November 12, 2015: VWBPE Is Coming!

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Transcript of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable: November 12, 2015

2015-11-12 VWER - VWBPE_005

Topic: VWBPE Is Coming!

Photos by Beth Ghostraven

Sheila Yoshikawa: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable. We meet Thursday 11:30am SLT for an hour. 7:30pm In UK, 2:30pm EST. VWER is a forum to educate and inform the community about issues that are important and relevant to education in virtual worlds. This is a public meeting, so we will be keeping and publishing a transcript. The transcripts can be found at The VWER continues to develop a community of educators from around the world.

Sheila Yoshikawa: ooo kali

Tender Skytower: Hi Nova. Good to see you also

Kali Pizzaro: hi I have no idea where I have landed I am on my phone in a train station

Sheila Yoshikawa: I will continue with intro then you can take over

Beth Ghostraven: lol Kali, in the table

Kali Pizzaro: my phone is about to die so I may not be here for long

Sheila Yoshikawa: Please join the VWER group here in SL. If you are on Facebook, or Google+ please join our group there. Also find and post pictures to our Flickr group and follow us on Twitter @VWER. When you blog or tweet, please remember to include the tag #vwer. you can catch up on our tweetchat at #vwer.

Kali Pizzaro: oops

Sheila Yoshikawa: woah so perhaps I will stay moderating til you say!

Sheila Yoshikawa: I am moderating briefly til Kali takes over. This week’s Theme is: VWBPE – the conference!

Let’s start as we normally do and introduce ourselves. As usual we will be in text chat for the whole session.

Kali Pizzaro: I won’t get home till 8:10 sorrrrryyyy delays all over take care all sorry again Phelan et al – have a good meeting, phone death…….

Sheila Yoshikawa: we know it’s not deliberate  😉

Kali Pizzaro: 🙂

Sheila Yoshikawa: so please pitch in with introducing yourselves

Beth Ghostraven: Beth Ghostraven, middle school teacher-librarian in RL and owner of the Book and Tankard Pub in Victoria City, Caledon in SL; unofficial liaison between education groups in SL. For information on events for the educational groups that I work with, see the ISTE VEN Massive Open Online Calendar at ; Twitter: @booklady9

I’ll be taking photos to publish with the transcript; if you have any objection, please IM me.

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Selby Evans, Blogger, VWBPE Call for papers, Meet 3/9-12/2016. Proposals due by 1/17/2016

Letty Luckstone: Leticia De Leon, Associate Professor, UT-Rio Grande Valley

Sheila Yoshikawa: I teach and research at Sheffield University, in the Information School, that’s in the UK

Marly (marly.milena): Niela Miller, M.S. Ed is a multi-artist, humanistic psychologist,

educator, trainer, coach, & group facilitator in and out of SL.  She has two groups

offering programs in SL—Octagon:Creative Exploration and (with Liss)

Adventures in Lifelong Learning.

James Atlloud (lloud.laffer) is James Lloyd, online training developer at University of Wisconsin in Madison.

JB Hancroft: My name is JB – I’m a professional scripter, and part-time developer in SL. I have taught at conferences in the past, such as WBPE and SLPro!.

Phelan Corrimal: Kevin Feenan – I’m President of Rockcliffe University Consortium and one of the Executive Directors for the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference (VWBPE)

2015-11-12 VWER - VWBPE_010 Phelan

Greg Prumier: Greg Perrier, Associate Prof Biology , Northern Virginia Comm College, and admin for our SL campus

Nova Saunders: Nova Saunders/Marion Smeltzer from PA – Nova Archaeology VIBE grid

Sheila Yoshikawa: thanks everyone! So today we welcome our special guests, Phelan and Letty,

who are going to tell us about next year’s VWBPE and lead into a discussion. So Phelan, can I turn to you to introduce the session?

Phelan Corrimal: Thank-you Sheila -We have kick started the VWBPE Conference for 2016 which will happen March 9-12 this year. Currently our website is updated with a bit of a new look, the Call for Proposals is out, and we also just sent out information on the Thinkerer award. This year we have a number of new things planned for before, during, and after the conference. As with other conferences we see this as an opportunity to experiment with new ways of networking and providing opportunities for people to learn about working with virtual immersive environments. Some of the new things you will see this year is a greater impact from machinima and video archives. The immersive experiences will start prior to the conference this year.

