the transcript

AJ Brooks: for the summer, that’s good

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: how many in USA?

Kali Pizzaro: ok so this weeks meeting is about what you see is the future for Education in VWs

barbarathelibrarian Magic: Rhode Island here

JeanClaude Vollmar: I’m US, Ohio

Samantha Chester: me

Profesora Farigoule: Delaware – East coast

Maggie Quinote: NJ

Exosius Woolley: Orlando πŸ™‚

Widget Whiteberry: San Francisco

Grizzla: Atlanta

Kali Pizzaro: as I said at the start you can be as imaginative as you wish

Kali Pizzaro: or give us some links to tech you think can change things or research

Samantha Chester: Has anyone seen the Anatomy build over in Jokaydia I think?

-Sam Widget Griz AJ

Kali Pizzaro: tell us about it Sam

Profesora Farigoule: not yet but wanting to see it

Samantha Chester: well it is really a great example of what you can do in VW

Kali Pizzaro: and what has impressed you

Samantha Chester: three dimensional models of the anatomical systems like circulatory

Samantha Chester: and it’s interactive

Widget Whiteberry: I thought the study room that Ran & Janice Heinrich are looking at is promising

Profesora Farigoule: can you send / put in chat the slurl info ?

Zola Zsun: but those models can be made in other programs better.. it is only HERE in the virtual that we can feel like we walk thru them

AJ Brooks: IF it’s on Jokaydia, its open sim

Profesora Farigoule: okay- good enough

Exosius Woolley: question… how do educational institutions usually get their designs completed – outsourcing or in-house production?

Samantha Chester: Well if you go over to the Reaction Grid it is in the directory

Grizzla: Exosius, it depends on whether they have more money to outsource or more people who know how

Kali Pizzaro: so is it the build or the idea that caught your interest

Samantha Chester: The build

Widget Whiteberry: Sam, can you walk through it?

Samantha Chester: it is an excellent example of how to use a VW in Education

AJ Brooks: i think – whatever the future – it has to be open, and not a walled garden

Kali Pizzaro: good point Aj

Samantha Chester: well there are several areas there

JeanClaude Vollmar: I was just reading about this one: http://www.vushi.org/. They’re creating an LMS that works around SL. We need more integration tools like this to make it easier interface to for teaching and learning.

Samantha Chester: the Garden area where the models are

Samantha Chester: a sandbox for students to build models of molecules like glucose

Kali Pizzaro: yes Jeanclaude i say that we will come back to that in a minute

AJ Brooks: and by walled gardens, I mean like SL, which won’t let us take our content out – unless we were the one to actually create it

Kali Pizzaro: but sam that has been done elsewhere

Kali Pizzaro: in sl

AJ Brooks: genome island, right?

JeanClaude Vollmar: Or build more doorways in that wall, as it were.

Claudia13 Rossini: AJ, the problem with that is creator rights…

AJ Brooks nods at JC

AJ Brooks: there are ways around that – have the option for the creator to give the rights to the buyer

Claudia13 Rossini: nods

AJ Brooks: if I pay for something, I want to have it here, or in open sim, or on my own instance – work for hire

AJ Brooks: i respect creators, and don’t want to rip them off

Samantha Chester: Yes some people I have talked to are really opposed to Open Sim just for that reason

AJ Brooks: educators understand IP all too well

Kali Pizzaro: yes, acknowledgement of the creator can still be done

Samantha Chester: I was just using the build as an example of a good use of VWs Kali

Kali Pizzaro: NP Sam just playing devils advocate

Kali Pizzaro: πŸ˜‰

Samantha Chester: NP

Profesora Farigoule: it seems we are now in the VW equivalent of copyright-IP issues ca 1990 in real world – different ideas in different “lands” – no uniform approach –

Profesora Farigoule smiles

-Geoff Profesora Ridvan Salty

JeanClaude Vollmar: Like a digital repository that can be used across the many simulators. We have stuff like that already with pictures, music, course content, textbooks, etc.

Kali Pizzaro: yes Aj if i buy a toshiba Tv i can take it anywhere but it still says toshiba on it

Kali Pizzaro: but it’s mine

AJ Brooks: Yes – Jon Richter has been working on something like that with Merlot

Samantha Chester: You mean Clive Aj?

