March 22, 2012: How have you changed since using virtual worlds?

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Dan, Birdie, Griz_001

Transcript of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable March 22, 2012

Topic: How have you changed since using virtual worlds?

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Grizzla Pixelmaid: Hi everyone and welcome to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable!

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Our topic today is “How have you changed since using virtual worlds?”

Grizzla Pixelmaid: This is a forum to educate and inform about virtual worlds issues that are important and relevant to education.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Each week we get a wide variety of educators, from seasoned veterans to the newly-rezzed.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: We meet here each Thursday on the virtual campus of Bowling Green State University, from 11:30-12:30 pm SLT.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: (SLT = “Second Life Time,” which is the same as U.S. Pacific time).

Grizzla Pixelmaid: We’ve met every week since March 2008.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: These Roundtable discussions are held in text chat, not voice chat.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: If you ‘re new to VWER meetings, be aware that the text chat can run pretty quickly.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Don’t worry if it takes you awhile to get used to two or three conversations going on simultaneously.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: If you make a comment or ask a question that isn’t acknowledged, don’t take it personally;

Grizzla Pixelmaid: unfortunately, good contributions are sometimes inadvertently overlooked when chat is moving fast.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: If that happens to you, don’t be shy to say the same thing again

Grizzla Pixelmaid: – or IM me and I’ll find a break so I can make sure your important question/comment is addressed.

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Grizzla Pixelmaid: Now… we always begin by introducing ourselves, and if this is your first time here, please say so, so we can take good care of you. Everyone can type at once!

Grizzla Pixelmaid: I’m Chris Robinson, “Virtual Assistant” in the Office of Educational Technology for Georgia Gwinnett College in metro Atlanta.

Birdie Newcomb: Birdie Newborn, troublemaker

Liana Hubbenfluff: science geek, writer, university education and sometimes a leafy seadragon in SL for 2 years! omg omg

Zotarah Shepherd: hahaha

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Yay Birdie

Claudia13 Rossini: Claudia…builder

Samantha Chester (sam55.chester): Writing instructor

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Love the seadragon

Prof. Dan (profdan.netizen): Dan Holt, Lansing Community College, Lansing, MI. This semester, I’m teaching a section of fy composition, and a section of creative writing in SL.


Grinn Pidgeon: Dr. Barbara Pittman, Instructional Technologist and adjunct English instructor, Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, Ohio

Zotarah Shepherd: I am working on an MA in Education Technology at Sonoma State University in northern California. I finished all my classes. My Thesis project: Teaching and Learning Life Awareness & Success Skills in Virtual Worlds.

Shailey Garfield: Shailey, The Open University, UK

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Iggy, Man of Fashion and Overlord of Nevermore, a simulation based on Poe’s “Fall of the House of Usher”

Claudia13 Rossini: laughs

AJ Brooks: AJ Kelton, AJ Brooks here in SL. I’m the Director of Emerging Instructional Technology for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Montclair STate University in NJ

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Man of fashion?

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): I’m Sifan, I work for the Institute for Astronomy at the Univ of Hawaii

Cato Digital: Boston U working on my dissertation on VWs

Samantha Chester (sam55.chester): overlord?

Anastasios Aurotharius: Ben Linson, Boston, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Educator

Birdie Newcomb: of a fashion, perhaps

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): LOL

D’lightful (delightful.doowangle): Barbara Truman, U of Central Fl, Orlando

Prof. Dan (profdan.netizen): Sifan, you in Honolulu?

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): I’m on Maui

AJ Brooks: /me waves at Delighful

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): I work up on top Haleakala

D’lightful (delightful.doowangle): 😉

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): How cool!

Claudia13 Rossini: oh how lucky

Prof. Dan (profdan.netizen): Ahhh, my daughter is a grad student in Dance at U of H in Honolulu.

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Anybody else want to introduce themselves?

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Going, going..

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): the main campus at Manoa is very beautiful

Frankie Antonelli: Frankie Yonekura Univ of Central Florida Orlando

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Sifan, is this your first time at a VWER meeting?

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): yes it is !

Merlin Moonshadow: Um. Merlin. I’m just zis guy, y’know?

Birdie Newcomb: welcome

Liana Hubbenfluff: Welcome SiFan

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): mahalo !

Frankie Antonelli: Welcome SiFan

Samantha Chester (sam55.chester): welcome sifan

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): wow … mahalo’s all around !

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Welcome! And welcome VRprofessor, hiding on the side seats

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): (thank you)


VRprofessor: ty….

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): I like our topic for today: How have you changed by being in VWs? It was Birdie’s idea.

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): excellent topic …!!

Liana Hubbenfluff: *notes the quick blame on poor Birdie

Liana Hubbenfluff: ^^

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): To start off, is there anyone who DOESN’T think working in VWs has changed them?

Birdie Newcomb: I got to thinking back when I first came, and it was such a different place

Claudia13 Rossini: lol

Liana Hubbenfluff: Not sure it’s changed me. Just made me a little smarter.

Birdie Newcomb: that what I expected, and so many things have changed in my expectations,

Claudia13 Rossini: depends on what you mean by change Griz

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): (hard to think back that far …)

AJ Brooks: My life has changed dramatically since first discovering virtual worlds

Liana Hubbenfluff: @Si lol

Birdie Newcomb: including back in RL, that I wanted to know how others changed .

Samantha Chester (sam55.chester): How so Aj?