Sheila Yoshikawa: oo exciting!

James Atlloud (lloud.laffer): interesting

Phelan Corrimal: we plan on starting those up to 2 weeks before the actual conference dates and run up to two weeks after. The goal is to be wrapped up before Easter 🙂 Also we have new plans for networking between conferences starting with this upcoming conference

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): More time for immersive experiences — Good

Phelan Corrimal: many times people get very excited about new opportunities and want to keep those networking opportunities running after the conference. However invariably – real life gets in the way and things go by the wayside

JB Hancroft: I think the ongoing connectiveness is a great idea

Phelan Corrimal: we think we have a solution to that and plan on unveiling that at the conference this year. The main conference will be in Second Life and OpenSim mostly again this year. We have confirmed our space in SL and on Avacon’s grid again for this year

Sheila Yoshikawa: excellent!

Phelan Corrimal: The call for additional regions and locations will go out at the end of this month

Maggie Larimore: you can always use anything you want in the Chilbo Community

Phelan Corrimal: One of the biggest things we really want to push on for this year is recognition of people via the Thinkerer award – we are hoping that people will submit individuals for lifetime achievements.  Last year the award was still new and we had a few submissions – we are hoping that this year the significance of the award will be more widely recognized and we’ll have many more submissions to review.

Sheila Yoshikawa: but still the one award – there aren’t categories or anything?

Phelan Corrimal: Just the one award at this point – yes

Marly (marly.milena): Is LI already submitted my award recommendation

Marly (marly.milena): Pretty easy

Marly (marly.milena): Sorry, I had a finger operation yesterday

James Atlloud (lloud.laffer): Oh Marly.

Sheila Yoshikawa: oh wow you are in the wars Marly

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): Marly, you take a licking and keep on typing; cool.

Phelan Corrimal: We wanted it to be meaningful and not like what we were doing prior to 2 years ago when a lot of the ‘awards’ were mostly “best in class” type of thing that had limited significance

Phelan Corrimal: Letty has come good news as well on the Programs front – I will let her speak to that

2015-11-12 VWER - VWBPE_011 Letty

Letty Luckstone: Thank you Phelan

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): So is this the conference where people present their knowledge or experience in virtual teaching?  Just so I know what we’re talking about.

Phelan Corrimal: @huntress – yes

Letty Luckstone: this year’s program will feature a clearer distinction between academic tracks and those for communities of practice

Sheila Yoshikawa: good point Huntress, could one of you outline the broad scope of the conference please?

Letty Luckstone: we also have more opportunities for academics to get better recognition for their submissions by submitting a paper

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): I recall thinking last year what the criteria was for inclusion, as what I do, and Thothica weren’t included, but MoM was.

Beth Ghostraven: Join us at the table, it’ll make more seats

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): Not to mention Thinkers’ group, the oldest discussion group in SL

Marly (marly.milena): We are hoping to encourage those who have begun to teach for A>L>L> (Adventures in Lifelong Learning to submit proposals

Letty Luckstone: Huntress, the conference is for both educators and those that support educators through services or other support systems. We are calling those that support educators communities of practice. This may include people who provide training scripting building or any other services that support continuing education in virtual worlds

Marly (marly.milena): I am also hoping we can have an across-the-board panel discussion with educators

JB Hancroft: Thanks for clarifying that, Letty. I’m not an educator… but I support them and am a lifelong learner, myself.

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): That would be RL educators.

Letty Luckstone: then there is definitely a place for you in our conference 🙂

Marly (marly.milena): virtual educators is what I am talking about

Phelan Corrimal: @Marly – we have a few of those already pre-planned – we are referring to them as our Quadrivium networking events

Letty Luckstone: yes, and they are on specific topics that relate to a theme. However, we also have opportunities for individuals to submit proposals for panels, such as the one you propose, Marly

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): I’m then confused as to who would count as that, as some SL educators are invited and some aren’t.

Birdie Newcomb: As opposed to Trivium?

Sheila Yoshikawa whispers: I would assume that anyone who educates in SL is an educator??

Letty Luckstone: Sheila, I would agree with you on that.