AJ Brooks was responding to JC

Kali Pizzaro: yes that will change things if we can buy and move across

AJ Brooks: well – CLiVE is a part of that

AJ Brooks: the safaris

Samantha Chester: Yes I lead a team

Shanti Suntzu: Could something be set up like a common creative license, and builders who wish could assign their rights to that, and then this material could be exported?

Kali Pizzaro: or be put under open educational resources

Shanti Suntzu: right

AJ Brooks: yes – that would be very simple – all LL would need to do is add a (take from grid) box to the create field and let creators check it off – just like copy/mod/trans

AJ Brooks: it has been proposed – for many years – LL has chosen not to do it – for some reason

AJ Brooks: I believe the JIRA is still open, even

AJ Brooks: I think Pathfinder was working on this when he was here

Profesora Farigoule: because LL likes their TOS *just* the way it is, AJ

Exosius Woolley: their reply is, Creative Commons and copyright law already covers it

AJ Brooks: Yes – Prof – what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine

Claudia13 Rossini: because LL does not play well with others and does not want other grids in competition

Samantha Chester: I don’t build but someone who does how do you feel about Open Sim and creative License?

AJ Brooks looks at Claudia and winces

Salty Saenz: of course competition is what drives innovation and lowers costs

Kali Pizzaro: Good Q Sam

Kali Pizzaro: any takers

Samantha Chester: Well SpotOn 3d is closed also

Zola Zsun: i build a lot… i so not worry about being ripped off. i offer my things in all worlds.. i believe in collaboration on all levels

Chimera Cosmos: I don’t build enough or well enough to worry about it πŸ˜‰

-Leal Zola Chimera

Kali Pizzaro: Thanks Zola

Claudia13 Rossini: i build. i’d be ok about moving a piece of furniture or a building to other grids. just not being able to ‘copy’ them ad nauseum

barbarathelibrarian Magic: i build a little and make all my creations copy mod. I have property in Jokaydia, SL and OS Grid

Salty Saenz: I’m with you Chimera .. I buy

barbarathelibrarian Magic: but i respect those who feel their creations are theirs alone

Chimera Cosmos: I buy, or else I try to learn to build simple things by taking apart full-perms items

Samantha Chester: Yes I don’t understand why we can’t move what we buy

Widget Whiteberry: Claudia, I imagine, if you have an economic interest in selling your creations, that there are cost and price considerations

Zola Zsun: it is a shame tho that the things we purchase are now ours.. as they are in rl.. they are only leased it seems

Salty Saenz: If I could buy most objects as copy/mod, I would buy more actually … as I could create lots of holodecks

Zola Zsun: indeed πŸ™‚

Zola Zsun: i hate to buy anything that is not copy/mod

Shanti Suntzu: Well, the things we buy are ours in SL

Kali Pizzaro: JC can you tell us again what Vushi is and why you think it might change things in the future

JeanClaude Vollmar: They’re building an interface that is like a LMS that will integrate with SL.

Chimera Cosmos: What do you say from the architect point of view Tab?

Claudia13 Rossini: actually they are only ‘ours’ if we have them on our hard drives. right now any grid can shut you out

JeanClaude Vollmar: http://www.vushi.org/

JeanClaude Vollmar: They have a free version even. Gotta love that.

Profesora Farigoule’s eyes open wide at JeanClaude’s comment

Kali Pizzaro: what is the difference to sloodle

JeanClaude Vollmar: But I haven’t messed with it yet since I just read about it this afternoon.

Claudia13 Rossini: in a way, ‘we’ don’t really exist like we do in r/l

Kali Pizzaro: πŸ˜‰

Kali Pizzaro: CLAUDIA what do you mean lol

JeanClaude Vollmar: It’s an LMS, not an just an interface to an LMS like Sloodle is.

Profesora Farigoule bookmarks furiously

Zola Zsun: like we don’t really exist when we are on the phone? :))

Kali Pizzaro: sure

Claudia13 Rossini: lol… and there is no Santa Claus either Kali

Kali Pizzaro: cries

Profesora Farigoule: vushi looks like one more thing I have to learn about this summer lol

Grizzla reminds everyone that the urls will be on the transcript – just so no one drives themselves crazy

Profesora Farigoule: who says there is no Santa?

Claudia13 Rossini: hands Kali a tissue

Profesora Farigoule bangs fist on table

Salty Saenz: vushi sounds like Indian sushi

Zola Zsun bangs fist on own head

Kali Pizzaro: So JC you can use it to create class lists etc

JeanClaude Vollmar: I’m going to take a closer look at it to see what all it can do.

