May 10, 2012: What do you plan to do on your summer (or winter) vacation?

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VWER 10th may 2012

Transcript of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable May 10, 2012

Topic: β€œWhat do you plan to do on your summer (or winter) vacation?”

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Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Hello everyone and welcome to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable! Our topic today is β€œWhat do you plan to do on your summer (or winter) vacation?”

Sheila Yoshikawa: it was a nice hat though

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: This is a public meeting in TEXT CHAT, so we will be keeping and publishing a transcript of what is said. If you’ve not seen our transcripts, you should check them out – they are an excellent information asset.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: I’m Joe Essid, Writing Center Director at the University of Richmond. I’ve just finished a semester with students using immersive literary build based on Poe’s “Fall of the House of Usher” in Jokaydia Grid and in SL,

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Thanks to the goodwill of Kali Pizzaro and Glasgow Caledonian University.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: A bit about this group, if you are new to VWER:

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: The VWER meets each Thursday at 11:30am SLT for an hour and is a forum to educate and inform the community about issues that are important and relevant to education.

Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Our group has met every week for over three years and we get a wide variety of educators, from seasoned veterans to the newly rezzed.

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Ignatius Onomatopoeia: Now, let’s begin as we always do, and introduce ourselves.

Claudia13 Rossini: Claudia in all worlds..builder

Sheila Yoshikawa: I’m from the iSchool at the University of Sheffield, and Infolit iSchool

Bill Friis: Bill Freese, Department of Education, Montana State University-Bozeman

Zotarah Shepherd: I am working on an MA in Education Technology at Sonoma State University in northern California. I finished all my classes. My Thesis project: Teaching and Learning Life Awareness & Success Skills in Virtual Worlds.

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Chris Robinson, Georgia Gwinnett College – and part-time crash test dummy

Kali Pizzaro: Evelyn McElhinney RN, Lecturer, PhD student, VWER officer – eggit at Glasgow Caledonian Scotland

Kali Pizzaro: ejjit

Kali Pizzaro: or whatever way ye spell it

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): LOL Kali

Rk Jinn: Rick Anderson, Virtual Worlds Rutgers University

Sheila Yoshikawa: lol

Claudia13 Rossini: (thought she was a waffle for a moment)

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Other intros? Anyone here for the first time ever? I think I recognize everyone today!

David Stack (richmedia): David Stack, UW-Milwaukee

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Good to see you again, David, Rk

Kali Pizzaro: Hi Rich welcome

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): I don’t think I’ve met Suzanne before

Suzanne Steamweaver: Sorry eating breakfast here πŸ™‚

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Grizzla has a great new habit of getting our newcomers to type first…can I put you on the spot, Suzanne? What brought you to VWER?

Bill Friis: On lunch break, here.

Suzanne Steamweaver: Kathleen Watkins, San Francisco. I’m a student at San Francisco State University

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Sorry Suzanne, didn’t mean to put you on the spot.

Kali Pizzaro: fab

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): πŸ™‚

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): welcome

Claudia13 Rossini: welcome to VWER

Kali Pizzaro: subject?

Kali Pizzaro: suzanne

Kali Pizzaro: πŸ˜‰

Suzanne Steamweaver: I’m an Anthropology student.

Bill Friis: Does she had to stand on the table while she answers?

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Our topic is “What will YOU do in Virtual Worlds this summer (or winter)?”

Kali Pizzaro: excellent

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Not yet. I usually fall under the table by the end of the meeting anyway

Suzanne Steamweaver: Long time SL resident. Been following the work of educators in sl for years. Want to study anthro and virtual worlds.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): So how many of you will try something new this summer with a virtual world? If so, state it briefly?

Kali Pizzaro: hopefully starting about 4 -5 new projects

Kali Pizzaro: health related

Esparanza Freese: Im coordinating a new wind energy education project for the US Dept. of State and 4 universities from USA and Caribbean

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): 4-5? WOW

Bill Friis: Got myself a Kitely account. Playing with building a world there. Hoping to develop some teaching tools.

Sheila Yoshikawa: I thought I should get to know minecraft a bit more, I took out a premium membership for the vwbpe tour and I think I should get some value out of it and get to know a different type of world

Kali Pizzaro: we shall see..