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): /me looks for the Nicky Yee ref to the “Proteus Effect”

Birdie Newcomb: I’m not afraid of flying…

Liana Hubbenfluff: I think I see the world as being more alike than less alike now

Birdie Newcomb: and in RL, feel deprived

Zotarah Shepherd: /me smiles at Birdie

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): I just remember the huge learning curve and my friend having to tp me everywhere cuz I could not keep up

AJ Brooks: well – for me, I have a career because of it. I’m a published author, a seasoned presenter

Zotarah Shepherd: Yay AJ

AJ Brooks: and then there is this group

Claudia13 Rossini: oh.i do have a 2nd career now

Liana Hubbenfluff: ditto AJ that’s really awesome

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): AJ – same here – I was asked by a VP to investigate VWs for remote distance training

Birdie Newcomb: Yes, I’m much more sociable here than in RL, though one influences the other

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): so I joined cuz of a ‘serious’ concern

Birdie Newcomb: Here, I have no fear of going up to total strangers and ask questions

AJ Brooks: i have a confidence that I know more about virtual worlds than most people I talk to about it – present company excluded

Liana Hubbenfluff: @Si and others: I think that learning curve got bigger (made by LL) not easier

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): A thunderstorm is starting here, so if I disappear suddenly, can someone be ready to cover for me? 🙂

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Here’s Yee on how having an avatar changes you

Samantha Chester (sam55.chester): yes my director of online learning asked me to join and explore

Zotarah Shepherd: I agree Liana

Frankie Antonelli: in my case, vws make me feel more connected as I don’t have to for annual conferences, better yet, I can continue conversations after the conference

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Will do, Grizzla. Blue skies in Ol’ Virginny

Frankie Antonelli: *wait

Birdie Newcomb: Yes, the avattar does change me — and having more than one avatar, still wrapping my mind around that

Samantha Chester (sam55.chester): got ypour back Grizzla

Prof. Dan (profdan.netizen): Like summer here in MI.

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): yes Frankie … vw’s give us that ‘network’ capability as well

Zotarah Shepherd: I joined when I heard about SL in a MA class and made it my class project.

Liana Hubbenfluff: Iggy thanks for that link …will read later

Frankie Antonelli: @Sifan 🙂

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): Birdie … me too … each alt is a bit different … yet the same

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): …. so what does that say about us …?

Zotarah Shepherd: Zo and other alts here are a good influence on me in “RL” hehe

Liana Hubbenfluff: well, I was exposed to other cultures I’d never thought I’d be hanging out with

Birdie Newcomb: I found so much here, yet trying to explain to someone who hasn’t been here seems impossible.

Claudia13 Rossini: my alt only has a different name. same annoying person though

Liana Hubbenfluff: @Claudia yessss it’s really tough to explain

AJ Brooks: I have a friend in RL who knows both me and one of my alts. She says I act differently when I’m each, although it is not something I do consciously

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): I’m not sure Pappy is a good influence on Iggy, but one can’t have everything.

Zotarah Shepherd: Alts allow me to express facets of my personality I didn’t know I had.

Samantha Chester (sam55.chester): well vws have allowed me to collaborate with educators from all over the world and be exposed to ideas and practices I would not have in Rl

Path, Dee, Zo_001

Pathfinder Lester: I started exploring virtual worlds back in 1995, so I honestly can’t imagine my life without them at this point.

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): I had to give presentation to major businesses that were thinking of using SL … ouch … that is difficult

Birdie Newcomb: Yes, Zo. Unexpressed parts of me.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I’ve become more like Iggy IRL…able to take life in a more light-hearted manner…Pappy is something primal I channel out of my Id, however 🙂

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): exactly Samantha … the ability to be in touch across the globe

Liana Hubbenfluff: tolerance…one learns tolerance here

Liana Hubbenfluff: or you leave….hahah

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): ha … true!

Samantha Chester (sam55.chester): true

Zotarah Shepherd: I like the global connections and access to friends I would not have as easily IRL

Claudia13 Rossini: tolerance? that’s what i use the mute button for….now if i could get a mute button for Real

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): well, for me and I know for a number of my friends … we try to be ‘real’ in SL

Liana Hubbenfluff: haha Si

Birdie Newcomb: Openness, this has opened me up to expect anything.

D’lightful (delightful.doowangle): My personal learning network (PLN) has gone global fast giving me a broader, diverse perspective

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): bring ourselves in as well

Prof. Dan (profdan.netizen): Much of what you all say about expanding your community takes place as well with older tech like listservs, but the sense of being with other people is magnified tenfold when taking place within a 3D environment.

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): especially if were are ‘professional’ … one has to to a degreee

Claudia13 Rossini: exactly Dan

Birdie Newcomb: And awe at Burning Life, or the creativity of so many in their builds.

Zotarah Shepherd: I agree Prof

Frankie Antonelli: @Prof. Dan beautifully said, cheers!

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): I agree, Dan, I wouldn’t feel as if I knew you at all as well if it weren’t for us wearing alts.

Liana Hubbenfluff: well this is definitely not FaceBook…more like FB on steroids and multidimensional

Samantha Chester (sam55.chester): Yes Dan this communication feels much more authentic

Zotarah Shepherd: Builders here inspire me

Liana Hubbenfluff: the art lately is amazing!

Merlin Moonshadow: My experience in SL has made me more outgoing and more confident, brought out leadership skills that I never knew I had, stimulated my thinking and my creativity, and was a big factor in deciding to go back to graduate school. Aside from that, I can’t say that it’s changed me much. 😉

ChrisG Techsan: Prof. Dan I think you have mentioned one of the essentials to virtuals…They allow a greater sense of presence than traditional technologies such as 2D web services.

