March 15, 2012: VWBPE Special VWER Roundtable

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VWER at VWBPE 15 March

Transcript of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable March 15, 2012

Topic: “Resistance is Futile: Making the Case for Virtual Worlds”

Iggy’s note: Photos by Sheila Yoshikawa. Transcript by Grizzla, who did an extra special job on this one, given the number of links!

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Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Hello everyone and welcome to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable! Our topic today is “Resistance is futile: making a case for virtual worlds”

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I’m Joe Essid, Writing Center Director at the University of Richmond. I’ve just finished a semester with students using immersive literary builds based on Poe’s “Fall of the House of Usher” in Jokaydia Grid and SL.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: A bit about why I chose this topic today:

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: In this financial climate, and with technologists at many schools focusing away from virtual worlds to mobile technologies

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: we should discuss how we still make the case for immersive 3D technologies for teaching and learning.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Before we begin, I want to thank the VWBPE organizers for hosting this meeting,

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: And all of their tireless, and EPIC, work on this build and the conference!

AgileBill Firehawk: Easy, run Jibe on your Droid! best of both.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: The VWER meets each Thursday at 11:30am SLT for an hour and is a forum to educate and inform the community about issues that are important and relevant to education.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: We just celebrated our fourth anniversary of meeting in SL, and we get a wide variety of educators, from seasoned veterans to the newly rezzed.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Our meeting transcripts can be found at our newly updated web site – – select the LIBRARY tab at the top.

Tree Kyomoon: I found Unity to be fairly unstable but its really cool

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Please join the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable group here in SL. If you are on Facebook, please join our group there – Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable.

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Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Now, let’s begin as we always do, and introduce ourselves. Don’t be shy…just go right ahead in text chat and when we’re done, I’ll toss out a first question.

Birdie Newcomb: Birdie Newborn, educational publisher

Edith Halderman: Edith is the illegal alien

Thursday Xu: I am Rex Heer at Iowa State University

Pathfinder Lester: John Lester, Chief Learning Officer at ReactionGrid.

Ran Hienrichs: University of Washington and

AgileBill Firehawk: AgileBill – Distributed Agile Coach – teaching use of Virtual Worlds and using it in Corporate Training and project rooms

Thunder Insippo: K5 Computer resource specialist in Virginia Beach, VA

Carolrb Roux: Carol Rainbow – teacher in Oxfordshire UK

Firery Broome: Firery Broome-> University of Delaware, Newark Delaware USA

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Chris Robinson, virtual assistant, Georgia Gwinnett College

Fool Botha: Alan Addison, diverted teacher

Elphaba Helendale: Rawlslyn Francis, Florida State College at Jacksonville, English Professor

sRicher48: teacher, 8 yrs, studying my masters of ed tech with UBC…technologist at heart

Tree Kyomoon: Tree Kyomoon/ Ryan Cameron CTO of an elearning company and board member of Haberman Educational Foundation

Metabasalt Timeless: Bill Schmachtenberg, Ferrum College and Franklin county High school

Graceful Beamish: Graceful (Aeon) Beam – Georgia Northwestern Tech College

Abacus Capalini: <— VWBPE Program’s’ Co-Chair and Associate Dean, CTE (RL)

BigRedCoyote: James Ollerton independent scholar

Profdan Netizen: Dan Holt, Lansing Community College, Lansing, MI. This semester, I’m teaching a section of first year composition, and a section of creative writing in SL.

BDSommerville: Bruce Sommerville, teacher academic literacy, UTS:Insearch, Sydney.

Ellie Brewster: Sharon Collingwood, Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies, Ohio State,

Sam55 Chester: Ashlyn Dugan, Writing Instructor, National Park Community College

Zana Kohime: Marlene Brooks DELTS, Memorial University Newfoundland Canada

Graham Mills: Peter Miller, University of Liverpool

Morgaine Borgin: Morgaine Borgin – Alaskan STEM consultant

Kay Droverson: Asst. Professor, Frostburg State University, MD

Naelmiknat Aeon: Western University Ontario Canada

Sojourner Starship: K-12 educator

Cato Digital: J-Jay , Boston University

Jodeg Janus: University of L’Aquila, Italy

Stylianos Ling: Stylianos Mystakidis, Learning Innovator, University of Patras, Greece

AgileBill Firehawk: 151 attendees here, in 4 sims

Bill Friis: Bill Freese, Montana State University-Bozeman, Department of Education

Decka Mah: Lindy Orwin, virtual worlds project manager for research and education in SL, OpenSim and other VWs. Currently University of New England and the Edlab Group (Hypatia World STEM world for girls).

rosavioletta: Rosavioletta, EFL teacher-course designer, Italy

MelodiousC: Melody Collier Hawley, ISD State and Federal Program Director

Laural McCallen: Laural McCallen, Pensacola, Florida

Eraldo Carlucci: Eraldo Carlucci, President, Virtual Event Planners Int’l

Hilbert Hotaling: David Thompson, University of Canterbury, New Zealand. I do computer science and education research. In my “spare” time, I also write for a Steampunk computer game.

uglydance: Karin Ahlin, dance teacher from Goteborg, Sweden

Bluebarker Lowtide: Vasili Gian, graphic artist and curriculum design

Pia Klaar: Pia Klaar teacher

hjeidi: Heidi Walsh, Learning and Development Manager @ Sense, UK

EdwardScholarhands: Ed Gallagher, Lehigh U

Dailin: shouts: Dailin CSU Australia

Merlin Moonshadow: Michael Smith, Emory University.

Clowey Greenwood: Carolyn Lowe, Northern Michigan University

Tori Landau: Student at the Open University in the UK and volunteer event coordinator for their virtual campus deep|think

DyVerse: Ricky Davis, DJ for Common Grounds , Peer health support and education for Restore Center for Healthy Living

MelodiousC: Central West Texas

Sail Wozniak: Instructional Designer

VWER at VWBPE 15 March

SaintLEOlions Zimer: Michael Dadez, Saint Leo University

carlicann: Carl Solutionary @ Rockcliffe U in SL

Phil Komarov: BJE – working with Jewish schools in Los Angeles

Lori Galli: Instructional Technology Escambia County, Pensacola, FL…

jobethp: Nurse educator Texas

Erich Templar: Student with the OU in the UK, and SL merchant

Anastasios Aurotharius: Ben Linson, engineer, entrepreneur, educator and facilitator Entrepreneur Club Boston

Seaking Serenity: Seaking Serenity – instructional technologist, designer

TaiaB: Shila Heath, English and Reading teacher at CCCOnline

Talliver Hartnell: Wade Roach anchorage alaska high school teacher

Bevan Whitfield: Elisa Butler (Bevan Whitfield) – Rockcliffe Board of Directors, Metanomics/Nokia Advisor, International Trade Management

Emilia Cornwall: Senior Project Center tech mgr.

iSkye Silverweb: iSkye Silverweb Bonde, Deaf Ed activist

Kathryn Pleides: Kathryn Frech, high school librarian, upstate NY

KateMinola: KateMinola, Org. Behavior Instructor

Florian Blaisdale: I’m a librarian and webmaster from Frostburg State Univ. in Maryland. My institution is just starting a virtual presence in SL.

Jens Nerido: ICT advicer…..english 2. language………editor danish e- learning platform…

Gerard Latte: Columbia Basin College – Pasco, WA

Metabasalt Timeless: Bill Schmachtenberg Virginia USA

Delenn Daines: henry ford community college, Dearborn MI

Senko91: uhm Umeå University РSweden XD

Barbara Collazo: Barbara Collazo, Museum of American Architecture and Design.

Ozma Malibu: Sandy Andrews, Educational Technology & Research Director, Floaters Organization, Arizona & Mexico

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: If this is your first time attending VPBPE Conference, please type “yes” into chat.

(13 answered yes)

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: First, if you were to use ONE example of education in virtual worlds to make your case to a dubious administrator or granting agency, what would it be?

lenny Leborski: We are creating simulation for teaching. you can visit USMP 3d

Ran Hienrichs:

AgileBill Firehawk: – a global user group

Bevan Whitfield:

Carolrb Roux:

Laural McCallen:

Tree Kyomoon:

Elphaba Helendale:

Emilia Cornwall:

Birdie Newcomb: Paris 1900

carlicann: Humane Education Teaching Resources:

Kay Droverson: Calisto Encinal’s Spanish Villa – also and

Metabasalt Timeless:

Tori Landau: the Abyss Observatory

Delenn Daines: loyalist college border crossing scenario,

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Loyalist is often cited

Joe Arnica: STEM and the Jamestown build.

Ozma Malibu: IDEAL-ITQ Science Learning Environment, ASU alti island

Zana Kohime: Muinjij Island and Cupids Cove

Ran Hienrichs: – neuroplasticity changes to weight loss using VWs.