Kali Pizzaro: excellent Sheila

Claudia13 Rossini: will be helping Kali, making her a new hospital

Kali Pizzaro: bows

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I’m re-doing some of the Usher story-line for both SL and Jokaydia Grid to tie it more closely to analysis of Poe’s text…got tapped to teach with it again in fall

Kali Pizzaro: Es that sounds fab is it in SL

VWER 10th may 2012

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Working with our IT faculty, who intend to do 2 weeks in SL this fall in a gen ed Web Technologies course

Sheila Yoshikawa: yes Esperanza that sounds cool

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): We are a busy bunch!

Claudia13 Rossini: (may be helping Iggy with some builds)

Esparanza Freese: yes, its here in SL for now

Kali Pizzaro: coughs

Kali Pizzaro: fab

Kali Pizzaro: the cough was a Claudia

Kali Pizzaro: πŸ˜‰

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Esperanza, will you be building models here in SL? Doing simulations?

Esparanza Freese: yes, and its a graduate course

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): If anyone has any links to projects sites in SL or on the Web, just drop them into the transcript

Esparanza Freese: we are not open to the public yet, but will be soon

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): So everyone here is either full-time as a student or as an employee? I’m asking because I was wondering if any of you, like me, designate a summer project for your department.

Claudia13 Rossini: except me Iggy

Frankie Antonelli: @Esperanza, looking forward to when you are open to the public so that I can share w/some of our faculty & students

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Yes, me too

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Mine in 2009 was building Usher in SL. This summer it was to have been evaluating e-readers for iPad (then my teaching got switched)

Esparanza Freese: @ Frankie, absolutely

Bill Friis: Full time employee, but this kind of thing is no longer in my job description, so I am only hobbying.

Esparanza Freese: Im an independent contractor for VW projects

Sheila Yoshikawa: over teh summer we supervise our Masters students’ dissertations, they have to do them between may and September and supervise 10 each, but that is it for teaching apart from PhDs, other than teaching prep

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): So I heard “Kitely” around the table, and Jokaydia Grid. Other virtual worlds represented?

Sheila Yoshikawa: but we’ll be having some events on Infolit iSchool as usual

Esparanza Freese: IWZ, OSG

Frankie Antonelli: @Esperanza, thanks is there a site I can visit to keep an eye on progress of the project?

Esparanza Freese: no not yet, Frankie

Frankie Antonelli: @Esp, k

Esparanza Freese: they are slow to dole out the funds

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Anyone got any new colleagues coming in-world?

Esparanza Freese: yes, several

Esparanza Freese: for my project

Sheila Yoshikawa: excellent

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I may have one from Economics…he realized how important SL is for what he studies.

Bill Friis: Cool.

Marc Rexen: Why is SL important for economics if I can ask.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Esperanza, what disciplines represented?

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Me too, several

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Marc, we have the best example of a working virtual economy, from SL’s inception.

Kali Pizzaro: all the folk i would bring would be new

Esparanza Freese: em. environmental policy, engineering, and em more,

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I could never figure out why economists focused on WoW instead, except for the larger population of users.

Esparanza Freese: brain fade

Marc Rexen: Agreed.

Kali Pizzaro: if one project takes off it would be about 500 students groups of 20


Sheila Yoshikawa: as part of trying to get together the rental for next year, I may be having a push at people here

Marc Rexen: SL shows what micro-payments can do.

Sheila Yoshikawa: awesome Kali!

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): You’re going to push us, Sheila? πŸ˜‰

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I think my colleague is also interested in Linden Lab’s monetary policy…how they maintain the exchange rate on the Linden Dollar

Bill Friis: And some may fall.

Sheila Yoshikawa: sorry, I meant people at Sheffield Uni!

Sheila Yoshikawa: lol

Sheila Yoshikawa: not here in VWER

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): πŸ™‚

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): @Sheila, you have one of the best know writing centres in the UK. Do you know if any of them are involved in SL?

Sheila Yoshikawa: um, we do?

Kali Pizzaro: lol

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): About econ – is it true that lindens are registered with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission?

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): /me nods “send your students over ” πŸ˜›

Sheila Yoshikawa: is that the English dept?