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): I think VWs give us / show us possibilities that we attempt to take back into RL

Claudia13 Rossini: naw.FB..that micro, nano, flashes of life..real conversations take place here

Liana Hubbenfluff: oh leadership skills…yes still working on that but agreed. It’s done that for me I guess.

Birdie Newcomb: I never would have been a builder in RL, but after SL, I look at buildings with new eyes, and I see what they are doing and why.

Zotarah Shepherd: In VWs we can “go places” and experience things together even when we are a world apart

D’lightful (delightful.doowangle): People, places, and events in here change my brain

Prof. Dan (profdan.netizen): To me, FB really is only valuable for keeping loosely in touch with people I’ve known in the past. A VW is much more amenable to meeting with others you may never see in RL.

Liana Hubbenfluff: I love the friendships I’ve made

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): in some ways ….. communication is easier and better here

AJ Brooks: well, hold on, lets not be so binary 🙂 (looks at Grizzla), real conversations take place in FB, at least for me

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): some stereotypes are relaxed

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): For me, FB does more than keeping loosely in touch, but it depends on your friends list.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): We did, to echo Dan and Claudia, form personae in other environments on line. But all identity is constructed, says the lit-crit boy with the dreads and tophat.

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): LOL AJ I just figured out what you were referring to

Prof. Dan (profdan.netizen): Agreed, Grizzla, just saying how it works for me.

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): smiles @ Iggy !!!

AJ Brooks: /me says shhhhhh

Zotarah Shepherd: /me grins

AJ Brooks: /me smiles

Liana Hubbenfluff: I sometimes get whammed by IMs when I come on. That’s different than my RL! But it’s bc I’m organizing activities more.

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Yeah; it interests me when people put down either VWs or FB as inclining us toward more shallow relationships. For me, it has been the opposite.

Prof. Dan (profdan.netizen): @Iggy, and I think that that construction of persona is much more visible than it is in 2D online apps.

Liana Hubbenfluff: in SL that is…

Birdie Newcomb: The sharing has entered my life, too, the free stuff but also the inventions.

D’lightful (delightful.doowangle): It is more engaging here to get to know people based on divergent patterns

Claudia13 Rossini: actually i’ve found my friendships in both Yahoo chat and SL have carried easily into ‘real life’, but that may be more due to my personality and how i approach chat and/or virtual worlds

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): my question is whether VWs effect our RL or ……. does a VW allow parts of our selves to be explored and manifested that otherwise would not ??

Birdie Newcomb: A friend said to me, If you can imagine it, someone has already built it.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): FB is a bit silly….so many profiles are just adverts for the self. I use it to say hello to family and be goofy

AJ Brooks: So, we’re talking about what makes VW better than some other platforms, but how has that changed any of us?

Liana Hubbenfluff: @Si well I wonder if you could say the same thing about books? What if you’d never read a book?

Zotarah Shepherd: It does for me SiFan

Pathfinder Lester: Peter Miller wrote a very interesting blog piece recently about affect context in immersive learning. Explains how the added emotional connection to virtual world environments can improve learning.

Samantha Chester (sam55.chester): I try to be pretty much the same person here and in Rl I mean personality wise

Claudia13 Rossini: SiFan, i think that’s totally based on what you want from the experience

Liana Hubbenfluff: So new experiences MUST affect us

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): SL is most assuredly not an advertisement for the self.

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): yes it could for books and does

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): but

Cato Digital: its a work in progress

Zotarah Shepherd: ooo Thanks Path

D’lightful (delightful.doowangle): I believe I am going to live longer and better thanks to D’lightful and her smart buddies

Birdie Newcomb: Waht I’ve learned from earlier discussions here is that we have changed but students usually don’t.

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): here, in a VW everything is on steroids

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): I think a VW is much more …. efficient

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): at this

Liana Hubbenfluff: thx Path

Birdie Newcomb: Not sure of that’s a generational thing.

Prof. Dan (profdan.netizen): Looks really interesting, Path.

David Stack (richmedia): Is a one semester student experience in a VW just too short to have lasting value?

Liana Hubbenfluff: good question

Claudia13 Rossini: yes Rich

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): I think the experience allow for it ….. then, like a book, you have to be prepared to ‘go there’

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): I think being changed by VWs depends a lot on whether you spend enough time here to “get” it – and something has to motivate you to spend enough time for that to happen.

Frankie Antonelli: @Pathfinder, thanks for the article link


Claudia13 Rossini: they are only in here a few hours as a rule. they never get immersed

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): I made my first SL av in 2007, spent a couple weeks looking around, didn’t get the point of it and thought it was too hard to bother.

Merlin Moonshadow: It probably takes a semester to get used to the environment and client.

Liana Hubbenfluff: @Griz YES and how deep do you form friendships?

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): yes … one need time for immersion ….

Birdie Newcomb: Maybe students have been trained to expect certain results, and don’t know what to do with “emptiness”

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Then my sister became a designed in SL and SL became a way to hang out with her. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have my current job.

Prof. Dan (profdan.netizen): Depends, David. If it’s a recurring, regular use of SL, it can be influential for students.

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): *designer

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): @David, probably so, if you mean “on the self.” Students do use FB as a type of avatar, however, as Castronova writes in Synthetic Worlds. It’s a sexier, cooler version of themselves.