Thunder Insippo: I can network with people all over the world who can teach me EPIC things, without leaving my family room.

Birdie Newcomb: Nasa

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: If you have any with empirical studies…even better!

Pathfinder Lester:

Sojourner Starship: Genome Island

Metabasalt Timeless: empirical data:

Decka Mah: Wrapping lifelike contexts around content where students use the stuff they are learning about in that context.

DyVerse: using virtual worlds for health education and support

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Ken’s work supports the idea that VWs can be very effective for professional training

Jodeg Janus: collaborative learning is the way to go in virtual learning

Profdan Netizen: Virtual worlds give online students an opportunity to meet with each other and with me in an environment that is much richer and more prone to a sense of person or place than does the typical 2D learning management system.

BigRedCoyote: Putting on a play without a physical set or costumes

Elphaba Helendale:

Ran Hienrichs: – finalist to ComputerWorld Achievement Awards for 2012

Birdie Newcomb: Sloodle

Tree Kyomoon: collaboration with really good physical representation and context in real time … people in a context of how they want to be seen rather than how they actually appear

Elphaba Helendale:

Birdie Newcomb: Virtatlantis

Talliver Hartnell:

Kay Droverson: WE just sent a proposal last week… and got our island this week.

Zana Kohime:

Tori Landau: Nanotechnology island operated by the National Physics laboratory

BigRedCoyote: Communicating with fello students on the other side of the world

BDSommerville: The Abyss Observatory

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: this is great

Pim Peccable: Support groups for Autistic Spectrum

Anastasios Aurotharius: Defining Virtual Worlds

Ran Hienrichs: @Ignatius – lead by example. This is spot on!

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I know our colleagues in K-12 may have bigger hurdles than I face in higher ed

Elphaba Helendale:

iSkye Silverweb: SEEN what Gentle talks about

MelodiousC: firewall is not always in technology for us it is people

Stylianos Ling: It’s about people not the technology -> community that transforms

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: firewalls, policies vs. “gaming” etc.

Tree Kyomoon: putting all participants on a level playing field regardless of physical disability

BigRedCoyote: Planning and planting a garden without getting your hands dirty

Birdie Newcomb: “a game”

Ran Hienrichs: Bar none – interoperability across VWs.

MelodiousC: Prejudice and Ignorance

Bevan Whitfield: (last night’s guest was AJ Kelton)

Grizzla Pixelmaid: I hear complaints that SL graphics are sub-standard

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: So what are the hurdles we face TODAY in making our case for education in virtual worlds?

Tree Kyomoon: UI is hard to use, most people cant relate to moving around in 3d, lag etc, makes it very difficult

Sojourner Starship: exposure to virtual worlds

Laural McCallen: In K-12, overcoming “the test” and the scripted path toward the event.

hjeidi: our IT department who panic over anything and everything

Claudia13 Rossini: (i’d hate to be blind in SL, that’s hardly a level playing field)

Jodeg Janus: usability issues

Cato Digital: return of investment

MelodiousC: Stereotyping

Graceful Beamish: reactionary IT departments

Phil Komarov: hardware and connectivity issues

Erich Templar: Centralised nature of SL

Profdan Netizen: hurdle: money

BigRedCoyote: Difficulity: Buying and upgrading the computer technology

hjeidi: old tech

Pim Peccable: It’s only for a few interested geeks

Birdie Newcomb: need for high-powered computers to access

Bluebarker Lowtide: ut funding for a computer over mobile technology and space to keep said computers :/

Laural McCallen: Hard and fast curriculums

Zana Kohime: Fragmented community: some use SL, Open Sim etc… the community is fragmented.

Abacus Capalini: Proving return on investment and how do you assess in a retention based world

uglydance: problematic and can be expensive

Tori Landau: Not understanding the potential for learning

Bevan Whitfield: hurdle -> explaining what 3d Edu is

Profdan Netizen: Hurdle: support for students

Tree Kyomoon: and its not integrated with the familiar, (yes, facebook is better and we need to get SL and Facebook working together better)

Senko91: internet connection and system requirements

Kay Droverson: high learning curve for teachers

Jens Nerido: old hardware and slow net connection……

Anastasios Aurotharius: I think the biggest problem is that people have a hard time thinking creatively enough to try virtual worlds

Libby Wozniak: Bias of parents (technophobic)

sRicher48: reluctant learning curve for most 🙁

Bevan Whitfield: yes sustainablity and standards

Thunder Insippo: Groan re SOLs

Edith Halderman: in Pa -> pssa

BigRedCoyote: Texas call it TEKS

Sojourner Starship: all over the country.. its the same

Ran Hienrichs: ROH – return on happiness

AgileBill Firehawk: People think it’s like IM and webcam, they don’t realize the value of interactive and space. Quotes : ‘I don’t like to wear headphones; My kids would like that’

Profdan Netizen: Virtual worlds requires a sense of imagination. There is such a surprising lack of imagination in higher ed today.

Abacus Capalini: old infrastructure, classrooms cannot support new technology and video

iSkye Silverweb: paranoia – shaking up the status quo

Laural McCallen: Time/Stipends/to train the teachers and develop the projects

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: so to sum up a bit

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: hurdles include perception of it being a game

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: internet safety

Birdie Newcomb: steep learning curve

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: learning curve yes

Laural McCallen: Machines that are robust enough….

Elphaba Helendale: agree – learning curve

Abacus Capalini: free conferences are benefits 😀

BigRedCoyote: Difficulty: Teachers not knowledgeable of computer SL

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: objectionable content

Jens Nerido: include in teacher education

Laural McCallen: Machines tied up by pre-test tutor programs

Delenn Daines: media stereotypes about SL as all about sex

sRicher48: so teachers need to make teachers aware and help them learn….

DyVerse: What makes learning different in virtual worlds can’t we just go to meeting

Decka Mah: IT staff who block them

AgileBill Firehawk: Yep, usability and ‘Gamadox’ – fear (and love) of gaming are key

Naelmiknat Aeon: scripting

Ozma Malibu: along with hearts & minds of stakeholders: finances

Carolrb Roux: firewalls and ports

Profdan Netizen: system requirements improve every semester.

Madeleine Fitzgerald: Horseless carriage syndrome

jokay Wollongong: IT decisions driving learning.. instead of students’ needs driving.. meh

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: System requirements can be steep depending on the environment

Abacus Capalini: Challeges: locked down computers and IT that does not want to update software 😀

Morgaine Borgin: SL is blocked at some school districts

Florian Blaisdale: Yes, Delenn: media stereotypes about SL as all about sex or shopping

Birdie Newcomb: for some, IT resistance

iSkye Silverweb: I think it also helps to drop the thinking of a teacher-student hierarchy and more of a mentor-mentee where they learn together

Profdan Netizen: support

Thunder Insippo: Teachers in ELEM school just think it’s weird and won’t try it.

Tree Kyomoon: most people do not interact with the internet on a high power PC with a great video card and a big monitor like us

Jodeg Janus: SL is too expensive

Cato Digital: setting things up

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: financing and supporting the initiatives

BigRedCoyote: If the student avatars have no money they can’t buy anything

Grizzla Pixelmaid: A lot is support side – and development side. Institutions lack the people to build & develop, and the support staff to help people w it.

DyVerse: I don’t have the time as a teacher to build a second life classroom its just a novelty

Profdan Netizen: People think SL is too expensive, Opensim is too alpha.

Hilbert Hotaling: It’s depressing coming across people who say things like “I trying playing Second Life once, but I didn’t see any point in it.”

MelodiousC: I hear “Ain’t broke don’t fix it” a lot from members in the community

Ran Hienrichs: Built a space, tested it with stakeholders and showed results to deciders

Tanya Smedley: examples from other industries

iSkye Silverweb: status quo mentality too

Graceful Beamish: pilot projects

Grizzla Pixelmaid: @Hilbert – yes, although I was one of those who didn’t see the point, until it became a way to hang out with a friend – and over time, I saw the point – and later, it helped me get my job.

hjeidi: safeguarding – answer OpenSim on own server

iSkye Silverweb: “we’ve always done it this way”

Elphaba Helendale: I’ve never been able to make a case with words. I had to show them. When they see the student work, they believe.

Metabasalt Timeless: i showed how VW can raise sol practice test scores

Tree Kyomoon: isolating a project to a specific sim and or using OpenSim to create a wall for branding and protection

Laural McCallen: Cheaper than sending teachers to a conference.

Thunder Insippo: Quest Atlantis was approved because it was curricular based

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: So…what are some of the arguments you have made to counter some of these objections?

Edith Halderman: with parents – games engage reluctant learners

Kay Droverson: linking it with the university vision, 21st century requirements, and how students actually enjoy it once they’ve learned how to use it

Laural McCallen: Great collaboration opportunities

Anastasios Aurotharius: I think it’s important to learn debate skills

Delenn Daines: got IT to open firewall on campus wireless system

Profdan Netizen: Pictures are really helpful, even if you cannot get admins inworld.