Sheila Yoshikawa: I know a couple of people there

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I think your Writing Centre is more part of language and ESL instruction

Sheila Yoshikawa: English Language Teaching Centre?

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): that’s it!

Marc Rexen: The French have been coming in quite strong.

Marc Rexen: Bumped into their push quite by nice accident.

Sheila Yoshikawa: they do classes for our international students, I’m ashamed to say that’s mainly how I think of them….

Marc Rexen: Language instruction, outreach.

Sheila Yoshikawa: hmmm, interesting, I’ll talk to my colleague who liaises with them

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Let me ask a question about timing…how much can one get done with the slower pace of the semester break? I usually can, for instance, draft one article or redo a build or explore one new technology.

Esparanza Freese: I dont have semester breaks – I work year round – lol

Bill Friis: ditto

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): also

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): We just had our commencement ceremony and the summer is flying. Yes, I work 12 month but the pace changes. I don’t teach in summer sessions.

Kali Pizzaro: i dont either a s blended learning co-ordinator for the dept a module that does not finish until mid July and a Phd !

Bill Friis: Summer flying? It is snowing in Bozeman today.

Kali Pizzaro: lol

Sheila Yoshikawa: theoretically the summer is when there ought to be more time for doing things, but increasingly it gets eaten up, also we don’t have a “summer break” as such, we have some many weeks holiday through the year and schedule them in,

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Snow? We had 90+ degree days already in VA. But it’s perfect weather now.

Sheila Yoshikawa: yes so pretty much the same

Kali Pizzaro: but pre reg nursing (pre qualifying work 3 semesters

Sheila Yoshikawa: ;-(

Esparanza Freese: its a nice Spring day in Florida

Kali Pizzaro: yep Sheila

Sheila Yoshikawa: rainy rainy here and has been winter coat weather

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): It leads to a larger Q then…when do we do our serious work with virtual worlds? If I did not have summer I’d have never done Usher.

Bill Friis: Yup. In “spare time”.

Esparanza Freese: I explore new technology in between projects

Esparanza Freese: trying sim on stick currently


Sheila Yoshikawa: /me thinks whether she does serious work with virtual worlds

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I think I may have hit upon the reason we don’t publish and present more…the one that AJ brought up a while back. We don’t have large blocks of time!

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Esperanaz, how is that technology working out for you?

Bill Friis: It’s all about priorities. And my pro-SL dean is retiring.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): *Esperanza

Esparanza Freese: Im still trying to figure it out – havent had much time

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): …and the time that faculty members have for prepping to publish/present, needs to be for what helps them at their institutions

Esparanza Freese: call my Espie

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Call me Iggy…I love display names now

Kali Pizzaro: you kow why do we make it an issue – i know that it takes time to build but we are meant to be trying to improve our modules and the student experience so why should it matter what the medium is. if we want to improve sometimes that includes learning new tech and we should try to build evaluation into thatwhich could produce a conf paper or publication

Kali Pizzaro: i know that is easier said than done but….

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Well, Kali, it does matter.

Kali Pizzaro: i agree

Kali Pizzaro: but why should it if you were using blogs and wikia

Kali Pizzaro: wikis you would need

Kali Pizzaro: to learn how to use them and why you wanted to

Sheila Yoshikawa: that goes for all innovation in teaching, Kali – or all teaching? (I mean evaluuating/reflecting?)

Kali Pizzaro: indeed

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I just got a student eval that read “why did he even mention SL in the class? It was about writing.” I’ll get hit for that one remark.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): So I stick to what I get evaluated for now.

Kali Pizzaro: but hey students dont want to come in at 9am so…. do we never havea class at 9am

Sheila Yoshikawa: ;-(

Sheila Yoshikawa: actually, kali…..

Kali Pizzaro: sorry lol

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): If the course merits VW engagement, as will my next one, we’ll focus on it. But many students are not very curious outside their field.

Kali Pizzaro: i am playing devils advocate

Kali Pizzaro: heheheheh

Kali Pizzaro: sorry

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Are there students saying positive things about SL to counteract the other student’s comment, Iggy?

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): /me hands Kali a pitchfork and set of horns

Sheila Yoshikawa: we did have one class with dreadful attendance, think I’ve told this anecdote before, when we asked them why, it was simple, a 9am start after a popular clubbing night

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): /me searches inventory for halo…

Esparanza Freese: so sorry, I must dash out

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Glad you could come!