AJ Brooks: Some of my closest professional colleagues I know because of my time here. NOw, some of these people I call friends and see IRL

Liana Hubbenfluff: I still don’t like high heels though or jewelry

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): But students don’t come back to SL after class ends, in my experiences.

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): but in the sexier cooler version … perhaps there is something of them selves in that …. ?

Zotarah Shepherd: So many external things about us can be erased in SL. We can share and be precieved with less judgment.

Birdie Newcomb: Even in a bunny suit

D’lightful (delightful.doowangle): The Fellowship of the Ring

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): but what about the reverse of that Zotarah

Zotarah Shepherd: True

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): by erasing external things

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): what does that allow out ?

Zotarah Shepherd: But we can control it more as we spend time in SL and learn how.

Prof. Dan (profdan.netizen): End of the semester, when students meet me IRL to submit portfolios, a couple IMed me, nervously wanting me to know that they really do not look like their avatars!

Claudia13 Rossini: no.the sexier cooler version is a desire formed by ads and tv.making fools think they need to be something they are not in order to be worthwile

AJ Brooks: @Dan – LOL

Zotarah Shepherd: We can see more of the inner qualities and ideas

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): yes

AJ Brooks: What is wrong with the idealized self?

Birdie Newcomb: I like that — yes, the inner can be expressed.

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): allow us to be what and who we want … says something more than just ads ….

D’lightful (delightful.doowangle): @Claudia great point

Claudia13 Rossini: it’s not ‘real’ AJ

Birdie Newcomb: one’s better self.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Birdie, what an insightful remark. Students and older folks too need to fill the air with noise, to always be in touch. It’s what Sven Birkerts calls “the waning of the private self.”

AJ Brooks: I don’t agree Claudia

Liana Hubbenfluff: I’m with Claudia

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): hummm … but what is ‘real’ Claudia ….

AJ Brooks: exactly! Si!

David Stack (richmedia): I guess that’s why my mom always has the TV on.

Birdie Newcomb: — waning of the private self — I’ll look that one up

Merlin Moonshadow: So much of who we are is based on who we think we are. Imagining yourself as a better person can actually make a difference.

ChrisG Techsan: My experience as to the likelihood of adoption for students in virtual spaces primarily comes down to if what they are doing in the vw adds value to their learning. This directly relates to whether or not they will return to the v space. It has to have some real application

Claudia13 Rossini: well, since neurons are creating our sense of self every second…..hard to say

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): @Birdie, it’s in his article “into the Electronic Millennium” and a chapter of the book The Guitenberg elegies

D’lightful (delightful.doowangle): Isn’t that the beauty? It’s like physics – both real and unreal at the same time

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): I do think that underneath all of our creativity … lays a hint at our inner selves

Pathfinder Lester: truly seeing requires more than just looking at lots of things…

Prof. Dan (profdan.netizen): I’m not real concerned about whether or not students return to VW after a class is over. Do you fret that students don’t want to hang out in classrooms during break?

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Sure…Shifan is correct. Our avatars and FB profiles come from somewhere.

AJ Brooks: how very zen of you Path!

Liana Hubbenfluff: I think it’s about engagement; and whether you really work hard to engage or just expect it to miraculously occur ^^

Pathfinder Lester: lol

Pathfinder Lester: sorry, i can’t help myself sometimes

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Dan, me neither. I’m not here as a therapist. They do the assignments and move on.

AJ Brooks: there IS something to be said for Zen!

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Path, you are a Zen mystic sometimes 🙂

Zotarah Shepherd: /me enjoys the sound of one hand clapping

Liana Hubbenfluff: lol

Birdie Newcomb: and on the other hand…

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): creativity comes from deep within … and it takes immersion and time to start to really express it I believe

Pathfinder Lester: AJ, I agree. especially so in the current attention-grabbing distraction-driven data-overloaded world of current tech.

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): but it can be encouraged in VW classes … get them to start

Liana Hubbenfluff: *thinks about the words “immersion” and “engagement”

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): here at the UH we have a ‘retention’ rate of about 20%

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I’ll find that haiku I wrote about SL one of these days…inventory as the Taoist “1000 things” to be overcome

Birdie Newcomb: Odd, I don’t feel “immersed,” – I feel like there’s a place I can go and do almost anything. Meet almost anyone

Liana Hubbenfluff: uncomfortable silence

Koni Lanzius_001

Koni Lanzius: like the dreamstate

Merlin Moonshadow: Only 1000, Iggy? 😉

Liana Hubbenfluff: well, what happens when you are in SL and someone comes up behind you in RL and wants your attention?

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): after these years in SL … ack …. I feel immersed ….

Zotarah Shepherd: Because of SL I have written more and not only in chat.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): “Folders empty now

Before, thousand things within

Linden Lab, robber!”

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): Liana …. conversation in VW are still conversations

Liana Hubbenfluff: my husband says he can’t do SL because he can’t type

Merlin Moonshadow: lol

Samantha Chester (sam55.chester): lol iggy

D’lightful (delightful.doowangle): @Liana like when you are at work

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): RL or SL … if I’m talking to someone … I’m talking to someone

Claudia13 Rossini: and yet i feel totally immersed..i exist here as much as i do on the other side of the monitor…i’m just atoms in both places

Zotarah Shepherd: Because of SL I type faster

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): We did some hiaku over at the Alphaville Herald one time

Liana Hubbenfluff: @Delight…yesssssss

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): at work, I’m on SL for our outreach programs … its part of my work …. they have to wait to converse like everyone in RL has to

Liana Hubbenfluff: haha zotar

Prof. Dan (profdan.netizen): Zo, that’s a real benefit for students taking writing classes, becoming faster typists!

