Nov. 29, 2012: Open Forum

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VWER 11-29-2012

Transcript of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable November 29, 2012

Topic: Open Forum

Photos by Wren. Join our VWER groups at Flickr and Koinup to add your own pictures!

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Hi everyone and welcome to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable!

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Here’s a little general info about VWER meetings:

Grizzla Pixelmaid: This is a forum to educate and inform about virtual worlds issues that are important and relevant to education.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Each week we get a wide variety of educators, from seasoned veterans to the newly-rezzed.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: We meet every Thursday, here on the virtual campus of Bowling Green State University, from 11:30-12:30 pm SLT (Second Life Time, which is the same as U.S. Pacific time).

Grizzla Pixelmaid: We’ve met every week since March 2008.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Roundtable discussions are held in TEXT chat, not voice chat.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: If youΓ’ are new, be aware that the text chat can run pretty quickly. Don’t worry if it takes you awhile to get used to two or three conversations going on simultaneously.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Good contributions sometimes go unnoticed when chat is racing.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: If you make a comment or ask a question that isn’t acknowledged, don’t be shy to say the same thing again

Grizzla Pixelmaid: …or IM me and I’ll find a break so I can make sure your important question/comment is addressed.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: This is a public meeting, so we keep and publish a transcript of what is said in local chat.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Transcripts from all previous meetings are at our website: – select the LIBRARY tab at the top.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: We like to include meeting photos in the published transcript, so please take pix today and post them to the VWER groups on either Flickr or Koinup.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Check out the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable group in Second Life and our group on Facebook:

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Follow us on Twitter @VWER:

Grizzla Pixelmaid: When you blog or tweet, please remember to include the hashtag #VWER.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: OK, that’s it for the general announcements

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Today’s meeting is an Open Forum, so we’re free to ask any questions and make any comments related to virtual worlds and education,

Grizzla Pixelmaid: altho’ I’ll usually gently attempt to keep us on one topic at a time. πŸ™‚

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Now we like to begin by introducing ourselves, and if this is your first time here, please say so, so we can take good care of you.

Grizzla Pixelmaid: Everyone can type at once!

Grizzla Pixelmaid: I’m Chris Robinson, “Virtual Assistant” in the Office of Educational Technology for Georgia Gwinnett College in metro Atlanta.

Claudia13 Rossini: Claudia – builder on a longgggggg break

Zotarah Shepherd: I am working on an MA in Education Technology at Sonoma State University in northern California. I finished all my classes. My Thesis project: Teaching and Learning Life Awareness & Success Skills in Virtual Worlds.

Birdie Newcomb: Birdie Newborn, entrepreneur

Wrenaria Antiesse: is Kimmy Hescock, social and immersive media manager at Oregon State University

Beth Ghostraven: Beth O’Connell, middle school librarian, Virginia, US; resident of Victoria City in SL

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): is Joe Essid, University of Richmond Writing Center. Teaching next semester again with SL for a final project in my first-year seminar

Shailey Garfield: Shailey, The Open University, UK

David Stack (richmedia): Sorry to be late! If this is introduction time, I’m David Stack, Deputy CIO, UW-Milwaukee.

Kimmer Jameson: Kimberly Flack, Assoc. General Mgr – Education, KAET – PBS affiliate across state of Arizona

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Welcome, David! never a need to apologize for coming late or leaving early.

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Someone’s mic is on – please turn off

David Stack (richmedia): Thx

Claudia13 Rossini: PBS…as in THE PBS?

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Yes, esp. when Iggy gets the notices out late.

Kimmer Jameson: yes – public broadcasting — also an educator

Claudia13 Rossini: oh cool

Kimmer Jameson: πŸ™‚ ty

Claudia13 Rossini: (unless she plans a beg-a-thon)

Kimmer Jameson: nooooo

Claudia13 Rossini: laughs

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): My annual check to public broadcasting is in the mail…really. I’m a happy member of our local NPR and PBS affiliates:)

David Stack (richmedia): I gave at the office

Claudia13 Rossini: LOL Rich

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): grins

Claudia13 Rossini: hey Kali, hugs

Kali Pizzaro: Hi Folks

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Well… let’s see… has everyone introduced themselves?

Kali Pizzaro: sorry am late

Zotarah Shepherd: Hi Kali

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Howdy Kali

Kali Pizzaro: so what we talking about πŸ™‚

Zotarah Shepherd: We just did Introductions

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): We just finished introductions – so I was about to ask what burning issues we need to discuss

Kali Pizzaro: david you got your mic open

David Stack (richmedia): Sory, tidn’t realize it was me!