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): No…it was odd. We did one reading that mentioned SL in writing centers and read two short blog posts by me stating why SL does not fit writing tutoring.

Bill Friis: Adios, Espe

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): thanks for coming Espie!

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Now in my last lit class, the students praised the work in Jokaydia Grid as an alternative final exam

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): So they didn’t go into SL at all but one complained about it as a topic for a small part of reading?

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): but if you don’t link the VW to course content and goals, US students appear to go mad and say “he’s digressing”

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): @Grizzla..yes

Bill Friis: Much chat at our department meeting about students not curious about anything beyond bare requirements.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): @Bill, I’m at a liberal-arts uni that focuses on intellectual engagement. Even one eval like that can knock the wind out of you.

Marc Rexen: Students are getting fatigued on “new.”

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): That may be it, Marc.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): So how to bring in the “new” at all?

Bill Friis: Could well be.

Marc Rexen: They like it when course after course is “the same.”

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): It just doesn’t seem right to knock a prof down for trying something innovative that one student complains about.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Depends on the school. Ours want a good education but don’t want too much work.

Bill Friis: That sounds universal.

Marc Rexen: Everyone gets a “so much new per year” quota and the greater Internet and phones are soaking it up.

Rk Jinn: My students started out being unsure what to expect. One had never played a video game before.

Sheila Yoshikawa: it’s challenging to me to keep the requisite element of challenge whilst supporting students with things they genuinely have difficulty with plus dealing with people who don’t see challenge as a necessary element

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): My rule is “one new tech and no more” in a given class.

Kali Pizzaro: i think you use what is best

Sheila Yoshikawa: @Iggy yes I think that that does make sense, unless it’s a class with a rationale for new tech obviously

Kali Pizzaro: whether that is blended or not

Marc Rexen: If each prof does that Iggy, then it’s 4-5 per semester for the students.

Rk Jinn: I had issues because originally I had Second Life viewer for SL, and Imprudence for OpenSIm

Rk Jinn: Next time I’ll be trying Firestorm for both.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): So if we’d gotten the mobile computing grant, I’d not have used SL or OpenSIm for even one assignment. I don’t know about international students, but US Millennnials get easily confused when it’s past texting.

Marc Rexen: It’s why I agree with the Instructional Designers that “most of the LMS” should be routine, what they learn should be the variable.

Bill Friis: I am switching between Imprudence and SL in Kitely. Firestorm gave me audio problems.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Cool, Rk. Anyone going to try out a new viewer or VW technology in the next few months?

Kali Pizzaro: how is kitley never tied yet

Kali Pizzaro: tried

Bill Friis: Pretty easy, really.

Rk Jinn: I’m hoping to find a new favorite. I’ll be compiling my own flavor of Firestorm.

Kali Pizzaro: so many VWs so little time – sigh

Sheila Yoshikawa: a friend of mine lost inventory when she switched to firestorm

Marc Rexen: I hope not, Firestorm is working well and I’m not crashing — I, like the students, get tired of always “trying new.”

David Stack (richmedia): As someone who’s not in a classroom, this discussion is incredibly valuable for me.

Kali Pizzaro: great

Rk Jinn: Right now the viewer situation for OpenSim is really tough

Bill Friis: Free world if you can restrict yourself to two hours a month. I could not, of course.

Rk Jinn: Imprudence is old and buggy

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I agree, Rk. We need another one that supports import/export

Marc Rexen: Yeah, they focused on Hippo. πŸ™‚

Kali Pizzaro: Suzanne do you use VWs in your clas

Kali Pizzaro: classes

Kali Pizzaro: ?


Suzanne Steamweaver: just got accounts at Kitely, Opensim, and Jokaydia. Kitely is very easy to try out. You can get an account with your own land and a few hours of time and then add time as you need Easiest way to get started if you want to build.

Rk Jinn: Exactly, export/import is so important

Sheila Yoshikawa: it’s interesting, are you familiar with the “Horizon” report that forecasts trends – it seems like a different story in terms of what we experience in the classroom, compared to the experts’ forecasts of whizzy tech developments

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I thought that there was another viewer with it, aside from Imprudence

Sheila Yoshikawa: that seem to position students as gagging for more tech stuff

Birdie Newcomb: Meerkat?