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): you wait and inject at appropriate moments

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): SL cultivates a sense of the surreality of RL…I see more and more RL people as being like avatars…no more than inventory, good hair, and a dream home.

Birdie Newcomb: I like that, Iggy

Liana Hubbenfluff: rofl

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): wow Iggy …. thats interesting

Claudia13 Rossini: (hey, my hair is even better in r/l)

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): But my SL friends seem more real at times…because the props are fake here.

Zotarah Shepherd: Interesting POV Iggy

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): I think there’s something deep in that Iggy ….

莫 思凡 Si (sifan.shan): metaphysical …

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Catching up – being a faster typist is a benefit to programmers, too! 🙂

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): LOL not even drinking yet 🙂

Birdie Newcomb: I think I do see people differently — not as short people or old people but as “real” avatars, the insides.

Prof. Dan (profdan.netizen): @iggy, not sure the props here are any faker than IRL.

Zotarah Shepherd: I like that I smile more IRL than in SL

[Here Iggy’s transcript broke?many thanks to Grizzla for supplying a backup!]

SiFan Shan: oh Grizzla … it just means programers can make more mistakes faster …. (I program …)

Liana Hubbenfluff: It is absolutely fascinating when I find out a little piece of RL about someone that blows my mind

Koni Lanzius: ~**smiles**~

Birdie Newcomb: Aha, sihan, so that’s it!

Liana Hubbenfluff: Like someone’s race or gender

SiFan Shan: Koni !!! Aloha !!!

Sam55 Chester: Oh yeaa Liana

Claudia13 Rossini: (no picking on slow typists and bad spellers…especially if you want builds)

PinkSamurai Fairlady: ㋡

Liana Hubbenfluff: shhh ok Claudia

Claudia13 Rossini: <—one finger typist

Profdan Netizen: lol, don’t get builders mad! REally bad idea!

PinkSamurai Fairlady: my RL family and friends know who I am in SL but not the other way around

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: One of may gamer students put it so well in attacking her classmates’ attitudes about “fake” online personae…she told them they were addicts to FB with buffed profiles and living like avatars on campus…no real self outside their hive. Now THAT was deep and I was very proud of her

Zotarah Shepherd: I am more patient with slow typists and tolerant of misspellings.

Claudia13 Rossini: nods to Dan

Liana Hubbenfluff: I can’t tell many RL people that i’m in SL

AJ Brooks: I’ve thought about how rl is like vw’s in that the person behind the person I see can be different in many ways

Profdan Netizen: cool, Iggy.

Claudia13 Rossini: oh.excellent Iggy

PinkSamurai Fairlady: I found that I am very protective of the anonimity of my RL personality and I think the reason is mainly that I don’t want the usual filters to come in the way ..

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Some of my best friends are one-finger typists, including my husband. 🙂

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Folks call me Iggy now on campus, too…does that happen to any of you? Getting called by your SL name?

SiFan Shan: AJ … brilliant

Pathfinder Lester: lo

Pathfinder Lester: lol

Liana Hubbenfluff: I don’t want any avatars showing up at my RL doorway ^^

Sam55 Chester: Yes Iggy

Pathfinder Lester: yeah….me too Iggy

Zotarah Shepherd: Just in emails

Claudia13 Rossini: now my SL persona is exactly like my r/l one painful as that is

Sam55 Chester: at work they call me Sam

AJ Brooks: Yeah, everyone calls me AJ

Delightful Doowangle: I have thought about vws , web 2.0 as catalysts to emotional literacy

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: LOL AJ

Grizzla Pixelmaid: I do get called Grizzla by people on campus

Birdie Newcomb: Well, I’m Birdie both ways. When I entered, I didn’t see the possiblities of naming.

Claudia13 Rossini: (well Claudia is my r/l name)

SiFan Shan: I’m known as Si at work and with all my friends …

Zotarah Shepherd: /me thinks of changing her RL name to Zotarah.

Cato Digital: i guess it is how people get to know you

Delightful Doowangle: so many nuances of people, experiences

Sam55 Chester: lol Zo

AJ Brooks: /me thinks of changing his rl world to sl

AJ Brooks: ok – maybe not

Merlin Moonshadow: lol

Liana Hubbenfluff: I named my computer after my avatar name….but it doesn’t call me much

Zotarah Shepherd: haha

Claudia13 Rossini: lol

SiFan Shan: oh Zotarah … I have thought of changing my name to Sifan … oh yes

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Miso Susanowa, an artist in SL who was one of our guests not long ago, is changing her RL name to her SL one

SiFan Shan: most people do know me as Si

Grizzla Pixelmaid: /me laughs at AJ’s idea

Grizzla Pixelmaid: (in a good way)

JeanClaude Vollmar: I was called Jean-Claude in school because i’m French decent. So that why I picked that for my avatar here. They called by bro Pierre. *laughs

Merlin Moonshadow: Sims crashing in RL would be a bit worse, I think. :/

Claudia13 Rossini: i wonder if the name thing and our personas are at all age related

Liana Hubbenfluff: ouch

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: @JC 🙂

SiFan Shan: hummm

Liana Hubbenfluff: we’d all just go to sleep for awhile then? until reboot?

Profdan Netizen: @Claudia, age related, in what way?

Pathfinder Lester: in my experience, I think everyone who spends a good amount of time in virtual worlds is fundamentally *changed* in how they perceive the world and people (including themselves).