Profesora Farigoule: JC – is it *free*?

Profesora Farigoule salivates

Kali Pizzaro: that all talk to your student systems

Chimera Cosmos: hahaha computers create class lists, people don’t

Kali Pizzaro: there is a paid version also

JeanClaude Vollmar: Yes, you can Kali.

Kali Pizzaro: the free version is limited

Profesora Farigoule: ah – like the free version of Blackboard years (and I mean YEARS) ago

JeanClaude Vollmar: They even have an en masse TP function. Sounds great for touring and the like.

-Salty Shanti Exosius JC

Salty Saenz: I wish my univ would unblock SL … if anyone has any academic justification materials that have been successfully presented to admins .. please let me know

barbarathelibrarian Magic sighs

Zola Zsun: your university BLOCKS sl?

Profesora Farigoule: IM me Salty – I had to do this myself

Salty Saenz: yes

AJ Brooks: Salty – there are piles of research – peer reviewed – check the journals – but none of it will open the eyes of those who wish to remain blind

Profesora Farigoule: and got SL squeezed in – even into open labs

Marc Rexen: wow, that’s surprising…censorship in this day and age.

Profesora Farigoule: true, AJ true

Grizzla: I would like to see some collaboration on that – academic justification materials. We would all have good ideas to contribute, and save each other time

Zola Zsun: censorship in higher ed? its bad enough in pub school

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: most companies firewalls block SL and streaming

Salty Saenz: And the word TECHNOLOGY is part of my univ’s name

Salty Saenz: hahaa

Zola Zsun: sad

AJ Brooks: most places block it for network traffic reasons

Profesora Farigoule: lol – so is ours

Chimera Cosmos: I think it’s been discussed on the listserv a number of times since 2006 or so

Zola Zsun: our university attempts to USE it :))

Grizzla: Yes, when I did a presentation on SL for our IT faculty, that was a huge concern – the drain on the network

Profesora Farigoule: Salty – they want technology – as long as they don’t have to foot the bandwidth bill LOL

Maggie Quinote: My college does not block it!

Chimera Cosmos: the uni justification that is

barbarathelibrarian Magic: …had to make written request to have it on her office PC …IT won’t put it on my LAN

AJ Brooks: and it is a valid concern – no more so than video conferencing

Samantha Chester: Yes certain times during the day you cannot access it at my school

Zola Zsun: universities are going to have to realize that more bandwidth is just a need … add to running costs

Maggie Quinote: We have SL shortcut icon sitting on about 30 computers at the college.

barbarathelibrarian Magic: most PC’s cant handle the graphics at my univ.

JeanClaude Vollmar: YouTube is a drain on the network too, but is it blocked? 50% of our bandwidth goes directly out to YT.

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: the future to reach is a VW on the web, easy to use

Kali Pizzaro: ok so lets go back the the theme a little – does anyone see avatar kinect changing education in SD VWs

Kali Pizzaro: http://blog.seattlepi.com/microsoft/2011/06/24/report-avatar-kinect-to-launch-within-a-few-weeks/

Zola Zsun: more important than new football uniforms … more bandwidth!

AJ Brooks: ah – augmented reality – now we’re talking

Kali Pizzaro: that is meant to be 3D

AJ Brooks: wow – really bad chat lag

Zola Zsun: yes.. soon it will be a normal part of the web.. VWs

Grizzla: So we need to organize bake sales: “Buy a brownie for bandwidth!”

AJ Brooks: yes – AR will change VW – no doubt

barbarathelibrarian Magic: ahhhh sports sells …big time

Widget Whiteberry wonders if the growing bandwidth need is an argument for solar and wind installations

Zola Zsun: damn.. and no PTA at your school?

Zola Zsun: lol

Profesora Farigoule: my head feels like exploding like the avatar kinect writer too –

Widget Whiteberry: what is kinect?

AJ Brooks: when we can bring the 3d world into our classrooms – and our avatars via AR into the 3d world – thats a game changer

-AJ Kali Zola Chimera

Profesora Farigoule: but it does prove a point I made (I think) that VW and avatars *will* be the future in communication…

Profesora Farigoule: and ergo education in near future

Zola Zsun: yayyyy

AJ Brooks: and it will happen

Profesora Farigoule gets off soapbox

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: Avatar Kinect, a service through which you and your friends can interact via your Xbox Live avatars in virtual chatrooms, will launch within a few weeks, GeekWire reports.