AgileBill Firehawk: Case for VWs: reduced need for floorspace (we are out of conference room space). Telepresence rooms are always booked, and some of us don’t like to show our hypothetical wrinkles

MelodiousC: or “It was good enough for me, so it oughtta be good for you”

Carolrb Roux: just demonstrating that we can provide teaching without geographic issues – no travel, food, coffee, can be provided at later times so that teachers can access

Laural McCallen: Less expensive to host a sim for PD then to pay for subs or mileage.

Tanya Smedley: demonstrated research on the topic

Birdie Newcomb: blended learning can be a step forward

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Yes, and existing research grants help people to see that VWs are being taken seriously – NSF, Gates

Tree Kyomoon: doing things that are only possible using SL, then taking video from the SL simulation and streaming it out to youtube or facebook

uglydance: our society is based around internet and technology and we have to take this into consideration while teaching

BigRedCoyote: Went ahead and did it then demonstrated it during a PTO meeting. It helped that my principal is a SL Disk Jockey

Tori Landau: collaborating with other educators synchronously across the world

Zana Kohime: I inform people that I am not there to convince them but will provide facts and evidence how virtual world – immersive technology can be used for education. People initially think I am there to ‘convince them’. It sets up a no win situation. If I provide evidence they can make informed decisions.

Laural McCallen: Supports project based learning

Bluebarker Lowtide: improved training for said virtual worlds so the teachers can be knowledgable so the learning curve is not as rough

Tanya Smedley: best practices in military , medical and other such industries

Stylianos Ling: In U Patras : Training Need Analysis provided solid data of lack in skills that we addressed with an open blended course in Virtual Worlds

Jens Nerido: you can learn by playing…….playing is learning… all started that way from when we were born

Morgaine Borgin: I do training sessions with teachers – ask them to think outside the box for about and hour and a half and then decide later if they will join me for PD

Metabasalt Timeless: VW can be a great tool for multicultural exchanges

Hilbert Hotaling: Distance learning, at least where you’ve got the network infrastructure for it. It’s cheaper to push bits than bodies.

Laural McCallen: Allows students to do things NPIRL (not possible in real life)

AgileBill Firehawk: if 2,200 people attend VWBE, did we just save $3.3 Million Dollars? on travel?

Edith Halderman: LOL

Kay Droverson: bringing the global society to our students, when we can’t bring students to the world… we encourage study abroad, and this will be for those who need to access the world from home

hjeidi: reduced extraction time from workplace – no need to travel, etc

Teachergirl Razor: letting administrators see the possibilities without as much LAG

Edith Halderman: and fossil fuels?

Abacus Capalini: travel savings is a big deal

Laural McCallen: Actually, allowed folks to collaborate that would not be able to

Birdie Newcomb: improvement on online learning

Hilbert Hotaling: Good for students who aren’t confident in a physical classroom for disability reasons.

BigRedCoyote: It helped when parents oohed and ahhed over their students’ talent and achievements in their builds

Tanya Smedley: more than a cost – it is what you get for it

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Disability… makes me think of Wilde Cunningham

Abacus Capalini: no hotel, no per diem, no mileage 😀

Laural McCallen: Yes. If virtual schools would use…would be epic

Morgaine Borgin: in Alaska, travel and distance is a huge issue – this is the only way to communicate effectively

Cato Digital: maybe make one reason to love school

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: We can make that case for professional meetings, but can we make a cost-saving case for teaching?

Profdan Netizen: Travel savings is a big deal for students. I have some that have to drive 50 miles one way to get to campus.

Tree Kyomoon: not just cost savings, but enabling global collaboration between those who couldn’t possibly afford to travel or are unable to

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Especially for K-12?

Carolrb Roux: I think in language teaching we can give them experiences that would not be possible in other ways

iSkye Silverweb: access to info learning opportunities freely available, collaboration costs are much lower, broadening of students’ horizons happens in the blink of an eye

Sabine Poliatevska: I have students create a virtual company for about 20 dollars. I could never achieve that if there was no virtual worlds

Kay Droverson: my students have been able to interact with educators from other countries, which is not at all possible otherwise.

Lori Galli: save money on supplies for project based learning activities…

Jens Nerido: in language teaching ….we can practice in real situations……and it is cost free

Edith Halderman: the kids would do it

Laural McCallen: Works for elementary

hjeidi: able to role play difficult, dangerous or expensive situations

BigRedCoyote: and there was this one time when I had a sick-at-home student who was able to log in and do the day’s assignment

Tori Landau: Open University is a distance learning university so we have people from various places studying there and we can all meet up which can’t do in real life

AgileBill Firehawk: Because of ooVoo and Skype and Telepresence, travel cost savings alone is no longer making the case. The case is made because we can create special interactive venues.

Abacus Capalini: @hjeidi.. yes.. death is bad for student retention 😀

Tree Kyomoon: difference between SL and unity though is SL comes with a lot more stuff already done for you

Carolrb Roux: also access to historical builds that are not possible in the classroom

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: My wife cites the “over the shoulder” value of having colleagues see simulations linked to content on the state tests for Standards of Learning

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: but the UI for SL or OpenSim are too much for her harried colleagues to learn now

hjeidi: building social networks for students esp. distance learners

Metabasalt Timeless: i would think the learning curve on unity would be very steep

BigRedCoyote: and there was this other time when I was away at a conference where I logged in and was able to walk around the sim lab and look at the students work

Profdan Netizen: Talking heads (Skype) vs people in a space (Virtual worlds)–more of a sense of presence with the latter.

Birdie Newcomb: VWs offer a lot, such as building, that is not possible in “real life.”

iSkye Silverweb: for me and other people like me, it’s the visual aspect of a VW that engages…oovoo or skype just don’t do it, because you’re not DOING anything except talking or text chatting.

Jens Nerido: collaboration with other…making project……. english as a medium

Abacus Capalini: Virtual Worlds facilitate international collaboration.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: One thing I point out to our folks is research money that’s going into virtual worlds. If NSF, Gates Foundation et al. are putting money into VWs, it’s being taken seriously.

Profdan Netizen: VW are a place to meet, with real people, that’s it’s advantage over 2d tools.

SunTzu Greybeard: Will we go to teleschool as parents go to telework??

Carolrb Roux: lots of ours have too – but until we get SL in a browser we are going to lose out

Ran Hienrichs: The point is: our technologies are pencils, pens, pads. We want convergence of technologies for learning.

AgileBill Firehawk: Jibe Jibe Jibe / Unity3d

Jodeg Janus: I am looking forward to login from my iPad

Tanya Smedley: do u give up resolution – detail – productivity ability

Birdie Newcomb: Angry birds did, why not students?

Metabasalt Timeless: the VW I use would not work on ipad

Kay Droverson: there should be an app where we can go inworld through iPads!

Pim Peccable: Moore’s law. Mobile will catchup. AR is coming

BigRedCoyote: not enough versatility for active building and interaction

Jens Nerido: well the future…i have a dream!’

Tree Kyomoon: doesn’t really make sense in a mobile context, SL works as an immersive environment, it’s too complex for the iPad, which is kind of an idiot box

Decka Mah: Some things translate to mobile and for others it is too lossy

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Can Virtual worlds as we know them go mobile? What will it mean? What will be the gains? the losses?

Metabasalt Timeless: we will be stuck with chat on ipad

Tanya Smedley: for consuming it is fine

Abacus Capalini: VW are going mobile. Jibe is beta testing on Android 😀

SunTzu Greybeard: How do we do distance management of education with teleschool?

Thunder Insippo: mobile is FAST if VW were there graphically I would no longer need my laptop

Sabine Poliatevska: I think they should and they could

Kay Droverson: not just chat client but actually get inworld through mobile devices

Edith Halderman: so Firebill you’re saying Jibe will do it now?

Tree Kyomoon: can’t type fast on an ipad or iphone either

Laural McCallen: Not there yet…yes…the power to create and show understanding

DyVerse: Jibe from my understanding is mobile already

Decka Mah: User generated content is not the ONLY killer app in VWS

Ran Hienrichs: It’s about the platform – the unity (he he)

Hilbert Hotaling: Authoring tools in general are going to be the big thing.

Firery Broome: Logged into SL on my ipad via a connection to my computer. Looked great

Laural McCallen: But should keep moving there.

Cato Digital: that would be difficult in terms of screen size

Senko91: more resources for the students to use, instead of waiting or sharing books or other material?