Marc Rexen: Haven’t tried Firestorm with others, but they have the breakout for the specifics.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Take Horizon with a grain of salt…I think students are overloaded with their personal use of tech

Bill Friis: Students love new tech, but for social communication.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): right…they are astute at seeing other tech as “more work”

Suzanne Steamweaver: I’m a returning (old) student, picking up at my junior year this fall. I’ve been taking a few classes at city college and virtual worlds were not mentioned even once.

David Stack (richmedia): My friends attended a K-12 “grandparents day.” Were impressed with all the glitzy classroom tech. I told them their kids probably wouldn’t see it again in college.

Marc Rexen: Yes, the French seem to be approaching it right, making it very social, nice sim, music, events, a reason to visit.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): which is why in my theory course, they do multimedia projects with their names on them..things we use in our program later. It leaves something for employers to see

Kali Pizzaro: i think like any tech think why you want to use and bring or create a new pedagogy

Suzanne Steamweaver: I wonder if web-based viewers for virtual worlds will make it more accessible to college students? I think so.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): @Suzanne, there’s a reason for that…we are in a niche, not a mainstream technology. Gartner gives us 5-10 years before public virtual worlds go mainstream. I think that optimistic.

Kali Pizzaro: i use a number to guide me but mostly social constructivism so this is ideal for scenarios pBL that is why health use VWs so much

Marc Rexen: Probably Suzanne, the test the Lindens did was pretty good.

Suzanne Steamweaver: I think it’s more like 1 year if someone builds a killer app for web-based virtual world viewer.

Bill Friis: /me carves Iggys prediction in stone for later reference.

Kali Pizzaro: yeah that would be great

Marc Rexen: Has to be a reason for folks to want to come in, even if it’s easy.

Kali Pizzaro: yep agree Marc

Kali Pizzaro: same for any class

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Write it in sand, Bill, near the high-water line on the beach.

Frankie Antonelli: sorry to have to leave early, I have to go back to RL, a great evening to all

Kali Pizzaro: cheer Frankie

Kali Pizzaro: so who is writing a paper this summer then Iggy?

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I got pinged by some readers when I noted that mobile is not just a fad today.

Bill Friis: Adios

Kali Pizzaro: lol

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I am trying an idea with a colleague for a book proposal on voice and style in online communities

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): but it’s a ways off

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): John Lester keeps saying the publications are coming on this technology. I hope so!

Suzanne Steamweaver: Just noticing that there needs to be a technology to help people collaborate on papers. Y’all are so busy.


Sheila Yoshikawa: I have finally got round to doing some more grounded analysis on the interview transcripts about info behaviour in Second Life, because the pressure is on to get off some research articles. Something might come out of that … I mean it could lead to a project proposal

Suzanne Steamweaver: <– see technology as the answer to most of life’s probelms. lol

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Hi Graham!

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): @Suzanne, Fran and I drafted our last article using Google Docs…worked great

Graham Mills: sorry, late as usual πŸ™‚

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Hey Graham

Bill Friis: /me loves Google Docs.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Here’s food for thought this summer. Anyone read Sherry Turkle’s book Alone Together?

Kali Pizzaro: Graham hi

Kali Pizzaro: yes

Kali Pizzaro: Iggy

Suzanne Steamweaver: Yeah, Google docs is great. Now there is a technology I am seeing students use.

Kali Pizzaro: i still sing blended

Sheila Yoshikawa: I’ve tried c-authoring with a couple of people using Google docs, and ended up reverting to emailing each other stuff again, it seems to have worked better when there was more than 2 people involved

Kali Pizzaro: πŸ˜‰

Kali Pizzaro: yeah i tried it and was ok

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): There’s a tread there about a backlash to all this “shallow” community. I’ve yet to see it, but I’ve reading about it in other places too.

Kali Pizzaro: but a wee bit of a pain at time

Kali Pizzaro: yeah Iggy i wonder if it her trying to balance her past work

Sheila Yoshikawa: catching up – @Iggy no, I have read more critiques of her work lkately, sort of made me think i needn’t bother

Bill Friis: I use Google Docs while writing solo. Just seems to work well for me.