Zola Zsun: chat lag.. my yayys dont fit

Samantha Chester: Aj What do you mean by AR

JeanClaude Vollmar: It gets us off the couch too instead of fingers dancing on the keyboard.

AJ Brooks: Augmented Reality

Samantha Chester: okay

Kali Pizzaro: Yes AJ and it will not be the AR we see now on our phones

Samantha Chester: thanks

AJ Brooks: no

Profesora Farigoule: will help obesity epidemic – if xboxing has to be done with whole body YAY

AJ Brooks: or TVs (vis a vis football lines)

Profesora Farigoule: or avatar kinect – or Wii-ing

AJ Brooks: Check out Craig Kapp’s work

Claudia13 Rossini: with, what about those that can’t physically do that…

AJ Brooks: http://blog.craigkapp.com/

Profesora Farigoule: good question Claudia – this has been one of the strengths of VWs

Claudia13 Rossini: exactly Fari

Profesora Farigoule: equal ability to all users

AJ Brooks: did you see that lawsuit because a blind students couldn’t access a online class

Kali Pizzaro: Claudia maybe there will be a way to move the avatar in another way

Kali Pizzaro: yeah saw that AJ

Profesora Farigoule: interesting AJ – will have to look at that one

Kali Pizzaro: eye tracking etc

AJ Brooks: a Japanese company already has a skull cap where people can move avatars in world just with thought

Claudia13 Rossini: there needs to be. i certainly can’t stand while building

Profesora Farigoule: the moneymaker will be the person who figures out how to integrate AR avatars and VW avatars – then playing field is still level

Zola Zsun: profesora i agreed with you about something so much that i crashed

Profesora Farigoule: lol

Kali Pizzaro: how about this “Pupils could be downloading their own teacher hologram in the classroom of the future, as technology changes how they learn”

AJ Brooks: we need to build on functionality without taking any of the existing functionality away

Claudia13 Rossini: exactly AJ

Kali Pizzaro: http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/5204553/Virtual-reality-could-be-the-future-teacher/

Profesora Farigoule: like the medical doctor on Star Trek Voyager lol

Kali Pizzaro: yep

Marc Rexen: I can see the quick-tips card now…hop on your left leg to fly up…hop on your right leg to fly down.

Claudia13 Rossini: lol

Kali Pizzaro: πŸ˜‰

Samantha Chester: LOL Marc

Kali Pizzaro: so this tech is apparently available at Microsoft offices – holograms

Profesora Farigoule: you could replicate master teachers – okay now I know why I completed my masters…

Kali Pizzaro: already so maybe we will have the hologram room which integrates with the 3D virtual world

Profesora Farigoule: going to become Teacher-in-a-Box

Kali Pizzaro: that would be cool

AquilaDellaNotte Kondor: hologram mean to get an avatar in RL, VW mean to get a human in a VW

-Claudia Barbara Marc Aquila Geoff

Profesora Farigoule: so I don’t even have to log on to teach

Zola Zsun: like the rolling robo doctors?

Claudia13 Rossini: (get dressed for meetings, comb my hair, what a drag….too much reality)

JeanClaude Vollmar: I don’t do that Claudia. πŸ˜‰ My avatar hasn’t had a bath since he was rezzed. LOL

AJ Brooks: wouldn’t that be as boring as as recorded lectures tho

AJ Brooks: very bad pedagogy, if so

Zola Zsun: really claudia .. i agree

Marc Rexen: The mouse, keyboard, and screen have been remarkably durable through time. I will guess the next step needs to be a gesture-based interface to bring Android and iPhones into VW’s.

Profesora Farigoule: bad pedagogy always follows tech innovation, I fear, AJ

Zola Zsun: yesss marc yesss :))

Zola Zsun: lol

Marc Rexen: Meaning ipads and tablets.

Profesora Farigoule: until the brilliant geniuses like those present set it on a new path

Zola Zsun: i think that bad pedagogy follows bad educators πŸ™‚

Samantha Chester: Oh Bb had a webinar yesterday just on that sort of thing

AJ Brooks: YES

Zola Zsun: yayy

AJ Brooks: Zola

Marc Rexen: 500,000 Androids a day…that is a lot of phones, soon to be tablets.