Kali Pizzaro: πŸ™‚

Beth Ghostraven: Andy Wheelock, AKA Spiff

Beth Ghostraven: I’ll start over

Claudia13 Rossini: ok, 30 lashes with a candy cane

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): hold on Claudia

David Stack (richmedia): Guess mic was left on from the EDUCAUSE VW meeting.

Christmas Poking Stick (all copy): Poking stick activated. Type ‘not me’ to release controls

Christmas Poking Stick (all copy): Right Click to Brat

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): I will ask whether anybody has some super-secret fix for ghost avs – other than the usual ones – rebake textures, character tests, change av shape, etc.

Christmas Poking Stick (all copy): Where’s my present?!

Claudia13 Rossini: lol

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I’ll save that for the holiday party

VWER 11-29-2012

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Iggy, behave yourself – or I’ll get out my exploding taco gun again

Birdie Newcomb: Not sure what I did, or didn’t do — for weeks I could wear clothes but my body wasn’t visible

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): will do, Grizzla. Seriously, did many students have that problem this week?

Claudia13 Rossini: Griz really does need help with cloud av’s though

Beth Ghostraven: Grizz, another friend is having trouble, traced it so far to a group she’s in

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Yes! Yesterday more than half our students ghosted, and took forever to rez. Not a good early SL experience for them.

Birdie Newcomb: this is new?

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): This has happened a lot in SL recently. Did you have them Ruth?

Beth Ghostraven: Although I’m not sure what you mean by “ghosted”

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Yep, new.

Claudia13 Rossini: cloud av’s Beth

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): The av shows up as a puff of smoke – a cloud – a ghost. No av shape, clothes

Claudia13 Rossini: I gave her all the help i knew

Beth Ghostraven: Is the person actually logged in at the time?

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Yes

Birdie Newcomb: not just slow in rezzing?

David Stack (richmedia): Took me longer than usual to rez for this meeting, but I’m running an underpowered MacBook Air for this kind of work.

Beth Ghostraven: The whole system was running maintenance yesterday afternoon

Claudia13 Rossini: i’m worried it may be a viewer related issue….

Birdie Newcomb: or maybe it’s the new “ruthing”

Kali Pizzaro: was this in V3

Kali Pizzaro: even

Beth Ghostraven: “ruthing”?

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): We had the same group of students logged in on Monday, same time, and had no trouble. Yesterday, more than half of them showed up as clouds, and I don’t even know if my efforts fixed them, or if it just took them forever to rez.

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Ruth=old default avatar for everyone. You can re-rezz as her to fix issues

Birdie Newcomb: being ruthed — back to a basic generic shape

Beth Ghostraven: ok

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): I don’t think it’s viewer, Claudia, because today I logged into several of those accounts using both the SL viewer and Firestorm. Same thing, either way.

Beth Ghostraven: If it was just yesterday it could have been a grid-wide issue w/ the maintenance

Kimmer Jameson: the viewer uninstalled with some updates on windows XP on my home laptop the other nite

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): we have all this SL Lore, after only a few years! Worth a book one day (grins in a venal way)

Claudia13 Rossini: lol

Beth Ghostraven: Andy Wheelock, AKA Spiff Whitfield, got a 3-year grant for his Anne Frank MOOC project

Claudia13 Rossini: if it’s not viewer, then i bet it’s the SL update….if i remember you were fine in the morning, but the afternoon went nuts

Kali Pizzaro: Beth that is what i was thinking new viewer 3 was released yeasterday i think

Kali Pizzaro: oops spelling

Kali Pizzaro: Anne Frank MOOC mmm

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): But this has been a problem in Firestorm, too. So it may be a server-side problem

Claudia13 Rossini: trouble is, she has a class coming up as this meeting ends

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Right. And I spent half an hour this afternoon in live chat with SL tech support, and all they could say was that each student would need to submit a separate support ticket. Like that’s going to happen.

Shailey Garfield: This is not helpful at al, Griz

Birdie Newcomb: and get an answer weeks later — if then

Zotarah Shepherd: I’m glad there are grants for such great projects Beth. Wonderful!