Edith Halderman: kids don’t type they text

BigRedCoyote: Love my Kindle

Anastasios Aurotharius: Scotty can beam us up if we have an ipad

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I’m thinking in particular of user generated content and how it will play on mobile devices

Joe Arnica: I want the brain connection but that is maybe fifteen years from now.

carlicann: reliability already is an issue…. mobile will exacerbate those issues

Hilbert Hotaling: The tools need to not just be there, but be _usable_.

iSkye Silverweb: I have a hard time with the idea of being ‘immersive’ by squinting at a tiny 2-inch screen…

Aisle: it could in future, who knows?:)

Tree Kyomoon: and you put your big greasy mitts all over the screen, where SL works better because the IO is separate from the visual

Laural McCallen: There is room for all of these technologies.

Stylianos Ling: Make them producers of content

iSkye Silverweb: even ipads…

Kathryn Pleides: the technology is still in its infancy. Use of goggles and virtual/gesture controls could make virtual worlds more accessible on the go. But that’s still years off

Laural McCallen: Cannot nail them down to one…depends on the purpose

SunTzu Greybeard: They will use mobile because it’s in their hands

Morgaine Borgin: ditto the small screen comment

Ran Hienrichs: iPads are microscopes, telescopes, intelligent data collection tools.

Seaking Serenity: Just as we start to have desktop computers with barely enough power to handle satisfying graphics, running significant scripts and handling avatar interaction, there is a move in interest to mobile, which is a technological setback in computer power.

Ellie Brewster: If the trend is to mobile, do you really think people will give up their large screens? for TV? for sports? for gaming? Doesn’t education fit in that category?

Laural McCallen: Screen sharing

Merlin Moonshadow: Impractical on an iPhone, but potentially possible on an iPad.

Zana Kohime: Don’t think we will lose a thing. I can’t wait.

Ozma Malibu: it’s been a good argument for me that so many other people are using virtual worlds as well

Tanya Smedley: pocketmetaverse on the iphone

Joe Arnica: I use pocketmetaverse on iphone. but it is only text.

iSkye Silverweb: I think holographic technologies would really be the next generation

Tanya Smedley: you can’t see much on the iPhone app

Tree Kyomoon: 3d gaming on the ipad is really lame compared to using a playstation or PC

Profdan Netizen: Logmein

Lori Galli: kids can see tiny screens just fine…hope to see vw on that one day…soon!

Abacus Capalini: Jibe is Android only..

Stylianos Ling: you give up immersions for accessibility

Edith Halderman: if a virtual world goes on a flash-drive why won’t it go mobile?

AgileBill Firehawk: Sococo is testing an iPad version, and I have a custom space designed in Sococo

SunTzu Greybeard: yes you can even walk from phone now

Profdan Netizen: Support is a big issue if you want to scale beyond the lone early adopter.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: any more remarks about mobile & VWs?

Bluebarker Lowtide: @Stylianos its more than that

Decka Mah: The support staff need training but also they need to be stopped from making the educational decisions. Not allowing IT to dictate what teachers need or don’t need but working as a team to make yes the answer.

Teachergirl Razor: Tablets are becoming our student choice —- but again there are problems

Tree Kyomoon: the only practical way to do SL mobile is heads up display and mocap, but we’re a long way from retinal implants

Jodeg Janus: Unity3d player is already working on iPad

BigRedCoyote: Need lots of memory, fast input and output, and BIG screen, Maybe Multiple Screens

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: So what about support?

Ozma Malibu: it also helps that virtual worlds offer specific affordances that are good for specific curricula, topics, disciplines, better than linear online courses for inquiry for instance

Stylianos Ling: we’re in virtual space, support can be distant

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: How do we put that into place in this fiscal and technological climate?

Zana Kohime: Support is an issue for Open Sim or other technologies.. mobile is no different.

Grizzla Pixelmaid agrees w Deckah

Cato Digital: i don’t think its a case of either or

Edith Halderman: I think we are constrained by our conceptions of a virtual world

Profdan Netizen: In-world support would be really valuable.

DyVerse: you can always create the content using a PC then use the ipad or other device for viewing not hard at all to “stream” to another device such as a tv or mobile device

BigRedCoyote: I want a full blown Holodeck

Tree Kyomoon: its not the technology on the ipad that is bad for 3d gaming, its the form factor. It just makes no sense

Decka Mah: Outsource remote support

iSkye Silverweb: What EDITH said!

Cato Digital: i can have my mobile and go into mobile

Cato Digital: i mean vw

Firery Broome: I am the support person

carlicann: funny how LL ranks 3rd party viewers by reliability…. know that reliability is a huge issue…. mobile won’t help that

iSkye Silverweb: we need to think 3D, outside the traditional classroom with books and pencils

Delenn Daines: I am the tech support for my students

Tanya Smedley: typically interested folks learn and fiddle

Pionia Destiny: I am here on my own..

Profdan Netizen: I haven’t yet figured that out, Iggy.

Edith Halderman: it’s not rocket science

Tanya Smedley: not the best support with fiddlers

Firery Broome: I train student & faculty and build projects, and run our islands

hjeidi: I run it all lol – Moodle, Sloodle, the lot … IT are only interested in maintaining the MS server

Morgaine Borgin: I have office hours for support

Laural McCallen: We provided professional development for teachers on VW…but district IT Teachers…..

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: So that’s a concern…if you are not a DIY sort…how do you find support?

Pionia Destiny: i bring my students to explore as an extra activity

Morgaine Borgin: unpaid, of course 🙂

rosavioletta: I tinker till I get what I need

Jodeg Janus: with and Ipad you can do augmented reality SL<->RL

Edith Halderman: unless you’re Rurick or Izzy

Zana Kohime: There are places to go like Rockcliffe. Resources are available.

Profdan Netizen: Our campus is going to a new LMS, and it’s sucking all of the oxygen out of the room.

Graham Mills: OAR files and regions-on-demand will make OpenSim more plug-and-play

Laural McCallen: Get funds from unique subject area specialist budgets.

Profdan Netizen: Agreed.

Laural McCallen: Still…hard to get folks to join.

Laural McCallen: Small group

Ran Hienrichs: Is that the question asked in medieval times: “how are we going to scale books”? Will get the monks to write them. Hmmm

Tanya Smedley: DEMAND

Thunder Insippo: With other educators from Virginia I have helped to create VSTE Island. My school system does not support me but my prof org is awesome.

Abacus Capalini: Document and record we need to show what we are doing 😀

Naelmiknat Aeon: students grow up with technology.

Hilbert Hotaling: *nod* It’s not just one-on-one support, it’s scalability.

Tanya Smedley: build it and they will come thinking – if it is there and everyone is using it it will demand support

Edith Halderman: that is now

Ncl Wozniak: exactly!

Edith Halderman: it will change

Kamsin Kazan: challenge to get the IT folks to “agree” to support what the academic side needs when they view it as “a game”

Tree Kyomoon: build stuff that actually works on a grassroots level

Abacus Capalini: Community colleges will look at student retention and student engagement

BigRedCoyote: Secondary School Educators are judged by students’ standerdized tests

Elphaba Helendale: I showcase student work and submit it to conferences. That made my college notice and support my use of virtual worlds.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Iggy, do you think the research grant projects would get attention from your powers-that-be?

Profdan Netizen: @Abacus, esp with online students.

Tree Kyomoon: popular stuff gets noticed

VWER at VWBPE 15 March

Ran Hienrichs: Go back to what Knowclue Kidd said – “digital anarchy” – do it yourself, don’t rely on the institutions to change. You change.

BigRedCoyote: same thing about webpages?

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Probably computers weren’t a good ROI at first either

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: As I just said, it become a question of scale

Tanya Smedley: don’t think it is so much dislike of game as fear of instability issues

Elphaba Helendale: Exactly Randy!

Edith Halderman: in the way higher ed is now – that is right

Cato Digital: you have to “market” it

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: can you justify ROI for one or two faculty teaching maybe 100 students per year?

Stylianos Ling: Power lies in Unity

Edith Halderman: but who said this way of higher ed is sustainable?

Tanya Smedley: liability is a big issue on K-12 side

hjeidi: we call it ‘flying under the radar’ – doing stuff that is not official until it has buy-in from others and has gone too far to be retracted

Cato Digital: yes!

AgileBill Firehawk: anyone used VenueGen? simpler maybe, company does support, web based, and 3d. planetarium etc.

Profdan Netizen: When we first went to online classes, we had a president with a vision to offer online degrees. So support was no problem, even though computers were remarkably clunky, and the Web was quite empty in the mid 90s.

Abacus Capalini: Students need context

Birdie Newcomb: VWs fit well into Knowclue’s call for student initiative. VWs open up a lot that’s not possible in a classroom.

Naelmiknat Aeon: teaching in VW does not require real buildings. Have to factor in these savings in ROI

Edith Halderman: oh wait – stop thinking a physical campus for higher ed

Senko91: world war 3 happened?