Marly (marly.milena): Will VWER provide panelists if we do this?

Phelan Corrimal: @Huntress-  how do you mean – all educators are invited to the conference – anyone who educates in any type of immersive environment

Will Burns (aeonix.aeon): in or about virtual environments 🙂

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Huntress — the invitation is to anyone interested– nobody is not invited,

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): Well, maybe it’s a failure to communicate, but there is a robust number of educators who don’t get to sit on the panels, or have an event, or a booth, or whatever.  Like I say, I’m confused.

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): How does this get publicized?

Maggie Larimore: might that have to do with when they submit proposals and if the schedule is full?

Letty Luckstone: Huntress, because this conference relies heavily on proposal submissions, it may be that some of those educators simply do not submit proposals for conference

Marly (marly.milena): Good for you for trying to get this clear Huntress

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): People have to propose panels, events, booths.

Letty Luckstone: we also do have a deadline, so it may be that some of those educators don’t meet the deadline

Sheila Yoshikawa: Yes, particularly with booths my perception is the key thing is – get a proposal in!

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): How do you go about doing that?  And how do you publicize the invitations.

Letty Luckstone: we do what is called a call for proposals

Phelan Corrimal: Currently it’s being publicized through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, VWBPE SL groups and a few others, our direct mail list and then through various blogs and other interested people

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): I think in some cases, they don’t even know the basics here–how to do submissions, what the deadlines are, etc.

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): See my blog:

Letty Luckstone: all submissions are online and all of them have instructions

John (johannes1977): I reblogged it some time ago on my magazine

Beth Ghostraven: thank you, John! May we have a link to it?

John (johannes1977):

JB Hancroft: thank you 🙂

John (johannes1977): i will provide free advertising for this and if you need a reporter there i can provide that; send me whatever ads you have out there

Letty Luckstone: thank you John

2015-11-12 VWER - VWBPE_013 John

John (johannes1977): inara pey is one of my contributors i think she will probably cover it, if not i’ll ask her

Sheila Yoshikawa: so could be useful to have people go along to other community events/places to guide advice / guidance nearer the deadlines?

Phelan Corrimal: Call for Proposals can currently be found at this link here –

Letty Luckstone: this might be helpful:

Letty Luckstone: the link to the call for proposals also describes the different kinds of proposals you can make

Phelan Corrimal: one of the challenges we face every year is that people find out about the conference after the CFP deadline passes – so we are trying to make more of a concerted effort to be more visible in terms of getting word out about the conference. CFP deadline this year is January 17th

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): also announced in Facebook VWBPE and Google+ VWBPE friends

Phelan Corrimal: That is to allow us time to review the proposals and contact everyone with their time and locations, and publicize the schedule in a reasonable time frame

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): i was going to ask, what the deadline is.  January 17th?  For proposals?

Letty Luckstone: yes, the expectation that I have set is to always publish the program a month before the conference. Yes January 17 for conference proposals

Phelan Corrimal: At some past conferences we have had the schedule hasn’t gone out until 1 week before the conference – we are trying to get the schedule out at least 4 weeks prior and 6 weeks if we can manage it. A number of presenters have also complained in the past that their acceptance has come too close to the conference dates so again another reason for having an earlier cut off date

Letty Luckstone: no extensions, sorry

Sheila Yoshikawa: yes sounds a good idea

Maggie Larimore: can we take a copy of the notecard giver for our installations; I’d like to put it in the Chilbo Education Resource Center

Beth Ghostraven: If anyone has suggestions for publicity, please let me know. Maggie, I’ll send you one

Maggie Larimore: thanks Beth

Beth Ghostraven: there you should be able to take it for sale, $L0

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): I’ll be happy to publicize it in my group; and I’ll distribute that link you just posted.

Letty Luckstone: thank you Huntress

Marly (marly.milena): There were some tp and sign problems last year re what was happening in SL and what was on Avacon.  Will that be easier to navigate ?

Letty Luckstone: exactly right, acceptances will go out by the end of January

JB Hancroft: I am encouraged by the forward-thinking and the improvements in communication and processes.