Liana Hubbenfluff: oh oh reincarnation!!!! I knew it was real!

Sam55 Chester: Hi Pawlus join us at the table

PinkSamurai Fairlady: age related? how so Claudia?

Zotarah Shepherd: I spend more time online especially in SL than I do IRL. I only go to RL to work, eat and sleep.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: What do you mean, Claudia

SiFan Shan: well, my name was given me in China long ago …. so I don’t think it age related

Birdie Newcomb: I could use a reboot now and then…

AJ Brooks: bravo Path

SiFan Shan: giggles @ Birdie

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Claudia, my persona is age-related. It’s why I type in somewhat complete sentences and hate foo-foo text chat crap

Pathfinder Lester: I think that’s why the community of people using virtual worlds has a lot of binding energy…..not just because we share experiences…but because we all share a changed perspective on things.

Merlin Moonshadow: I think that’s true, Pathfinder.

Claudia13 Rossini: because.i’m over 60 now…i find it’s a kind of freedom in being ‘old’..caring less about peoples opinions

Liana Hubbenfluff: @Path yessss

Koni Lanzius: agreed

Ignatius Onomatopoeia hugs fellow grump Claudia

Claudia13 Rossini: oh same here Iggy

Delightful Doowangle: pure playful alliteration in the name

Liana Hubbenfluff: Was that another zen thing Path said?

Grizzla Pixelmaid: /me joins the old folks’ group hug


Frankie Antonelli: My SL last name reminds me of an interest I had at the time I created my avi (I wanted to learn Italian)

Claudia13 Rossini: smiles and hugs Iggy

Zotarah Shepherd high fives the over 60s bunch.

Pathfinder Lester: lol

Frankie Antonelli: @Liana, nods

Claudia13 Rossini: lol

SiFan Shan: ditto on that hug …

Birdie Newcomb: me too

Claudia13 Rossini: see….age has a freeing effect i think

Liana Hubbenfluff: nooooo I’m youngggggg….. .oOOO

SiFan Shan: (notice I left out old folks tho …)

Birdie Newcomb: I feel more fully human with this part of my life.

Birdie Newcomb: old folks.. the over 80s?

Grizzla Pixelmaid: I chose my av last name because the guy who hired me referred to my position as “virtual assistant” – so – Pixelmaid seemed a good fit. And our college’s mascot is the grizzly – so – Grizzla

SiFan Shan: I do agree age has a freeing effect … maybe a “I don’t give a ….”

Liana Hubbenfluff: well I love the fact that young kids that I hang out with would DIE if they knew how old I was ….that is sooooo fun!

Delightful Doowangle: something to be said to become empowered to freely choose what you value

RichMedia, JC_001

RichMedia: In SL it seems that everyone looks about the same age, but maybe I haven’t noticed the differences yet.

Pathfinder Lester: Most of what people call “community” these days is just people sharing common experiences. consuming media together. etc. I find that kind of sad.

Claudia13 Rossini: you know, i leave my av in here most of the time..while i’m off reading, doing dishes, watching tv, ironing..somehow it seems ‘right’ to be simultaniously (sp) in both worlds

Liana Hubbenfluff: I have an old man avatar I use now and then

Liana Hubbenfluff: just for the experience

Pathfinder Lester: mutual affirmations of shared experiences. meh.

Birdie Newcomb: As a news junkie, yes, I find SL a big relief from the “echo chamber”

Liana Hubbenfluff: haha Path!

Pathfinder Lester: nobody listening. just people waiting for their turn to talk.

Zotarah Shepherd: My teen grid alt is much older than I am IRL

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I like leaving Pappy Parked at the moronic and foul welcome areas just to cause trouble for the pond-scum.

Claudia13 Rossini: my av has grey hair, a plumper body, southward…..just like me in r/l

Birdie Newcomb: multiple conversations at once, it took me a while to catch onto that, or catch up.

Liana Hubbenfluff: hahaa Iggy omg

JeanClaude Vollmar: @ Iggy LOL

Delightful Doowangle: more potential to create shared experiences here

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Yes, my first visit to VWER, I was really confused

Pathfinder Lester: I guess I’m venting a bit not because I’m grumpy, but because I think what groups like this have is so precious and unique.

SiFan Shan: love it Iggy

Merlin Moonshadow: I think that one difference is that we create a shared experience here rather than just passively consuming media.

Liana Hubbenfluff: yep

SiFan Shan: oh I agree Path ….

Liana Hubbenfluff: jumping right into the story instead of just reading it…

Claudia13 Rossini: it is pecious Path….people from all over.diff personalities..connecting

Liana Hubbenfluff: creating stories actually

Pathfinder Lester: 🙂

Liana Hubbenfluff: experiences I’ll remember the rest of my life

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Path is correct…as is Birdie. We are not in the “echo chamber” of mainstream media. Venues like VWER, in world and at Facebook, are very clever places to go

SiFan Shan: yes, perhaps exposing more of ourselves then we know

Liana Hubbenfluff: some not so good but most are amazing and so fun

Birdie Newcomb: I suppose that was my original question fo the group. What is our story?

Delightful Doowangle: yes, more memorable experiences

Birdie Newcomb: It’s more than an odyssey, it’s also a destination

Claudia13 Rossini: we are the pioneers in a new world Birdie

Delightful Doowangle: makes for a happier life

SiFan Shan: there is a freedom here … a lack of credentials that sucks us in … allows us to open up more then we normally would

Birdie Newcomb: world-building,, yest that too.