Tree Kyomoon: being able to think like a technologist has become the new base literacy of business. People who are luddites are quickly becoming useless

iSkye Silverweb: it’s also nearly always better to go ahead and do it, then apologise than ask first and get told “no”…

Decka Mah: An authentic task

Edith Halderman: they do not need a physical space

Jens Nerido: this is a really interesting insight in your culture……things comes from teacher……they want to teach the best…that is the motivation

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Abacus, what IS the context students need?

Ran Hienrichs: empowerment to do it –

Birdie Newcomb: Context — depends on the subject being offered

Phil Komarov: students need a purpose to be there

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: That would be a great way to make our case for these spaces in our teaching

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: and in our publications

Edith Halderman: do they need a virtual space?

Birdie Newcomb: language works well

Abacus Capalini: instructors need to provide a framework of learning and a strong Rubric for non-book activities

Birdie Newcomb: Health can use it well

Profdan Netizen: They need to see value/direct connection to what they are learning/community.

Tori Landau: needs to relate to their learning initially

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: yes, Millennials need structure

Tanya Smedley: they need engaging LEARNING spaces

Thunder Insippo: I’ve used SL to briefly demonstrate a point to first and second graders on a whiteboard.

Carolrb Roux: in language teaching access to endless native speakers in any language, and situational learning are context enough

Edith Halderman: that is true right now

Ran Hienrichs: Oh, I know. They need an education crisis in our public schools.

Abacus Capalini: our students are used to having a book tell them everything. Virtual environments require critical thinking and applying concepts to unique situations

Edith Halderman: but will it be true for subsequent generations?

Stylianos Ling: Use an appropriate theme to unleash creativity

Cato Digital: campuses now have broadband connections and computers that can handle vw

Zana Kohime: We have experienced the same attitude from students and what you are saying is so true.

Abacus Capalini: My incoming freshman are really into content creation and collaboration

Abacus Capalini: My adult students want to be taught to the test 😀

iSkye Silverweb: @Gentle, I had that exact conversation with a prof not too long ago

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I found that giving the “meaning” and connection to my last class really helped

BigRedCoyote: How do they teach CREATIVE WRITING? or PAINTING? Or any other ART

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: they loved using the Usher simulation

Edith Halderman: not this adult student and it drives me crazy

Hilbert Hotaling: Not every campus is equal regarding broadband. Especially when you step out of the rich first world countries.

hjeidi: my adult learners just want to know where to read it / find the answers – they are not used to working it out for themselves

Profdan Netizen: A class can be a community. It has to be for a writing class to work effectively. Unless all you do is a correspondence course.

Tree Kyomoon: exactly, so why do we shy away from calling SL a Game?

Senko91: play is a great tool for learning in my opinion

Jens Nerido: I come from a culture were we have have freedom of methods…….but working under central curriculum…..but I have freedom the interpret it… my way!

Profdan Netizen: Because it’s more than a game, Tree,

Cato Digital: because SL is not a game

Profdan Netizen: it’s a place.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I found that using play worked well..they did the final exam in OpenSim and most jumped at it

Tree Kyomoon: “Game” is not a four letter word either

Kamsin Kazan: actually it is 4 letters – but in a good way LOL

BigRedCoyote: When I was learning programming the best learning involved making a game

Hilbert Hotaling: Game is too restricting a term.

Metabasalt Timeless: there is nothing wrong about computer games, we just need to put the right content into the game

Elphaba Helendale: Agreed, Iggy! I believe that should be a focus here in VW: using performance-based activities in place of an exam.

hjeidi: I use the following to explain why I use games in education: Group Activities for Motivation and Education = GAME

Stylianos Ling: Interesting point: 1st we say VWs isn’t games, now we want to gamify education…

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Jokay saved us with her support for the sim and being on hand personally as each group did their exams

Carolrb Roux: hmmm – play is a four letter word 😀 play is also how some of the best learning takes place

Tree Kyomoon: US Dept. of Defense calls it “serious gaming”

Hilbert Hotaling: Using the word “game” inclines people thinking of game in the toy sense, not in the sense of engaging with people and environment.

Tanya Smedley: not the game features of SL that are a problem in K-12 . It is the potential for inappropriate activity.

alogo: what about gambling?

BigRedCoyote: Start with the phrase “How can this be improved”

Carolrb Roux: bad word

Abacus Capalini: I’ve found the best way to incorporate Virtual Environments is to set up alternatives for each project in your class.

Profdan Netizen: We don’t call a classroom a game. Neither is the virtual space of my class area.

Hilbert Hotaling: Serious play, educative play?

Tree Kyomoon: gaming is an excellent tool for teaching…tricking people into eating broccoli

Profdan Netizen: Not that play cannot take place there!

Bluebarker Lowtide: @BigRedCoyote Resident, are you talking about Learning with Alice?

Sojourner Starship: SL is more like a communication platform.. can play games or do serious stuff here

iSkye Silverweb: we need to change the meaning of the word “gamer”

Zana Kohime: I use educational gaming, serious gaming.

Stylianos Ling: Edutainment lol

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: What’s the better buzzword?

Abacus Capalini: you have one option that is VE, one that is traditional, one that is accessible for those with needs

Metabasalt Timeless: simulation

iSkye Silverweb: make it equivalent to “student”

Edith Halderman: alternate reality

Kamsin Kazan: I’d call it TEACHING

SunTzu Greybeard: FUN-if-i-ca-tion

Tanya Smedley: lots of research on play and learning

Birdie Newcomb: Fun works when you have a group, VWs are good for that

Pim Peccable: eduplay

Jens Nerido: what we use daily

Ran Hienrichs: Kapp and O’Driscoll slammed it – Learning in 3D

SunTzu Greybeard: Infotainment

Thunder Insippo: enplayment

Genesis Waydelich: educational role-play and 3D simulations

Tree Kyomoon: Effective Teaching

Anastasios Aurotharius: life is a game….why should virtual worlds be any different?

Graham Mills: edugagement

Kamsin Kazan: all good teachers provide guidance/some context & encourage the learning to happen where is irrelevant

Cynn Magic: Game theory.

Senko91: i think i read edutainment as a category on the game faqs site,lol

BigRedCoyote: Actually I was talking about reprogramming the classic BRICKOUT game to make it easier for me to win and my opponent to not win

Abacus Capalini: authentic assessment 😀

alogo: role playing

Bevan Whitfield: nope it’s not

Merlin Moonshadow: Isn’t it really just immersive learning?

Tree Kyomoon: emotionally charged learning

SunTzu Greybeard: McConigal has some great thoughts on that

Ncl Wozniak: well and then distinguishing game vs. simulation; those are not the same

BigRedCoyote: The Captain Kirk maneuver

Senko91: educational gaming?

Florian Blaisdale: edugagement is great!

Grizzla Pixelmaid: @Tree – I think “emotionally charged” might have connotations that are negative, when it comes to education – ?<

Sojourner Starship agrees with Merlin

iSkye Silverweb: for the kids who think VWs are boring – those ones are the ones who need to become less passive learners

Hilbert Hotaling: Game-ification implies we’re just tacking “game” onto anything else we do, rather than an integrated approach where the game is the thing.

Kay Droverson: immersive learning sounds good

Delenn Daines: kobiashu maru!

Elphaba Helendale: well said, iSkye

BDSommerville: I think ‘immersive education’ captures it (not exactly a buzz-word tho)

Graham Mills: I think engagement is the USP

Carolrb Roux: situational learning

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: how virtual worlds can take part of the personal learning environment?

Tanya Smedley: he is “game” lol

Sojourner Starship: immersive learning.. my vote

Stylianos Ling: technology reflects the state of mind, so all these are manifestations of the passion of the educator

Kamsin Kazan: kobiashu maru some saw it as “cheating” others as thinking outside the box for the solution

iSkye Silverweb: engaged learning

Tree Kyomoon: have to be able to do one on one

Ran Hienrichs: 2 pm on Saturday, Residency, that is how they fit VW into their learning experience.

Bevan Whitfield: on the other hand, some students can be too shy in RL to truly share how they feel and what they think

Senko91: Kobiashu Maru?

iSkye Silverweb: a student doesn’t just get immersed, he/she gets actively involved = engaged

Stylianos Ling: VWs =3D PLE

Birdie Newcomb: gaming the system

Tree Kyomoon: SL allows for mentorship and direct human to human training and coaching

Jens Nerido: what is the dif between game and playing

Losairam Pelliot: yes… Tree

Zana Kohime: One of the new terms I think fits is Edgerati: people who venture out onto various edges, engage with participants on those edges, develop deep insight from their involvement on the edge and report back to the rest of the world what they have learned.