Letty Luckstone: they are peer reviewed, so delays sometimes stem from the fact that our volunteers are simply too busy; they do an amazing job though

Phelan Corrimal: One of the benefits of a virtual conference is that you can accept submissions right up until the day before if you want – and in the past we have done that. But over the years we’ve been finding that more and more people want information at least 4 weeks before – both presenters and conference attendees

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): Is there a NC with this info on it that I could attach to my group notice?

Sheila Yoshikawa: Yes in the box  that beth just made 0 linden for sale – there is a notecard in that

Maggie Larimore: also last year people had to ask permission to get an account on Avacon; lots of us never heard back, is Avacon an automatic sign up this year?

Marly (marly.milena): There were some tp and sign problems last year re what was happening in SL and what was on Avacon.  Will that be easier to navigate ?

Phelan Corrimal: plus anything peer reviewed takes time – we are trying to strike a balance between being able to be infinitely flexible and infinitely rigid on the structure of the conference – every year we rebalance that equation based on our experience and participant feedback

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): OK, I’ll borrow from that in my announcement.

Maggie Larimore: Beth can you do that with the big guy too, make it $L0 to buy; that would be good for the Education Center, more visible

Sheila Yoshikawa: yes, to be fair there were the instructions about avacon, but i think people were still caught out (e.g. me)

Beth Ghostraven: Maggie, did that one too :o)

Sheila Yoshikawa: great thanks Beth

Maggie Larimore: having the live stream and the recordings really helped a lot with the Avacon log in problem

Maggie Larimore: thanks Beth

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): So it will be both in Avacon and SL?

Phelan Corrimal: I have a kiosk here in my inventory if anyone would like one btw

Maggie Larimore: that would be great, I could put it up by the Community Center

Letty Luckstone: Sheila, one of the goals we hope to accomplish this year is to make the Avacon transition easier

Phelan Corrimal: @huntress – yes both grids

Marly (marly.milena): Me too.I finally have access to Avacon through Singularity but I am still concerned about the need to move back and forth between the worlds at the conference

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): There are ways to move through the hypergrid; I have no clue how to do that, and probably the lindens won’t allow it.  You just have to go from one grid to another by logging in.

Maggie Larimore: will Mal Burns et al be managing filming again?

Marly (marly.milena): It would be terrific if someone made that grid jumping possible and easy!

Phelan Corrimal: I believe so – yes – but this is actually one of the things we are doing a bit different from previous years

Beth Ghostraven: If your computer can handle it, you can have two viewers open and be in SL and AvaCon at the same time

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): Probably won’t happen for SL, as we are a closed grid; 3rd Rock is an open grid; jumping is easy there, like tping.

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): I use the SL viewer here and Firestorm in Opensim — I can run both at the same time

JB Hancroft: if you need a crash dummy tester and someone to troubleshoot the transition, I’ll be glad to help with that.

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): That would work.

Letty Luckstone: I have also run firestorm at the same time on both grids

Beth Ghostraven: I’ve run two instances of firestorm simultaneously

Beth Ghostraven: jinx, Letty!

Beth Ghostraven: 😀

Letty Luckstone: lol

Nova Saunders: ditto;  didn’t crash yet

Will Burns (aeonix.aeon): If I tried to do that, my laptop would burst into flames and Satan would rise from the depths to reclaim it

2015-11-12 VWER - VWBPE_018 Will Burns

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): I have different viewers for different grids, don’t think my computer can handle two grids at once w/o terrible lag, but maybe by that time, I’ll have two computers.

Marly (marly.milena): So Will would Burn, eh?

Marly (marly.milena): LOL

Sheila Yoshikawa: GROAAAN Marly 😉

Maggie Larimore: I can run Singularity and Sl at the same time, didn’t do that last time because I couldn’t get an account on Avacon, frustrating, but having the browser open to watch Avacon live stream while having the Avi plunked somewhere in Sl worked

Marly (marly.milena): Yeah, I know. Terrible 🙁

Phelan Corrimal: We have a broadcast team that is training starting in December this year to work with Mal Burns and us – if people are interested we will be working with Saffia as she is launching a program on how to do broadcasting and then we will supplement it with workshops specific to VWBPE

JB Hancroft: I have a variety of systems… windows, mac, linux – to turn at the problem

Sheila Yoshikawa: that sounds good Phelan

Maggie Larimore: lol Will

Sheila Yoshikawa: does it mean more will be filmed?