SiFan Shan: and that exposes more of ourselves

SiFan Shan: in some way … more real

Liana Hubbenfluff: @Birdie Well, I certainly learn from others here. Things I would not have learned by reading a book.

SiFan Shan: than rL

Cato Digital: does this mean that there are things that cant be found in RL we try to find in VWs

Koni Lanzius: exactly

Birdie Newcomb: I continue to learn here.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: @Claudia, folks felt that way about MOOs and MUDs once…I do hope this all evolves even further, because VWs do have the potential to change lives

Liana Hubbenfluff: biases of gender and age and race…more or less not here

Claudia13 Rossini: nope.they are just sometimes easier to find

Delightful Doowangle: @Cato absolutely

SiFan Shan: I think so Cato

Sam55 Chester: well the sense of community

Koni Lanzius: this is the point imo

Zotarah Shepherd: SOmetimes I relate conversations to states of play and find that a lot of ccomments are “parallel” and not as responsive to other people.

SiFan Shan: right Liana

Claudia13 Rossini: i think it will Iggy

PinkSamurai Fairlady: not necessarily can’t find.. I thik in SL you just find it easier , faster, more of it

Liana Hubbenfluff: @Cato definitely

Birdie Newcomb: Yes, Pink

Cato Digital: @pink then do you look for it in RL

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: @Liana, my students did find consistent intolerance (transferred “racism”?) against furries in SL

Merlin, Sifan Shan_001

SiFan Shan: yes Pink … but you also react more honestly I think … cuz of the freedom

Merlin Moonshadow: I think that’s the main thing that SL has done for me – it’s caused me to engage, to be creative, to be a doer again rather than just a consumer. Both inworld and out.

Claudia13 Rossini: in the end…this is just another medium to communicate with others in……kind of like living in a small village centuries ago

Liana Hubbenfluff: Well even in SL you can CHOOSE or not to go somewhere *cringes at imagining self at the nude SL beach

Birdie Newcomb: Good, Merlin.

SiFan Shan: oh Merlin … right on !!!

Liana Hubbenfluff: @Iggy ohhhh that’s true!!!

PinkSamurai Fairlady: yes I do .. I think I am looking f or the same things

Birdie Newcomb: There’s a nude beach here??

Claudia13 Rossini: lol

Koni Lanzius: ~** Ahahaha! **~

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Reminds me of what the Georgia Tech Breakthru guys said – that SL is a communication tool

Claudia13 Rossini: follow me Birdie

SiFan Shan: more than just another medium Claudia … but yes … this can be seen as an extension from mail to voice (phone) to VW

Profdan Netizen: @Claudia–small village, an effective, apt, metaphor.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: One Greek student hung out with other Greek speakers. When he went back in a black skin, he got abused because of his race.

Zotarah Shepherd: In some ways I have more freedom in SL to be more alive. Be heard Be creative Hear others ideas and experience their creations

Claudia13 Rossini: well look at us..super fast letter writing……

Merlin Moonshadow: /me agrees with Zotarah

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: but that was one case in 100…I do think SL lets us move past some of the “isms” of our world

SiFan Shan: agreed Iggy

PinkSamurai Fairlady: @Zotarah ; yes so more of what we look for , molto coloful with more people who share the same interests

SiFan Shan: or at least has the potential

Birdie Newcomb: and the one-to-many classroom setup

Grizzla Pixelmaid: I agree, Zo. And especially for disabled people, it gives them an opportunity to not be treated according to their disability.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I cannot imagine a town of 50,000 this cool, anywhere.

Liana Hubbenfluff: For me, sharing fun gives me such enjoyment. Making others set off their laughing gestures.

Birdie Newcomb: this is many-to-many, at least at this table

Koni Lanzius: 😉

SiFan Shan: whee … yes

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Shooting exploding taco guns

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Pokey-stick!

Claudia13 Rossini: dancing.which i do suck at in r/l

Grizzla Pixelmaid: 🙂

Profdan Netizen: Racing slugs.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Oh yes dancing

Liana Hubbenfluff: anyone see the cool Heart Hammer? It bongs hearts over people’s heads

Zotarah Shepherd: It reminds me of Social Psychology assignment to go out in public dressed as someone totally different than how we usually are. It gives a different perspective. Here is is easier to change but just as ponient a lesson.

RichMedia: So there is something to be had chatting here that is missing in a multiple videochat like Google Hangout, etc?

Liana Hubbenfluff: the creativity astounds and delights me

SiFan Shan: but again …. how much is this effecting our RL …… or ….. how much of our RL are we finding out cuz we are here ???

Liana Hubbenfluff: *love the slugs!

Delightful Doowangle: Racing slugs are unparalled

Claudia13 Rossini: the immersion Rich

Birdie Newcomb: sur shure

Grizzla Pixelmaid: /me has never used Google Hangout

Pathfinder Lester: RichMedia: a sense of place.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: @David, I don’t know why, but folks are more likely to participate with an avatar than in vid chat in groups

Pathfinder Lester: like phone conversations, things like Google Hangout and other communication tools happen “nowhere”. in a void.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: something about embodiment…any studies you know about?

AJ Brooks: I’ve spent the last hour mostly watching you amazing people thinking out loud, chatting, and I realize that one of the most profound ways my life has changed since getting into VWs was all of you!

Grizzla Pixelmaid: What is the thing about racing slugs? I must have missed a memo.

Profdan Netizen: @Path, no sense of place with phone/video chat.