Claudia13 Rossini: LOL Jean

Widget Whiteberry pulls out her pheromone detector

Zola Zsun: i love my android πŸ™‚

Kali Pizzaro: yes Prof the pedagogy should drive to an extent but maybe we need to create new pedagogy

Claudia13 Rossini: (note to self sell Jean a bathtub in SL)

Samantha Chester: loves my iphone

AJ Brooks: loves my iphone too

Claudia13 Rossini: loves my iPod

Zola Zsun: yes new pedagogy based in play.. there is a TED talk all must see πŸ™‚

barbarathelibrarian Magic: loves my ipad

Grizzla: loves my Android

Samantha Chester: LOl maybe soon can teach from it

Kali Pizzaro: can now

AJ Brooks: yup

Salty Saenz: loves my iPod Touch, iPad, and MacBook

Kali Pizzaro: πŸ˜‰

Profesora Farigoule: when I bought a bathtub in SL, it provoked a huge amount of thinking – why I thought I needed it – but I digress further

Kali Pizzaro: show off

Kali Pizzaro: Salty lol

Profesora Farigoule: yes Zola – it is a must see for me now too

AJ Brooks: hey – I wanted to ask if anyone other than me has seen this message when signing into a non-SL vW – let me rez the board

SL Message_001

Grizzla’s note: This is what the board in the picture says:

Attention: The Second Life Terms of Service require that all viewers, including the Imprudence viewer, send a “statistics packet” to Linden Lab every 5 minutes while you are connected to Second Life.

The packet includes non-personally-identifying data about your computer and your Second Life usage, such as your computer hardware and operating system, average framerate, number of sims visited, number of avatars nearby, and more. Please check the Second Life Privacy Policy for information about how Linden Lab uses this and other data.

The Packet is sent only to Linden Lab; the Imprudence Project does not receive or collect any data of this kind.

The Second Life Terms of Service do not allow you to opt out. By logging in to Second Life, you are consenting to this data collection.

[Then there a choice to click Log In or Cancel]

Salty Saenz: I don’t have an iPhone .. boo hoo

Profesora Farigoule: I can already say I haven’t – as I haven’t rezzed since VWBPE as this avatar

Profesora Farigoule: anyway

Zola Zsun: found it.. here.. the ted talk i love http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/eng/steve_keil_a_manifesto_for_play_for_bulgaria_and_beyond.html

Claudia13 Rossini: you didn’t know that SL collected that data?

Grizzla: I only use Imprudence for OpenSim – so haven’t seen that message.

AJ Brooks: I knew they collect data on their servers

JeanClaude Vollmar: I did see that, maybe when I first logged in using Imprudence?

AJ Brooks: I didn’t know they collect data on who I am with, where I am going, specifically

barbarathelibrarian Magic: uses imprudence for OS

Grizzla: Reminds me of the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey

AJ Brooks: lol

Claudia13 Rossini: honestly, the second you connect to the internet everyone who can is collecting your data..there is no real privacy on the net

Zola Zsun: lol.. i have accepted for a long time that people know more about me than i may like.. but.. they won’t find too much very interesting


Widget Whiteberry: ‘non personally identifying data’

Grizzla: Yeah, it’s like living in a small town – everybody knows what you’re doing – only in this case, you don’t know who everybody is.

Kali Pizzaro: although this happens everywhere. when i went to one of the pages about the hologram teacher there was an advert for bean to cup coffee machines at the top (i bought one yesterday from Amazon)

Zola Zsun: lol

Kali Pizzaro: πŸ˜‰

Zola Zsun: yep

barbarathelibrarian Magic: I have accepted that if I want to offer “public service” that the public will learn about me….and it is a conscious choice I make to “serve”

Kali Pizzaro: analytics – may change how we teach

Widget Whiteberry: me too, Barbara

Zola Zsun: right barbara

Profesora Farigoule: now that is something I need – bean to cup coffeemaker

Profesora Farigoule: lol

Claudia13 Rossini: the thing is no one really has time to read all that data

Zola Zsun: i need one too

Kali Pizzaro: love it prof

Profesora Farigoule: true claudia true

Zola Zsun: can we get a group discount ?