Claudia13 Rossini: did you ever try dumping cache (nag nag nag)

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Ah, Linden Lab…how well they understand education (sits on hands)

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): LOL

Claudia13 Rossini: lol Iggy

Kimmer Jameson: Tell us more about the grant Spiff/Andy has been awarded — the MOOC and all!

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): or (getting serious, with an effort) clear group cache and relog

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): I would have them dump cache if that seemed to have anything to do with it. But it happens on any computer. And there’s hardly anything in their caches.

Beth Ghostraven: It’s $150,000 US over 3 years

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Yes, I’ll withdraw my question about fixing clouds/ghosts.

Claudia13 Rossini: you could just test it on one av….

Beth Ghostraven: I don’t know much more about it

Kali Pizzaro: excellent

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): This is great news, Beth. Who will host this?

Kimmer Jameson: WOW! is it for middle school students? educators?

Zotarah Shepherd: Wow Beth that’s great

Birdie Newcomb: not Linden dollars, is it?

Beth Ghostraven: He works on the district level in New York

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): LOL Birdie

Beth Ghostraven: no, US dollars

Beth Ghostraven: luckily!

VWER 11-29-2012

Zotarah Shepherd: Does the MOOC use VWs?

Kali Pizzaro: beat me to it Zo

Beth Ghostraven:


Zotarah Shepherd: Great minds Kali πŸ™‚

Zotarah Shepherd: Thanks Beth

Beth Ghostraven:!ut/p/c0/LYw7CoAwEAVPY5s1oo2dp9DYpXiEhfzYLPH6fpCpppihkx6y7xy8csk-0kEOHVlXCMOajKsZQeCmkGFEkt_kC0wtohFK-zv6QnKTXWZLNaXtBujaaCE!/


Kali Pizzaro: wooopppp

Kali Pizzaro: excellent

Wrenaria Antiesse: was randomly pulled away, as happens, but is back now woo

Zotarah Shepherd: I will watch it later. I am conserving data minutes.

Kali Pizzaro: my i wish i had more time to join all these fan moocs

Beth Ghostraven: I need to look into it more myself; I don’t know too much about it yet

Beth Ghostraven: If you come to one of the ISTE events you can ask him about it

Kali Pizzaro: *fab

Kimmer Jameson: Spiff/Andy said he would pop in — I just texted him πŸ™‚

Kali Pizzaro: great

Beth Ghostraven: Thanks, Kimmer!

Kimmer Jameson: sure πŸ˜‰

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): Does anybody else have anything fun going on with students in SL these days?

Shailey Garfield: I have been asked a Q by a medical team who would like to know about voice morphing…

David Stack (richmedia): Thought one of our Profs was going do use a VW in next semester’s “DIGITAL STORYTELLING & ROLE-PLAYING”

Shailey Garfield: I was wondering if colleagues had experience about voice morphing…

David Stack (richmedia): Instead, “Using a wiki, students will populate with people to meet, places to find, and things to discover, which will then be plotted onto a Google map.”

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I’ll embed that video into the final transcript, Beth. Thanks!

Kali Pizzaro: We are hoping to start a project to use with college students – in the UK this is between school and uni

Birdie Newcomb: what is voice morphing?

Shailey Garfield: This medical team would like to run a session in SL where the paticipating researchers are anonymous

Kali Pizzaro: Shailey in what way

Zotarah Shepherd: That sounds interesting Kali

Kali Pizzaro: that is what I did I think Shailey

Kali Pizzaro: or sorry are you talking about the researchers are anon

Shailey Garfield: That is, you can change the voice – so if a male participant could havea female voice, etc.

Shailey Garfield: So they would like to use voice but not the real voices

Birdie Newcomb: ah, thanks Shailey

Kali Pizzaro: who

Claudia13 Rossini: aren’t there a lot of voice morphing programs out there…..i’ve known people who’ve used them in SL

Kali Pizzaro: the medics

Shailey Garfield: they are planning to run a technique called nominal group technique and also Delphi

Kali Pizzaro: ah ok

Kali Pizzaro: why voice

Birdie Newcomb: how does that work?