Phelan Corrimal: if you register through EventBrite for the conference – we will set-up up to 150 avatars using a bulk set-up about 2-3 weeks before the conference. So you can always get one that way

Beth Ghostraven: Avacon account approval may be easier too

Zadark Xavorin: The Avacon thing needs sorting, if you are presenting you may need permissions to access things.

Sheila Yoshikawa: excellent idea Phelan

Phelan Corrimal: Avacon folks have been busy so they sometimes are right on top of getting an account set-up and sometimes not

Letty Luckstone: you still need to register early though

Will Burns (aeonix.aeon): I think if I were on any panels or whatnot, I’d be in the SL side of things.

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): You don’t have to get an account on Avacon — just get an account on any hypergrid-connected grid. I favor Kitely.

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): I like 3rd Rock.

Letty Luckstone: that works too, Selby

Sheila Yoshikawa: perhaps we should have an orientation discussion here the week before VWBPE

Maggie Larimore: having a Kitely account gets you into Avacon?

Phelan Corrimal: yep – we had probably about half the people attending the conference last year hypergrid in from other grids

Birdie Newcomb: SL is the holdout on the Hypergrid

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): I have never gone to Avacon, set up an account; do you just go to the website?

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): SL and IW

Marly (marly.milena): But, correct me if I am wrong, I thought the two worlds presenters would be using for this conference were SL and Avacon….?

Maggie Larimore: I came in through Eventbrite last year, didn’t help me with Avacon permissions; what’s the point (forgive me) for using a world that’s not easy to get into or around in?

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Kitely connect to the Hypergrid — you log into KItely and use Hypergrid to go to Avacon

Phelan Corrimal: @huntress – you can do yes – or any other hypergrid enabled grid – so if you really like Kitely then grab one there. We have instructions on our website how to hypergrid to the conference venue

Marly (marly.milena): Huntress, I enter using Singularity as my viewer for Open Sims ie Avacon

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): See this article:

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): But that’s after you set up your account, right?

Nova Saunders: nods to using Singularity

Sheila Yoshikawa: OK Phelan and Letty – can I just flag up – what is the scope for a VWER contribution, We have had the VWER session *in* VWBPE in the past – do you see that as an option?

Letty Luckstone: Sheila, each year we select different feature panels from different organizations in world

Sheila Yoshikawa: i wasn’t talking about a panel Letty; we actually had this regular session as a scheduled session in VWBPE, and held it in a VWBPE venue

Knowclue Kidd: what will you do about Minecraft?

Beth Ghostraven: Knowclue, I’m glad you asked that!

Knowclue Kidd: TY, Beth

2015-11-12 VWER - VWBPE_017 Knowclue

Beth Ghostraven: Huntress, I can help you get in to AvaCon before the conference

Beth Ghostraven: anyone else, too

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): Thanks, Beth

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): you have to set up an account in Kitely to use Kitely to go to Avacon.

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): When I publicize, should I use your name as a contact for those interested, Beth?

Maggie Larimore: thanks Beth, I must have requested three times and gave up

Beth Ghostraven: Yes, Huntress, that would be fine

Birdie Newcomb: Is there anything else on Avacon besides this conference?

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): I have an account in Kitely, in 3rd Rock, in Osgrid; almost got one in the Great White North Grid.

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Huntress — I think any of those first 3 will get you to Avacon

Beth Ghostraven: Selby yes, you’re right

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): The easiest place to do it is 3rd rock; they have a row of portals at their main landpoint; not sure about Avacon, but you could ask, and they’d set it up for you.

Maggie Larimore: but the live stream hack worked well, I don’t think I missed much of what I wanted to see that was on Avacon

Maggie Larimore: I’m in Osgrid and Inworldz too

Sheila Yoshikawa: Beth is going to be busy 😉

Beth Ghostraven: yes O.o

Marly (marly.milena): I have an Avie sitting in Avacon and have never seen anyone else there when I have peeked in

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): Inworldz is also closed; can’t hypergrid there.

Maggie Larimore: ah never tried it, what about OSGrid

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): Yes, OsGrid allows you to hypergrid.