Samantha Chester does not drink coffee

Profesora Farigoule: who has time to read

barbarathelibrarian Magic uses analytics but sometimes does not like to pause to input data

Widget Whiteberry: I imagine a bot aggregates it

Claudia13 Rossini: i do… about 3-5 books a week

barbarathelibrarian Magic: would like voice command analytics

Profesora Farigoule: I mean read anything other than essentials – which are voluminous

Widget Whiteberry reads New Yorker mag

Widget Whiteberry: and blogs, lots of blogs

Samantha Chester reads bad student essays

Zola Zsun: i read hundreds of web pages hahaha

Kali Pizzaro: http://wp.nmc.org/horizon2011/sections/learning-analytics/

Profesora Farigoule sighs with Sam55

Claudia13 Rossini: algorithms (so)…most are just looking to sell…lord knows what gov. look for

Widget Whiteberry offers sympathy to Sam

Samantha Chester: thanks Widget

barbarathelibrarian Magic: reads too many dissertations that make me feel like i will never finish

Widget Whiteberry: hopefully they improve under your care, Sam

Zola Zsun: πŸ™‚

Samantha Chester: nods Widget

Kali Pizzaro: “Learning analytics refers to the interpretation of a wide range of data produced by and gathered on behalf of students in order to assess academic progress, predict future performance, and spot potential issues. Data are collected from explicit student actions, such as completing assignments and taking exams, and from tacit actions, including online social interactions, extracurricular activities, posts on discussion forums, and other activities that are not directly assessed as part of the studentβ€šΓ„Γ΄s educational progress.” Horizon Report

Kali Pizzaro: 2011

Claudia13 Rossini: 1984

Kali Pizzaro: πŸ˜‰

Kali Pizzaro: does anyone see any ethical issues here

Widget Whiteberry: in SL? noooooooo

Kali Pizzaro: no with learning analytics sorry

Widget Whiteberry laughs

Profesora Farigoule: not any different than ethical issues in data collection through other information technologies… kali

Samantha Chester: keeps my students pretty isolated

Profesora Farigoule: but even if there are issues – how could one possibly limit this

Samantha Chester: from most of SL

barbarathelibrarian Magic: this is what i am writing about

Claudia13 Rossini: remember, you can’t ride a bus or walk a street (in larger cities) without being recorded doing so

Zola Zsun: i know and now the computers

Zola Zsun: will recognize you EVERY where

Profesora Farigoule: exactly what I mean Claudia – what I do is being recorded “out there” whether on internet, street or VW

Kali Pizzaro: And we are talking about developing a smart campus

Claudia13 Rossini: exactly. privacy in todays world is an illusion

Kali Pizzaro: walk by and a message says you should be in class haha

Zola Zsun: yes, claudia.. it is in our heads.. well for the moment that is safe

Zola Zsun: πŸ™‚

Claudia13 Rossini: thank god Zola

Zola Zsun: hahaahahhaha.

Kali Pizzaro: ok so we have ten minutes left


Claudia13 Rossini: (you do not want to know what goes on in mine)

Profesora Farigoule: lol Kali – that is what I want – smart campus that gives “push” information on what they are missing to class cutters

Kali Pizzaro: this is what they are saying we already have an automated system which tracks there attendance and texts them

Kali Pizzaro: to remind them where they should be

Profesora Farigoule: well to get back to topic – the non-SL grids are the biggest development in VWEd where I work – creating another level of dilemma we have yet to resolve – do what-where issues

AJ Brooks: exactly

Samantha Chester: agrees

barbarathelibrarian Magic: costs less…that’s for sure

Claudia13 Rossini: we are still in early days with VW’s though

Profesora Farigoule: and increased costs to Ed-Non Profits now in SL

Samantha Chester: yes but the ones I have visited make me love Sl lag

Profesora Farigoule: we were set to “buy land” – now we are back to dithering

Claudia13 Rossini: try ‘inworldz’ Sam

Profesora Farigoule: buy in SL I mean

AJ Brooks: Inworldz is just another walled garden

Samantha Chester: I have Claudia

Claudia13 Rossini: it may be different for me.since i’m more of a creater then a teacher

barbarathelibrarian Magic: my Jokaydia sim is only $22 a month

barbarathelibrarian Magic: my OS Grid one is only #10 a month

Grizzla: It’s still my humble opinion that SL is the best place to start – unless you have lots of people & money to dedicate to developing OpenSim

Profesora Farigoule: appreciates your humble opinion Grizzla

Marc Rexen: Agree Grizzla.