Kali Pizzaro: why not do text and save the data

Kali Pizzaro: think i know the answer πŸ˜‰

Shailey Garfield: In RL, people are hesitant to share and participate in an effective way as they can be seen as being opinionated about items for discussion

Kali Pizzaro: yes

Kali Pizzaro: for NGT

Kali Pizzaro: powerful folk oppress

Kali Pizzaro: sometimes

Shailey Garfield: so they are hoping that in SL, people would be more free to share their views

Kali Pizzaro: or are perceived

Shailey Garfield: I suggested text

Beth Ghostraven: They might actually feel more free to share in text

Birdie Newcomb: that is a typical experience — but for nooobies, I don’t know

Shailey Garfield: but they said that they would lke to use voice

Kali Pizzaro: yeah if they just have an anon avi and use text

Kali Pizzaro: ok

Claudia13 Rossini: Shailey…..they might feel less free in many instances

Kali Pizzaro: mmm how are they going to save the daya

Kali Pizzaro: data

Kali Pizzaro: ?

Kali Pizzaro: record?

Zotarah Shepherd: In Text it is easier to express without being overrun

Beth Ghostraven: I’m picturing those crime witness videos with the person blurred out and their voice weird-sounding

Kali Pizzaro: lol

Shailey Garfield: The discussions have not progressed to that stage but I guess recording of the audio

Kali Pizzaro: sure

Shailey Garfield: yes, Beth exactly that way

Claudia13 Rossini: oh boy….you could be letting yourself in for TOS problems

Kali Pizzaro: I think the egalitarian part can work wiht anon avi

Kali Pizzaro: but mmmmm

Kali Pizzaro: maybe Claudia

Kali Pizzaro: but it will be through IRB i am sure

Grizzla (grizzla.pixelmaid): (I hate to cut out early – but have to go do cat-herding with another group of students in SL shortly. I leave you all in Kali’s and Iggy’s capable hands!)

Shailey Garfield: could you elaborate , Claudia?

Kali Pizzaro: cheers Grizzla

Shailey Garfield: Thanks, Griz

Shailey Garfield: See you soon, Griz

Zotarah Shepherd: TOS problems?

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Thank you Grizzla. We’ll carry on

Beth Ghostraven: Have fun, Grizz

Wrenaria Antiesse: bye Grizz!

Zotarah Shepherd: She poofed

Kali Pizzaro: Think you are pretty solid with TOS Shailey eh?

Kali Pizzaro: terms of service

Claudia13 Rossini: Shailey….is this going to be a bunch working with an affiliated hospital/clinic….and the people being interviewed aware that they are speaking with professionals?

Shailey Garfield: yes, they are specialists in podiatry

Shailey Garfield: spread all over UK

Kimmer, Zotarah, and Claudia

Zotarah Shepherd: I know TOS but what would be the problems?

Zotarah Shepherd: Hello Hobbs!

Shailey Garfield: discussing through the technique which research topics should they be focussing on

hobbs Constantine: Hi Z

Claudia13 Rossini: Recording conversations…in both text and voice….they would need to know that upfront

Shailey Garfield: yes, Claudia

Zotarah Shepherd: Come sit with us Hobbs

Kali Pizzaro: Shailey you will be taking this through research ethics board

Kali Pizzaro: as research

Shailey Garfield: My query was more on how do you change voices?

hobbs Constantine: trying to, lag

Shailey Garfield: in SL?

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Hello Hobbs!

Kali Pizzaro: use voice morph

Kali Pizzaro: communicate

Claudia13 Rossini: just google for voice morphing Shaley

hobbs Constantine: I hope I’m not sitting on someone, I don’t think so

hobbs Constantine: Hi all!

Shailey Garfield: can different avs have different morphed voices?

Claudia13 Rossini: hey Hobbs ltns

Kali Pizzaro: then click voice morph me thinks

Zotarah Shepherd: You are fine Hobbs

Claudia13 Rossini: yes Shailey

Shailey Garfield: Ok, that’s very helpful

Kali Pizzaro: did you hear that

Kali Pizzaro: lol

Shailey Garfield: have people participated in a group where al voices were morphed? was it odd?

Wrenaria Antiesse: there are various voice morph options in SL

Claudia13 Rossini: <—has voice off

Wrenaria Antiesse: a whole list of different ones

Kali Pizzaro: yeah did you hear mine

Shailey Garfield: No, I didn’t Kali

Kali Pizzaro: ?

Kali Pizzaro: ,mmmmm

Birdie Newcomb: I hadn’t seen that before

Claudia13 Rossini: she may not have voice active Kali

Kali Pizzaro: ah you need to pay

Kali Pizzaro: subscribe

Kimmer Jameson: I have to log for an RL meeting but hope to join you again – thanks for letting me join you!