Birdie Newcomb: tx AJ, u 2

Liana Hubbenfluff: Well the real me DOES come out sometimes; I see it reflected in friends who have known me here a long time

Claudia13 Rossini: we love you too AJ

Delightful Doowangle: Perhaps the thought of racing slugs

Liana Hubbenfluff: So being in SL is very much a mirror in some ways

Graham Mills: @Grizzla I thought it was snails

Liana Hubbenfluff: although I think I’m nicer in SL

Liana Hubbenfluff: lol

Pathfinder Lester: and to understand just how important a sense of “place” is to human experiences and memory and learning, just talk to any architect or urban planner. 😉

AJ Brooks: I have to take off – hugs to all, great topic next week too.

SiFan Shan: expand on that AJ ….

Claudia13 Rossini: SL is just an extension of so called r/l

Profdan Netizen: bye, AJ

SiFan Shan: oh ratso …. Aloha AJ !!!

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Bye AJ!

Liana Hubbenfluff: Everyone send a racing slug to Grizz later

Merlin Moonshadow: So long, AJ!

Sam55 Chester: bye Aj

PinkSamurai Fairlady: ㋡

Liana Hubbenfluff: thx AJ

JeanClaude Vollmar: Bye AJ

Cato Digital: later

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: tc AJ

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Someone please explain the slug thing to me!

Grizzla Pixelmaid: LOL

Zotarah Shepherd: Bye AJ

Sam55 Chester: you ride them and race them

Claudia13 Rossini: slugs Griz

JeanClaude Vollmar: I haven’t see the slugs either Grizzla.

Zotarah Shepherd: My Thesis Project is based in VWs and I never thought of myself as a Tech person in fact I was intimidated by it. Now I am an expert on some aspects. And changed my MA emphasis to Education Technology.

Pathfinder Lester:

Liana Hubbenfluff: Well my slug leaves a trail of smoke and clippity clops like a horse

Birdie Newcomb: what next?

Liana Hubbenfluff: oh good a URL link

Liana Hubbenfluff: lol

JeanClaude Vollmar: lol, thanks Path

Liana Hubbenfluff: NOTE: send slug to JeanClaude too

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Might as well race slugs in SL..the cars barely work 🙁

Zotarah Shepherd: Giant Snail races are fun to watch.

Liana Hubbenfluff: Nice Zotarah

SiFan Shan: Zotarah … so the VW changed your RL!

Zotarah Shepherd: Yes a lot

Claudia13 Rossini: lol should see a friend of mine on her super computer…her cars MOVE

Liana Hubbenfluff: or is it the skills you learned here too?

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Oh a plug for next week. I lead the happy workers in song on this topic “What did you take away from the VWBPE Conference this year?”

Claudia13 Rossini: no comment Iggy

Birdie Newcomb: a swag bag

SiFan Shan: giggles

Liana Hubbenfluff: Ooooh will have to read the notes on the VWBPE conference again…(it was good!)

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: @Claudia, it’s the sim-crossings, not the computer 🙁 LL needs to fix it

Grizzla Pixelmaid: I went to the space museum this afternoon and was disappointed I couldn’t drive the moon cars.

Birdie Newcomb: It was awesome this year

Claudia13 Rossini: even my av isn’t dumb enough to speak openly on that topic

Delightful Doowangle: Still processing VWBPE and tired from last night’s MOOC tour of Jokaydia

Graham Mills: I need to catchup on

Zotarah Shepherd: I used to just check email and for a time I was in a womens chat room, but now I am in SL about 8 hours a day and doing research online about VWs.

Sam55 Chester: I need to run all TC

Liana Hubbenfluff: oh nice

Zotarah Shepherd: Me too Graham

Claudia13 Rossini: i build now.which is a creative outlet…..since i’ve had to kind of give up on some others

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Folks, it’s that time – something:30, depending on where you are.

Graham Mills: bye Sam 🙂

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Thanks for coming!

Birdie Newcomb: That went quick

Cato Digital: later dudes and dude-ettes; cya next week

RichMedia: Thanks all, this has been very enlightening!

SiFan Shan: this was great

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: nice hour and nice job, Grizzla!

Liana Hubbenfluff: It was fun, folks! Thanks everyone!

SiFan Shan: glad to meet everyone

Merlin Moonshadow: Yes, I need to run back to RL. Thanks, everyone!

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: We are catching up on transcripts…come by the site!

Profdan Netizen: Thanks for the masterful moderation, Grizzla.

Claudia13 Rossini: take care Grizzy

Zotarah Shepherd: There was so much I wanted to see and hear at VWBPE. It would be nice if there were not so many things going on at one time

Birdie Newcomb: Thanks for moderating Grizzla, good session.

Delightful Doowangle: thanks Grizzla and everyone

Zotarah Shepherd: Thank you for moderating Grizz

Grizzla Pixelmaid: You too, Claudi-eeee

Pathfinder Lester: take care folks

JeanClaude Vollmar: Oooh, Gotta go too. See you all next week if not before.

Frankie Antonelli: Great session Grizzla, thanks for facilitating

Frankie Antonelli: bye all

cyber Placebo: darn I missed the meeting, an hour too early…

SiFan Shan: everyone have a great day/night …. aloha everyone

Grizzla Pixelmaid: It was fun! Many thanks to Birdie for a great topic that kept everybody talking.

Liana Hubbenfluff: aw cyber…I’ve done that!

JeanClaude Vollmar: Bye everyone.

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