Samantha Chester: agrees

Kali Pizzaro: yeah Grizzla i tend to agree or if you already have space and builds why give it up

Zola Zsun: the best thing about sl is that it is the big city of VWs – for now

Kali Pizzaro: explore other areas if you have time and a team, but…

Claudia13 Rossini: and export your builds as soon as you finish them…..by the way i’m almost finished setting up the class you guys wanted on exports/imports

Profesora Farigoule: cool claudia

Samantha Chester: Yay Claudia

Kali Pizzaro: ok so what about haptics – any thoughts on how they might change education – here is an example form health http://www.ukhaptics.co.uk/

Profesora Farigoule: I believe is going to be BIG in areas that require expensive hands-on training

Kali Pizzaro: not VW specifically

Profesora Farigoule is thinking about Anatomy 101 – how it might change that

Profesora Farigoule: for med students for example

Zola Zsun: hahhaah

barbarathelibrarian Magic wishes they had this when she took Anatomy 101

Profesora Farigoule: or where I work – HazMat and Emergency Response

Claudia13 Rossini: Fari, i think if you look back you’ll see all changes brought expense to get everyone up to speed..i saw it with the arrival of PC’s and the internet

Widget Whiteberry nods

Kali Pizzaro: or does anyone think that haptic devices will not be as interesting now that we have kinect and don’t need a handset. will folk tolerate

Profesora Farigoule: good question

Zola Zsun: haptics.. turn the whole thing into the holodeck

Zola Zsun: yayy

Samantha Chester has not seen kinect

Kali Pizzaro: or is it the integration of many of the tech we have discussed with the correct pedagogy

Kali Pizzaro: at the right time

Marc Rexen: Getting people together as a group to talk has worked for tens of thousands of years…this won’t change and VW’s are a good method to get people together to discuss.

Samantha Chester: yes Kali these are all tools

Kali Pizzaro: oh times up would you believe

Zola Zsun: right marc it is just an added way of communication

Kali Pizzaro: so any suggestions for future meetings

JeanClaude Vollmar: When you talk about immersion, the more senses that can be incorporated into the learning experience the better. But I think that still a ways out.

Samantha Chester: agrees

JeanClaude Vollmar: Haptics will certainly add to that.

Samantha Chester: I would still like a program on hypergridding

barbarathelibrarian Magic: …has hypergridded and loved it

Grizzla: About future meetings – I’ve asked AJ to see if Rhett Linden would come as a guest. Rhett has posted a few things in the SLED list recently.

Zola Zsun: well i think that kitely has potential myself

Kali Pizzaro: is that a suggestion Sam

barbarathelibrarian Magic: have a little portal at my library in jokaydia

Kali Pizzaro: thanks Grizzla

Samantha Chester: Yes Kali

Kali Pizzaro: thanks Sam

Kali Pizzaro: anyone else

Kali Pizzaro: πŸ˜‰

Grizzla: I like the hypergridding idea too. I’m not good at it.

Kali Pizzaro: come on you have had a whole hour to come up with suggestions ;-P

barbarathelibrarian Magic: It’s fun …addictive

Claudia13 Rossini: has never hypergridded

Samantha Chester: well then guess I win

Samantha Chester: do i get a prize?

Claudia13 Rossini: no

Zola Zsun: i hypergridded into a grid in which i already had a zola.. what did this do to the space time continuum?

Grizzla: Yes Sam you should get a prize

Samantha Chester: same thing as having you and your alt in the same place

Kali Pizzaro: ok thanks folks again for a great conversation

Zola Zsun: these meetings are getting more fun all the time πŸ™‚

Kali Pizzaro: now next week Aj?

AJ Brooks: Andrew Hughes

AJ Brooks: my one-on-one interview

AJ Brooks: he just got that big army contract

Kali Pizzaro: great same time. around the corner at our one on one interview area

AJ Brooks: The Formal Amphitheater – newly redesigned by Claudia

AJ Brooks: Andy actually has a connection to BGSU, our hosts

AJ Brooks: he hires a LOT of Anthony’s students after they get done with school

AJ Brooks: doing virtual world work

Kali Pizzaro: fab ok folks i got to go sleepy time here

Claudia13 Rossini: and aren’t we all gratefully to Anthony for the use of BGSU

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