Kali Pizzaro:

Claudia13 Rossini: nice meeting you Kimmer

Wrenaria Antiesse: oh so you do

Birdie Newcomb: Ack, it costs money

Kali Pizzaro: cheers Kimmer

Kali Pizzaro: come again

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Thank you, Kimmer. Check our site later for the transcript

VWER 11-29-2012

Wrenaria Antiesse: hadn’t noticed that before

Zotarah Shepherd: Bye Kimmer

Claudia13 Rossini: i bet you can find a freebie that will morph voice in SL….

Kali Pizzaro: so you would need to factor that Shailey plus think each individual would need to subscribe

Kali Pizzaro: yeah possible Claudia

Shailey Garfield: Thanks a lot, Kali, Claudia and all. That was helpful. I am sorry if I have taken too much of the group time.

Claudia13 Rossini: try google first….you are using a mic on your own computer….

Kali Pizzaro: not at all

Zotarah Shepherd: Hi Spiff

Claudia13 Rossini: that’s what we do in these meetings Shailey

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): Hi Zotarah

Kali Pizzaro: so Spifff thanks for coming

Shailey Garfield: Yes, I have a mike and I will try different morphs available as default in SL viewer

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): and everyone

Kali Pizzaro: fancy telling us about your grant

Birdie Newcomb: Hi Spiff

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): yes, we were talking about your grant

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): Oh that is nice to be talked about

Beth Ghostraven: Hi Spiff! They were asking about the project and I”m woefully uniformed

Claudia13 Rossini: we figure a 12 way split would be acceptable (i want new Uggs)

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): πŸ™‚

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): hahah

Zotarah Shepherd: Congratulations on your grant Spiff!

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): thank you

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): new Redwings with the full steel shank, Claudia πŸ™‚

Claudia13 Rossini: Uggs!

Zotarah Shepherd: Come over and sit with us Spiff

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): Thank you

Claudia13 Rossini: prepare to be cross examined

Zotarah Shepherd: You’re welcome.

Birdie Newcomb: tell us about the project

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): Well… it is a 3 year grant

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): 150,000

VWER 11-29-2012

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): It will involve our area schools in Western New York

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Who will sponsor / host the site?

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): My work will host the site

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): Erie 1 BOCES/ WNYRIC

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): We are a shared services public entity

Zotarah Shepherd: Grants that support new technology for education are kinda rare.

Birdie Newcomb: are /vws part of the plan?

Spiff (spiff.whitfield):

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): yes

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): This grant is completely for the Virtual Environment

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): it is an Open Sim Environment

Zotarah Shepherd: Wow!

Claudia13 Rossini: that is excellent

Shailey Garfield: Great, Spiff

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): Yes… here is some of the website information

Birdie Newcomb: OK, not SL?

Spiff (spiff.whitfield):

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Very cool. Any links to the hypergrid?

Spiff (spiff.whitfield):

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): Well… we are hoping to offer hypergridding

Zotarah Shepherd: That is also encouraging for the rest of us who use VWs for teaching.

Zotarah Shepherd: Hypergriding is fun. There is so much out there.

Kali Pizzaro: ?hypergridding but not to SL obv

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): Yes… well… I was hoping on a wing and a prayer to get the funding

Claudia13 Rossini: a leak in the dam….yeah

Beth Ghostraven: It will also be a good example for us to use when talking about VWs

Kali Pizzaro: fab

Shailey Garfield: exactly, Beth. I was also thinking the same.

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): I am also working on a Professional development piece that is a MOOC

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): We have had our first teachers run through it and it was a big success as far as I am concerned

Claudia13 Rossini: what are you intending to ‘build? as in, campus?

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): I am hoping to offer the next session to anyone

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): so that any teacher may attend

Kali Pizzaro: great how many completed

Zotarah Shepherd: When will the project be running for students or is it already Spiff?

Kali Pizzaro: and how many on it

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): It is ready to go

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): there are other components that are in development

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): the other project is called the “Heir of the King

Beth Ghostraven: David was talking earlier about this [11:59] David Stack (richmedia): Thought one of our Profs was going do use a VW in next semester’s “DIGITAL STORYTELLING & ROLE-PLAYING”[11:59] David Stack (richmedia): Instead, “Using a wiki, students will populate with people to meet, places to find, and things to discover, which will then be plotted onto a Google map.”

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): it is a medieval roleplay

Beth Ghostraven: Oh AWESOME!!!