Hilbert Hotaling: Background: The “Kobayashi Maru” was an un-winnable exercise, that someone won by changing the parameters of the test.

iSkye Silverweb: SL provides an environment for an international community of learning

Carolrb Roux: maybe the new style of learning – SOL Self organised learning

iSkye Silverweb: if only virtual worlds could end wars…

Edith Halderman: main stream

Ozma Malibu: virtual worlds are simply most appropriate for some things

Tanya Smedley: augmented reality

Ran Hienrichs: In a full avatar sensory world, the avatar will truly come of age.

Gloria Mills: VW will be integrated by then

Jacqueline Despres: I will be able to control my avatar with my body, for sure.

Bevan Whitfield: main stream

Tree Kyomoon: wont have to make a case, they will be integrated into our daily lives like facebook is now

Jens Nerido: integrated in our LMS

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: What sort of case will you make in 5 years, given where you think VWs will be?

Carolrb Roux: carbon friendly – SOL, always anywhere / anytime learning

Birdie Newcomb: parallel universe

Talliver Hartnell: mirror world will make it a requirement to be involved

Cato Digital: AR

Sojourner Starship: students have grown up with these worlds.. it is their familiar medium

uglydance: A well used tool

Stylianos Ling: If you have time , check out Paulette Robinson’s vision about the future of VWs ->

Delenn Daines: like a kinect box!

Jodeg Janus: as far as people will wast their time on Facebook, nothing different than now

Jacqueline Despres: I won’t have lag.

DyVerse: in 5 years VW’s will be integrated into social media and the Web they will no longer be virtual worlds but immersive web pages

Firery Broome: no shouting needed

BigRedCoyote: Maybe we get away from the QWERTY keyboard

Pim Peccable: Even the most base system can run a VW like I did 5 years ago

Tree Kyomoon: but if we keep ignoring facebook, and focussing on SL, we’ll miss the boat b/c the real VW revolution is going to happen by growing up inside facebook…thats just the fact

Bevan Whitfield: meeting clever intelligent people in an exponential manner and sharing

Ozma Malibu: (Iggy: I am usually one question behind, sorry.)

Stylianos Ling: open source, browser based, interoperable

Tanya Smedley: audio activation

Gloria Mills: Stanford is already using devices to allow people to interact between VW and physical reality

BigRedCoyote: Better user input

Elphaba Helendale: That would be great! @BigRed

Jacqueline Despres: In 10 years I see myself wandering through a room with avatars and “real” people.

Decka Mah: Kinect type interfaces for online learners

AgileBill Firehawk: —- Physical office space is waste, Travel is waste, We will build interactive virtual work pits that are better than F2F. I will see your face on video to make my primate brain trust you. I will see you face to face every once in a while. But I will have saved 7 minutes per meeting for 12 meetings a week for 200 people. I can save $800,000 and work …..Better!!

Edith Halderman: why not a phone keyboard?

Hilbert Hotaling: I don’t think AR will be the future – at least, not all the future. I’ve done AR research, and it’s not the next big golden hammer for everything.

iSkye Silverweb: some of the direct brain interface tech testing going on scares the sh*t out of me but at the same time, really, really intrigues me

Anastasios Aurotharius: in the future, the Internet will look more like a virtual world and less like the world wide web which right now….looks more like a book

Ran Hienrichs: Avatar Kinect is a known example

Ozma Malibu: within 5 years, I won’t have to make the case. I’ll be asked to share.

BigRedCoyote: Thought to text translation

Decka Mah: Education via the console and pinch and zoom tablet

Cato Digital: like virtual reality

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Johnny Mnemonic

Stylianos Ling wonders how many people would like to walk/run/fly by physical movements


Tree Kyomoon: we’re stuck with QWERTY until we have a direct brain implant, theres no real in-between

Hilbert Hotaling: Keyboards are still here because there’s still a good use case for them.

Birdie Newcomb: OTOH, we learn to listen, text, and IM all at the same time.

Senko91: i remember a scene, in naruto the 2nd movie with audio commentary

Senko91: where one of the people commenting mentions that in 50 years we won’t need texting anymore and that we can use brain vortexes to send thoughts to each other

Hilbert Hotaling: Our available interfaces will broaden, and we’ll use all of them when appropriate.

Jodeg Janus: the new iPad as more computational power than PS3

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: M.T. Anderson’s novel Feed..a must-read young adult novel

carlicann: MT. Anderson’s Blog… features Feed

Carolrb Roux: wow

Carolrb Roux: 🙂

Jacqueline Despres: I’m surprised he was able to nuke his facebook account — do they really let us out once they have us?

DyVerse: at sxsw they had a session on immersive PC “glasses” and they had a hand held device used for input similar to a phone where you just press one of 9 keys etc

BigRedCoyote: QWERTY is an example of education’s resistance to change Typing teachers didn’t want to change

Stylianos Ling: Techno-resistance

SunTzu Greybeard: Can we ever leave QWERTY….I am not sure we can

Stylianos Ling: Diacrisis is the virtue

Tree Kyomoon: resist being anti-evolution

Gloria Mills: the governments have a security interest in the technology so they will likely take control

iSkye Silverweb: resistance can be valuable because we can’t just go forward willy-nilly with technology

Tanya Smedley: privacy is a problem

Senko91: facebook, huh, i’m careful with sites like that, you never know what they’ll keep once you’ve uploaded stuff

Bevan Whitfield: it can all be used together as it is now

carlicann: only 2 of the Fortune 100 are remaining in SL… we scared them away imho

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Resistance may be futile but it can be healthy, too

Cato Digital: school has to own it

Tree Kyomoon: its easier and safer to hide in ludditism, it takes guts to embrace the new

Carolrb Roux: I guess we will always be one step ahead of the big companies

uglydance: I am scared that I am being watched constantly on the internet

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: how do we resist the pressures to dumb down these environments?

Bevan Whitfield: use flat web for communication and 3D web for interacting

Edith Halderman: Sun Tan – the hearing disabled would agree

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: If they become popular with teachers and students?

Grizzla Pixelmaid: IMHO being scared away from SL or VWs is like being scared away from the internet

iSkye Silverweb: @Bevan, yes!

Hilbert Hotaling: When using things like Facebook, I take the attitude that anything I post is completely public. Even when it’s restricted to certain people.

Sojourner Starship: eek

Jacqueline Despres: I dunno — I work for IBM and all I ever do is demo Second Life to educators. No business case for taking over Linden.

Tree Kyomoon: bevan yes!

MelodiousC: I agree with you about blackboard

Abacus Capalini: Not BB.. Pearson or some other publisher 😀

Talliver Hartnell: agree about blackboard

Carolrb Roux: but we will go to OS – the next new technology

Hilbert Hotaling: I’ve yet to meet anyone who actually likes Blackboard.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Is that all LMSes or just Blackboard?

Hilbert Hotaling: Anyone.

MelodiousC: Don’t like Pearson either

Senko91: lol haven’t seen a blackboard in 8 years

Ran Hienrichs: I dare to say “don’t resist” – this is about the economies of scale, and we must encourage massive innovation.

Tree Kyomoon: Pearson is just grabbing old outdated junk really cheap

Senko91: we had whiteboards XD

Tangre Lexenstar: agree about Blackboard — glad I don’t have to use it anymore.

Ran Hienrichs: If you think education is expensive, try ignorance Derek Bok quotes (American Educator and Lawyer (pres. of Harvard Univ. 1971-1990), b.1930)

carlicann: Rod Humble tried to dumb SL down… he actually made SL easier from day 1

iSkye Silverweb: I haven’t seen a really decent LMS

MelodiousC: we are a slave to them here in texas

Carolrb Roux: noooo – dust

Cato Digital: why can’t school build their own VW

Bevan Whitfield: I just love blackboards (but I also write and send RL Xmas cards)

BigRedCoyote: Windows superseded DOS but we could not do VW without the GUI. Creativity I think will triumph. Just like I could not stop the Taggers from practicing in their notebook until I started asking them to give me Illuminated answer sheets

Grizzla Pixelmaid: @Cato, many could – but then we lose collaborative opportunities

VWER at VWBPE 15 March

Metabasalt Timeless: ok what if VW run in browsers what are we going to lose?

Hilbert Hotaling: (My university has switched to Moodle now. It is better, but still has its foibles.

Carolrb Roux: my concern is that it will keep getting more and more expensive and beyond the scope of educators

hjeidi: not sure an attempted takeover of a VW would work as such – we would just move to something such as OpenSim

Talliver Hartnell: I like bevan’s point about flat web and 3d web

Tree Kyomoon: the LMS is a really dumb concept from the beginning. It is built on compliance rather than efficacy

Pim Peccable: So long a they don’t censor content – I’m good

DoctorPartridge Allen: facebook resistance is akin to resisting industrialization. One can reject communications systems, methods, approaches, but as we’ve seen with facebook – aspects which breach social expectations are simply re-introduced after the fervor of initial distress dies down. It’s interesting that litigation has managed to tamp back some of the facebook privacy encroachments – see the German Gov. laws re the ‘like’ button

MelodiousC: we are forced to use “blackboard” for credit recovery and dual credit

Ozma Malibu: I don’t like LMSs but they are handy for organizing things at the moment & virtual worlds work fine with them for the purposes that virtual worlds are best for. Others have different solutions but this works for many, for now.