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): /me just had sample of it sent to kindle…

Kali Pizzaro: i think she makes some valid points but

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I think she’s spot on correct about the shallowness of social networking, and the chapter about SL is good for novices. But I like it that she’s critical of our over-reliance.

Birdie Newcomb: Are we alone together?

David Stack (richmedia): Google Docs is a good place to put my “personal” stuff so it doesn’t accidentally wind up on the hard drive of my Univ. computer.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Increasingly, yes, Birdie. Ever see a crowd of kids eating out, all texting other folks not present?

Kali Pizzaro: some of it is a bit– i am thinking – you know some of these families are disfunctional and if it was not the phone it might be the tv or something else

Sheila Yoshikawa: I mean you can say that about physical togetherness, there’s whole literatures about people being together but alone in RL

Kali Pizzaro: good point Rich

Birdie Newcomb: Or across the table

Bill Friis: And yet we are right her with you, Birdie.

Birdie Newcomb: Isn’t that like passing notes in class?

Kali Pizzaro: πŸ™‚

Sheila Yoshikawa: (I meant that seems to have been a theme in western literature for some time)

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I’d argue that mindfulness requires being aware of one’s surroundings. I see that texting and think “a good meal, forgotten.” But I’m a foodie, too

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): So I’ve been thinking of Turkle and Sven Birkerts and other critics of networked life.

Bill Friis: Food in SL. That will be the breakthrough tech.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Less Filling! No Taste!

Birdie Newcomb: I can smell it now…

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): LOL Bill

Graham Mills: 3d food printer — i give it 2 years

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): /me agrees w Sheila; it isn’t a new topic

Marc Rexen: If you don’t buy it, the Meeroos get sad and die. πŸ™‚

Sheila Yoshikawa: and the kittycats

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): We are down to our last 10 minutes

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): So…questions not posed yet?

Marc Rexen: Amazing, simply amazing, genetic training going on vicariously through the virtual pets.

Marc Rexen: These folks are reading scholarly articles to figure out how to get blah blah and have a special one.

Marc Rexen: Best non-science, science project in SL.

Graham Mills: there is an opensource version — toyed with trying to fix it for a local school

Sheila Yoshikawa: lol I’m afraid I just bought mine in kitty boxes ready to hatch

Suzanne Steamweaver: I think that people are looking for a place to be comfortable and loved like they always have. Today that place is a disembodied state that involves text messages and facebook and sometimes the physical environment. That’s why I think virtual worlds will play even more of a role in the future.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Would be fun to get students to explore what having a virtual pet does for them πŸ™‚

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): @Suzanne, I’d like to know what will make VWs go mainstream as facebook or texting have gone mainstream.

Rk Jinn: That would be intersting

Sheila Yoshikawa: just as a slight non-sequitur, at the moment I’m trying to work out why I dion’t find twitter fun (and don’t think I ever will) and how I can explain that to people who seem convinced that everyone must find twitter fun

Sheila Yoshikawa: i find it useful but not fun

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Twitter can be funny, but it’s not fun

Sheila Yoshikawa: whereas learning generics via kittycats is fun fun fun

Kali Pizzaro: i think that not everyone is going to like the same things also i use facebook differently that i use twitter or VWs

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Facebook is not fun either

Sheila Yoshikawa: genetics

Marc Rexen: Being “known” in FB and Google+ is something that will continue to drive the need for “being somewhat anonymous.”

Bill Friis: /me can go to twitter, but not stay.

Suzanne Steamweaver: The virtual pet thing is fascinating. I personally have several in my inventory. None of them require feeding, however, which is to me a commodification of people’s natural urge to have a companion.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Playing Mass Effect for me is fun

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): but it’s not useful as FB or Twitter are useful

Kali Pizzaro: and we had them years ago as turkle says tamagochi

Kali Pizzaro: lol

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): I find FB fun, I confess

Sheila Yoshikawa: ooo facebook is a BIT fun, but only because I have a couple of made friends who post amusing things on their walls

Birdie Newcomb: Do you have to clean up after them?