Beth Ghostraven: Sorry, I just love medieval history SO much more than modern

Birdie Newcomb: game of thrones?

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): Well it works like “Clue”

Claudia13 Rossini: (has very fancy medieval bed)

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): Students in their roles must try to figure out who the “Heir of the King” is

Zotarah Shepherd: I would love to see that Spiff. I did Medieval RP with teens on the Teen grid

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): You are who I need to collaborate with then

Beth Ghostraven: Send us links pls?

Claudia13 Rossini: oh, we want pics too, laughs

Zotarah Shepherd: I would be interested in helping with that.

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): I need some guidance to make sure I am on the right track

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): I’d be honored

Beth Ghostraven:

Claudia13 Rossini: all i can provide is furniture

Birdie Newcomb: I know an armorer

Zotarah Shepherd: Please publish a paper so I can cite it in my Thesis. *grins*

Kali Pizzaro: Caludia dont be commiting to anything lol

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): This is wonderful news. I’ve hoped for the same sort of outcome with the Usher Project in SL and Jokaydia Grid

Claudia13 Rossini: lol, already made stuff….which Iggy has copies of

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): RP for educational ends

Zotarah Shepherd: I love to build

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Claudia is a wonderful builder as you can see

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): Any little help would be greatly appreciated

Zotarah Shepherd: Claudia is an awesome builder

Beth Ghostraven: I can provide the noob perspective, as usual

Beth Ghostraven: laughs

hobbs Constantine: that’s an understatement @Claudia, she is amazing

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): And your expert advice on Cakes right Beth?

Beth Ghostraven: haha yes, and ice cream

VWER 11-29-2012

Claudia13 Rossini: i do actually have a lot of stock that i can export Spiff

Shailey Garfield: I think hat Beth/you said about students interacting on the wiki alongside OPenSim interactions…

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): For those of you who don’t know Beth, cleaned up at the SIGVE Trivia night

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): it was about Cakes

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): That is wonderful Claudia

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Claudia, what viewer do you use to export content?

Shailey Garfield: I will be happy share my experiences of having wiki for students

Claudia13 Rossini: lol, Rainbow 1.22

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I used Imprudence for Usher in J’Grid

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): I would be happy to set any educator here up with a free educator account

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): It will give you access to the Anne Frank Build

Shailey Garfield: I will also be happy to help with the evaluations – so how effective has been the initiatives for students?

Beth Ghostraven: jumps up, waving hand

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): the Heir of the king etc.

Claudia13 Rossini: but i think i can actually pass OAR files

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): If you got to the website:

Beth Ghostraven: *hand

Zotarah Shepherd: I have been making and stockpiling textures for building on other grids.

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): there is a tab for signing up

Kali Pizzaro: bet you are glad you came Spiff

Kali Pizzaro: wooo sings – the power of vwer

Kali Pizzaro: 1 min folks

Kali Pizzaro: any burning thoughts

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): Yes, and Spiff’s project segues into next week: “Tell Santa: What Simulation Would Do YOU Want in STEM, the Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences?”

Beth Ghostraven: great topic!

Claudia13 Rossini: (i only have 50+ gigs of textures)

Kali Pizzaro: eh mmm might want to review that

Iggy (ignatius.onomatopoeia): I’ll play Santa

Kali Pizzaro: oh ok re read

Kali Pizzaro: so Hobbs you got something to share

Spiff (spiff.whitfield): I am glad I came… I usually can’t make these meetings… but I stumbled happily into today… so I thank you

hobbs Constantine: Yes, thanks Kali

Zotarah Shepherd: You have lots of support with us Spiff

Kali Pizzaro: excellent then you can come and tell us how it all went at a later date

hobbs Constantine: I am conducting a study on the effect of VWs on science inquiry skills. I am seeking participants that have had an avatar for at least 5 weeks. The research is 3 activities, 1) pretest, 2) some basic genetics work at Genome Island and 3) posttest. It should take ~1 hour and pays $500L. Please contact your students and consider participating yourself. The link to start and give consent is

Beth Ghostraven: Hobbs, what ages?

hobbs Constantine: I’m working on my PhD thanks in large part to friends made here at VWER.

hobbs Constantine: @Beth between 18 and 65

Kali Pizzaro: woop me too

hobbs Constantine: Z my buddy!

Zotarah Shepherd: I’d be glad to do that Hobbs.

hobbs Constantine: Thanks Kali

Zotarah Shepherd: smiles


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