Birdie Newcomb: I worry that students coming in for a class rarely return on their own. Is this just a generational thing? Is it changing?

Bevan Whitfield: just buy content

Jodeg Janus: opensim + unity3d web player

SunTzu Greybeard: Passive Environments instead of active one

Kay Droverson: One thing that turns off my graduate students, who are mostly teachers, are access to sexual/inappropriate content and griefers in Second Life, and they feel they can’t bring middle schoolers or high schoolers into SL. How do I address that?

iSkye Silverweb: My concern is governments and large corporations seeing big bucks and taking over

Decka Mah: There is an asset store of content for Unity too …just sayin

Tree Kyomoon: content should be empowered with attached technologies rather than being forced to conform to a big system that adds little or no value

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Browser-based VWs are great…but so far, I cannot create content for Unity or Jibe

Jodeg Janus: also I see a webgl SL client on Chrome

DyVerse: when companies learn how to make money using virtual worlds thats when the trouble will begin

carlicann: in SL you can buy anything… literally, not so in other VWs

Bevan Whitfield: it’s rather easy to be honest

Tree Kyomoon: IE, the LMS should attach to the content and right now it works the opposite way

hjeidi: Kay – I use OpenSim running on our owner server to get round that problem

BigRedCoyote: How much more we can do in GIMP then I could do in MS Paint. and GIMP is a free download

Firery Broome: iSkye, do your students hang out at your school’s library just for fun

Firery Broome: to think that they would here is the same

Firery Broome: give the a reason, they will come

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: nor have the incentive to do so…not enough reward from my evaluators

Carolrb Roux: you can buy loads of stiff in other VWs

Birdie Newcomb: Or get stuff for free.

iSkye Silverweb: concern is losing the ability and empowerment of creating and collaborating in VWs

Bevan Whitfield: but the ‘killer app’ in SL is community

Jodeg Janus: webgl+html5 is the future of virtual learning

Ozma Malibu: A mix of technologies, well integrated, and virtual worlds are the primary piece.

DoctorPartridge Allen: How can you determine the difference between corporate control and just entering a technologies stabilization phase?

Tree Kyomoon: Bevan YES and that is also the Facebook Killer App

Bevan Whitfield: no one is even near

Talliver Hartnell: the web has all that content as well yet we use it in education

Firery Broome: no reason why

Tanya Smedley: Opensim

Phil Komarov: migration to iPad?

Birdie Newcomb: SL and opensim seem like common ground, no matter who owns it.

Sabine Poliatevska: having them on a web client

Tree Kyomoon: it integrates with facebook

Bevan Whitfield: I don’t feel in FB – but I do here

AgileBill Firehawk: when they run on iPad and Droid

iSkye Silverweb: community happens so much better in a visual, 3d vw than in facebook

Gloria Mills: developing a standard format to integrate the virtual world community

AgileBill Firehawk: and SpotOn3d *ALREADY* runs in facebook

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: What do you think will be the biggest positive development for virtual worlds in the next year?

Jacqueline Despres: browser based viewers

Joe Arnica: Justin Beiber will use it.

AgileBill Firehawk: (S03d – is opensim based)

Pim Peccable: Collaborated content and Shared Experiences

Joe Arnica: then all kids will.

Zana Kohime: Open Sim for those who are not game developers and Jibe for those professionals who are.

BigRedCoyote: Other platforms to log in to that are better cheaper

Phil Komarov: lol @Joe

Birdie Newcomb: I see splintering of community

Que Jinn: Small worlds, many worlds

Carolrb Roux: making all accessible to the hypergrid would be good 🙂

Loki Clifton: The Mobilization of Viewers to other Hardware

Tree Kyomoon: facebook does a lot of what we do in here, and there are 700 FB users for every 1 SL user

Birdie Newcomb: Hyperggridding

Tanya Smedley: increase in collbaoration on Opensim

Florian Blaisdale: Jacqueline hit the head on the nail: browser based viewers. I tried the SL beta web viewer

Bevan Whitfield: I’m hanging out with a ton of really smart people now – FB or twitter is a stream of ‘drive by hi – here is a pic or a post’

uglydance: not so laggy

Jodeg Janus: moving your avatar with your body?

Talliver Hartnell: standards

Senko91: maybe it’ll become an app for fb?

Aisle: agree with you Jaqueline, browser based viewers

DoctorPartridge Allen: Web client should be the biggest, but it goes hand and hand with open access (no login required) and breaking free of the walled garden. But is there any real evidence that we’ll see that sort of change in one year?

Cato Digital: more studies will come out

Abacus Capalini: Voice in OS 😀

Zana Kohime: Interoperability between open sim.

carlicann: some group will come up with tech that breaks through SL and opensim limitations…. truly scalable.. 1000 avis in a sim

Tanya Smedley: lots of individaul “walled worlds”

Kay Droverson: Easier to use viewers that won’t crash all the time.

AgileBill Firehawk: kinect interface, cool yes

DyVerse: that they will still be here !! and will not go away like some are predicting the best thing is that we will carry on the fight

Jacqueline Despres: yeah, we need, and the kids need, rapid in and out

DoctorPartridge Allen: Biggest change i’ve started to see – widespread student acceptance

BigRedCoyote: More acceptance by the general population because of the proven utility of it as a teaching platform

Genesis Waydelich: great adoption in k12 throughout the world (as David Deeds proposes)

Senko91: yeah less crashing

hjeidi: getting SL on the grid 😀

Birdie Newcomb: What about flying, though

Tree Kyomoon: kinect takes too much energy…it’s a gimmick

Talliver Hartnell: filters

Kay Droverson: kinect will be awesome

Grizzla Pixelmaid: @Tree – how much have you used a kinect??

iSkye Silverweb: a real 3d metaverse transversible via hypergrid..

IanPrietz Arai: To me SL seems like a ton of work for very little ROI

DoctorPartridge Allen: Second biggest change – people starting to use the sim as a sim

Jodeg Janus: also 3D diplay from SL clients

Hilbert Hotaling: With physical interaction, just remember the gorilla arm!

Anastasios Aurotharius: mobile technology is less expensive and therefore more accessible to people that don’t have a lot of money

lis Ruby: yes actual acceptance

DoctorPartridge Allen: students now are just accepting it as a given

lis Ruby: and innovation from students

Ran Hienrichs: Because their teachers are accepting it.

Me in the VWBPE central auditorium

Birdie Newcomb: Vampire movies

BigRedCoyote: It annoys the parents

Tangre Lexenstar: unless you are someone whose body doesn’t move well — moving avatars with bodies would be a problem for those users.

Ncl Wozniak: the technology has improved/improving the experience

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Why are students starting to accept virtual worlds more?

DoctorPartridge Allen: gone is the resistance i saw four / five years back

Seaking Serenity: In “Mastering the Hype Cycle“, the authors clearly indicate that some technologies fall off from the trough of disillusionment.

Carolrb Roux: because we are bringing them in earlier and it is part of their life whilst they are growing up

Senko91: it’s much more fun and stimulating?

IanPrietz Arai: Although I have been to a few places (ROMA and some others) that have had some very neat experiences, that I actually learned from

Edith Halderman: they HAVE been

Firery Broome: because there are more students who have used VW Sims now

Abacus Capalini: I’m starting to see more acceptance of Games Based Learning

Metabasalt Timeless: initially they see it as an alternative to lectures

Tori Landau: They are growing up with more technology

Cato Digital: because you are getting the generation that is familiar with vw

hjeidi: as my adults start to use social media more they find it easier to accept the idea of using other tech as well

Firery Broome: I see more sims users than WOW

Ran Hienrichs: Reading Transforming Virtual World Learning – it is teachers who know how to do it.

Butterflyeyes73: it allows students who may not be able to openly chat the virtual world can give courage to participate

MelodiousC: I think the next year will see greater use of vw technology in small rural districts like mine due to cost effectiveness

Bevan Whitfield: well I’m not a bobble-head and I do enjoy walking and sitting in a proper manner

Kay Droverson: one can be creative in it

Edith Halderman: but it won’t be SL

Tree Kyomoon: We need to get away from the ‘everyone must be like us’ and be more willing to consider interacting with the same environment from many perspectives…thats why FB wins right now

Jens Nerido: they can some learning……they can’t get…….real time conection… free

BigRedCoyote: well there you go Creativity will triumph in an environment of freedom

DyVerse: the gaming effect students play games and virtual worlds are the educational equivalent to games/MMOs

DoctorPartridge Allen: Big key is getting more transitional tech in place – but it’s also natural because viewers are getting more stable, network bandwidth is getting broader

Cato Digital: also vw is still an infant

Edith Halderman: it will be an education friendly place like Opensim

Abacus Capalini: Minecraft is the cause 😀

Kay Droverson: students are needing opportunities to be creativie

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: More participation is key, but not unique to VWs

Anastasios Aurotharius: perhaps college students could teach students in poorer countries now to use computers and virtual worlds

DoctorPartridge Allen: never underestimate the pressure of bad networks, sim crashes etc.