Sheila Yoshikawa: mad friends

Sheila Yoshikawa: lol

Kali Pizzaro: is it maybe something about being social beings

Kali Pizzaro: mmmmmm

Sheila Yoshikawa: I like the randomness of the kittycats


Zotarah Shepherd: I have had a virtual cat “Bliss” for years in SL and still enjoy that she is there and even purrs when I pet her. hehe

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): We have changed as a civilization when a couple in the same house have a fight—on Facebook

Suzanne Steamweaver: Iggy, I think virtual worlds will go viral like facebook when they are dead easy to assess and there is a killer app (or cultural hook) that makes people want to be a part of them.

Sheila Yoshikawa: the way they wander round and sometimes refuse to wake up

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): That happened recently to a couple we know

Sheila Yoshikawa: lol Iggy

Kali Pizzaro: did anyone see the in facebook vw

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): I compare FB to the 1950s 1960s office water cooler. Good for a break, catch up on people’s news & jokes.

Kali Pizzaro: as in embeded as a post

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I agree, Suzanne. But ease and killer app are missing now in VWs

David Stack (richmedia): Agrees with Suzanne. Wonder what Steve Jobs would have done if he had gotten into VWs.

Marc Rexen: Yes, FB is the first “social interface” many have encountered — you always love your first.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): @Grizzla…exactly but you can connect to old RL friends too. I know everyone IRL on FB except a few SL contacts

Zotarah Shepherd: I hardly ever use FB or Twitter

Sheila Yoshikawa: the Kzero stats on virtual world used bty tens go up and up

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): We’ll see if they stay, Sheila. My students report “giving up gaming” for college

Sheila Yoshikawa: @Iggy me too, whereas I have MADE friends in SL

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Exactly, Iggy.

Zotarah Shepherd: Yes

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): They have a RL social scene that rivals anything in SL…and FB is an enabler of it…killer app!

David Stack (richmedia): We’ve studied student behavior in our computer labs and find very little gaming.

Bill Friis: Those who game all day will have to give it up for college.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): @David, why is that?

Graham Mills: and here’s me writing an ARG…

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I’d love to hear the answer before we break for the week

David Stack (richmedia): Not sure. We were surprised. There are quick browser games as distractions between real work, but almost no use of immersive games.

Zotarah Shepherd: ARGs are interesting

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): And Next week, Kali will lead the happy VWERers in song

Bill Friis: lalala

Suzanne Steamweaver: There are a few corporations pushing web-based interface to personal worlds right now, just as they pushed SL-based training – to save money and travel time. I think one is Antydyn, something like that. Has government and big corporate clients.

Sheila Yoshikawa: I wonder if they see it as a right of passage thing, giving up childish things like gaming, association of sad-nerd-stay-at-home?

Graham Mills: Altadyn?

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): @David, so “serious” gaming is done but NOT in public?

Graham Mills: There’s a lot of Minecraft

Suzanne Steamweaver: Yes, Graham.

David Stack (richmedia): Not sure if they have given up gaming altogether, or just don’t do it in labs. I’d have to check the survey stats.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Well, we should talk more about that!

Sheila Yoshikawa: so defo worth me finding out more about minecraft over the summer!

Suzanne Steamweaver: Getting a college degree is a challenging game in itself.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Thank you all for being here today…. and yes, I want to hear more about Minecraft here soon!

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): I suspect they would choose to do gaming in the comforts of home instead of in a lab. I would.

Kali Pizzaro:

Sheila Yoshikawa: i created a world and stumbled about a bit but so far have failed in my first task of chopping down a tree

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I’d prefer planting them πŸ™‚

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Everyone have a great week! See you next Thursday!

David Stack (richmedia): 36% of students report playing games online, but we don’t see that much use in the labs, so must be somewhere, sometime else.

Kali Pizzaro:

Sheila Yoshikawa: yeah, i think i planted a few things too by mistake

Marc Rexen: Thank you Iggy.

Sheila Yoshikawa: it all seemed a bit too like lego

Kali Pizzaro: ah this is what i meant

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Thanks David, for that stat

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Kali will announce out next topic…on Facebook πŸ˜›

Sheila Yoshikawa: lol

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): take care all!

Suzanne Steamweaver: Yes, Kali, that’s what I was talking about. Personally I think it’s the future

Graham Mills: thx Iggy

Kali Pizzaro: ha yeah


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