Cato Digital: no one is yet sure the benefits

Tree Kyomoon: People need to be able to interact with VW in less full ways, like mini cams poking in world without forcing the person to have a custom avatar

BigRedCoyote: We haven’t discussed the bullying problem in Virtual worlds

MelodiousC: poorer countries? we have poor districts here in the US

Pia Klaar: Students today in the earlier grades are not the same learners as those that are now in higher ed. They process info differently

Butterflyeyes73: I guess I was coming from a primary school perspective

Bevan Whitfield: all those kids that are bullied in RL can come here and BE EPIC and not worry about their RL

iSkye Silverweb: what I don’t like about fb is the company behind fb is a huge data mining and marketing entity, they are providing fb for profit, huge profit and they get all sorts of free data from users …

Note: Transcript editor gives in to the temptation to insert this link to an Onion news “story” on Facebook & the CIA

Tree Kyomoon: we need to meet them where they are at, rather than trying to get them to use VW like we think they should

Carolrb Roux: we do – all the time ( re bullying) – we have to lock down the sim and lock the avatars to the sim

Ozma Malibu: I can’t see using FB in education.

Ran Hienrichs: If it’s on the test, the student will do it with a furor.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Bullying in VWs…good topic!

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: How do you handle it?

Phil Komarov: don’t we have the same responsiblity to teach digital citizenship here?

iSkye Silverweb: bullying = griefing

uglydance: that is a huge problem at my school. I had to tell my students to be careful and think twice before posting something mean about someone on the internet

Pim Peccable: right-click -> report abuse

Florian Blaisdale: Bullying = griefing?

Carolrb Roux: no we lock them to the sim

Tree Kyomoon: FB will be huge for education…its wisdom of the crowd collaboration and sharing better than anything out there

DoctorPartridge Allen: Freeze and eject – generally easier when they’re in a room together

uglydance: But kids are always gonna be kids

Kay Droverson: great place to teach digital citizenship

Edith Halderman: how does that teach virtual world netiquette?

iSkye Silverweb: ha put all the griefers in the same sim together!

AgileBill Firehawk: Privacy is important.

uglydance: people always talk behind the back. Problem is that vw and internet doesn’t have a back

Abacus Capalini: We require the students to share their avatar names with the instructor and remind them that they are still subject to the student code of conduct

Bevan Whitfield: give them a 3 story transformer and let them take out the angst in a sand box

Zotarah Shepherd: Teach students how to deal with griefers and bullies

Carolrb Roux: we have put up boards to call teachers, talked about putting a feedback line in thelog out – to say what has happened

Zana Kohime: We have participation guidelines and they are banned if they do not follow the guidelines.

Birdie Newcomb: Griefers are actually very inventive — just not socialized

Tree Kyomoon: i need to be able to login to SL using my FB account, have an avatar dynamically created by my FB profile and then I’l use it more

Tree Kyomoon: (not me, but your other user)

Butterflyeyes73: Moodle at my children’s school has allowed a platform similar to Facebook to occur but is overlooked by the teachers

Jodeg Janus: go kitely

uglydance: problem is to control what happens after school hours!

Tanya Smedley: Supervisoion is key

DoctorPartridge Allen: @Birdie – i had a similar thought. Of course the lack of social skills in one can cause pain for the other

uglydance: yes supervision is important

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Final Question! If you could have one wish for the next year in virtual worlds, what would it be?

Fleep Tuque: That more people would try Opensim

Ozma Malibu: Our education discount returns

iSkye Silverweb: I see cost/budgeting as a big factor for EDUs

Phil Komarov: ease of use (less lag and crashing)

Bevan Whitfield: that LL smarts up a bit more

Fleep Tuque: 🙂

DoctorPartridge Allen: Drop the garden walls

Pim Peccable: that I don’t crash

Carolrb Roux: hypergird between all virtual worlds

Gloria Mills: replace social media with virtual world integration

hjeidi: hypergrid

Sojourner Starship: secure space for students under 16

SunTzu Greybeard: Sim-on-a-stick

carlicann: OpenSim rocks! yes… my wish too

iSkye Silverweb: @Bevan, yes!

Kay Droverson: More middle school and high school classes using it, so I can bring my own students to see it can happen.

Stylianos Ling: Opensource Browserbased SL

Jacqueline Despres: yeah I’d have to vote for a stronger opensim myself — full scripting capability and the works

Tanya Smedley: acceptance of this platform as a viable tool for teaching and learning

Tree Kyomoon: That I can login to SL from FB and thus get more people in here

Clowey Greenwood: I started using FB groups for my undergrad classes last semester and it’s worked great – they put in links to interesting articles and communicate with me and their classmates that way.

Laural McCallen: -That OpenSim continues to become a community that shares…..collaboration among educators

AgileBill Firehawk: Wish, that our community stays together in spit of increaseingly diverse technical platforms

uglydance: I agree I wish it would run smoother, faster without any errors and crashes

Birdie Newcomb: what carolb said

Edith Halderman: one wish – an adjunct faculty position in SL

Zotarah Shepherd: I would wish that more educators publish and use media to tell people the good they are doing in VWs

BigRedCoyote: More land and less tier

Laural McCallen: That it becomes more robust

Jodeg Janus: SL/opensim on iPad

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I’m with Fleep…more use of OpenSim, in particular hypergrid connected grids

Joe Arnica: browser based sl that works on all hardware.

Bevan Whitfield: I do SL on ipad

Ncl Wozniak: +1 for Zotorah

Bluebarker Lowtide: Allow the creation and modification of new builds to be easier and more friendly to new users, because initially it is very daunting

Kay Droverson: My own wish is to get our own newly purchased island going and very active with lots of activity.

DyVerse: that a company would come to jibe or open sim and provide an adequate space and training for building a space

SunTzu Greybeard: I’d like to see sim-on-a-stick mere with pc-on-a-stick for a VW in an O/S integrated

BigRedCoyote: Tim Allen grunt more power

Zotarah Shepherd: Not just in Journals either but for general public parents and students

DoctorPartridge Allen: +1 for Blue – ease of build is important

lis Ruby: yes positive publicity in mainstream

SunTzu Greybeard: The Virtual World Operating System

Tangre Lexenstar: LOL@BigRedCoyote Tim Allen reference

Edith Halderman: read TechTrends

Joe Arnica: schools trying demostration grants from some large company.

Naelmiknat Aeon: better tools to teach science subjects like physics, chemistry (real life like physical simulation)

DoctorPartridge Allen: problem with the bottom of the curve is that it isn’t ‘cool’ to publish vw stuff anymore. 😉

iSkye Silverweb: LL fix the long-standing boring but critical bugs FIRST then bring in more bells and whistles

Hilbert Hotaling: My big wish is getting my PhD research on instrumentation of virtual learning environments done 🙂

Kay Droverson: GRANTS! Grants for Second Life projects!

Tree Kyomoon: if SL integrates better with FB, all that other stuff will happen due to sheer cash, popularity and force of will

Zotarah Shepherd: Teacher journals and books too.

Tangre Lexenstar: “there’s an app for that”

Carolrb Roux: I think we should run the world 🙂

Bluebarker Lowtide: ut @Kay yes, more grants XD

iSkye Silverweb: I don’t WANT FB in SL

Edith Halderman: hilbertt – I need to get mine done too

BigRedCoyote: Wish we come back next year and do the same thing

SunTzu Greybeard: Wishes for a decent web thin client for SL and OpenSim

uglydance: I wish we could teach “physical subjects” through vw


Jacqueline Despres applauds with enthusiasm

Bevan Whitfield: Joural of Virtual Worlds

DoctorPartridge Allen: @kay – start looking to biz to fund projects focused on stabilization and monetization

Aisle: more order!!! it’s impossible to explore the grid in a effective way, expecially as a newbie. I don’t find Destination Guide good enough… it’s mainly all passed by word of mouth!

Tree Kyomoon: clickity clappity great talk!

iSkye Silverweb: this was great

Bevan Whitfield: ty so much Iggy! That was wonderful!

Abacus Capalini: VWBPE would like to thank everyone for attending today. We would also like to ask for your participation in the special events we are having during VWBPE.


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