Knowclue Kidd: Yup

Nova Saunders: nods

Maggie Larimore: okay will look at that then; got to get into 3rd rock, sounds like 🙂

Knowclue Kidd: So…. Minecraft or No Minecraft?

Phelan Corrimal: We would love to have someone submit an immersive proposal on minecraft

Beth Ghostraven: Knowclue, do you know of a Minecraft server we could use?

Sheila Yoshikawa: I would have thought Minecraft counted as a VW so it would depend on proposals? oer were you thinking of it as a conference venue?

Beth Ghostraven: oh wait, VSTE has a Minecraft server

Phelan Corrimal: We could bring people into the Rockcliffe Minecraft area as part of that

Knowclue Kidd: Mine… but maybe Microsoft will sponsor a server for us, I could ask

Beth Ghostraven: Phelan, what’s the Rockcliffe Minecraft area? Does Rockcliffe have a server?

Phelan Corrimal: Rockcliffe has our own Minecraft server

Tender Skytower: It depends Kevin .. do they want vanilla MC? Our server is not running vanilla

Knowclue Kidd: It needs to be more than a class…. it needs to have a presence as it is the virtual world that is changing education in the classroom

Beth Ghostraven: oh awesome!

Tender Skytower: But it is not running vanilla mc. It is running a mod pack

Knowclue Kidd: Must be vanilla

Knowclue Kidd: I won’t work with EDU

Knowclue Kidd: grrrrr

Sheila Yoshikawa: OK so return to my question, from what you said if we wanted our VWER discussion to be part of VWBPE for the crossover benefit we would submit a proposal to do that like anyone else – we would want to be able to specify something like the normal time though

Beth Ghostraven: I’m using Edu at my school, but it’s not open

JB Hancroft: Rockcliffe has a minecraft server? very cool 🙂

Will Burns (aeonix.aeon): =^-^=

Knowclue Kidd: lol… IK, Beth…. I even have to recommend it to teachers, but I hate pedagogically where that company stands

Sheila Yoshikawa: and by the way – 10 minutes left – so if there are any big unanswered questions, bring them out now!

Phelan Corrimal: Sheila – Letty is having problems typing at the moment. I think would be best to speak directly with her after this session is over. Letty is the programs chair so anything we do needs to be coordinated with her.

Sheila Yoshikawa: ah right – will do – after consultation with Kali of course!

Letty Luckstone: Sheila, the program has several opportunities for proposals that can include lectures, panels, or workshops. The last years that I’ve been running program, I have tried to vary it so that more people have opportunities to be heard that may not have been heard before. As a result, we currently do not have any standing presenters.

Marly (marly.milena): Book recommendation–a dystopian novel about the internet, networking, virtuality—raises important questions:  Dave Eggers THE CIRCLE

Maggie Larimore: thanks Marly

Beth Ghostraven: thanks Marly, I’ll look at that

JB Hancroft: ty Marly

Letty Luckstone: However, we are planning on adding new features that could potentially have groups who have appeared in VWBPE in the past come back and share something new

Beth Ghostraven: The upcoming Open Sim Community Conference (Dec. 5, 2015) will take place on the AvaCon grid too

Marly (marly.milena): Phelan, Letty—it would be interesting to have a post-conference exchange about the conference while it is still fresh in everyone’s minds…providing feedback, ideas, suggestions for the following conference

Sheila Yoshikawa: I think we have done that in the past here, Marly

Letty Luckstone: Marly, that is part of the networking opportunities that Phelan was talking about

Sheila Yoshikawa: or perhaps you meant as an integral part of the conference?

Beth Ghostraven: Last year there was a post-conference MOOC too, exploring some new places

Sheila Yoshikawa: Oh great, Letty

Marly (marly.milena): Yes, Sheila, open to anyone who attends or presents

Phelan Corrimal: @Marly – that is part of the plan again for this year. Each year we have a post-conference survey and then last summer we also had a focus group to look at what we were doing well and where we could improve

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): VWER could hold a post conference meeting conference

Phelan Corrimal: The Post-Conference VWER session we had last year was very helpful as well – we used a lot of the feed back from that as input to the focus group

Maggie Larimore: The SLMOOC that Nellie Homewood and I do will be running all of April again, so we’re happy to have folks do tours, join us for things, most of our MOOC is on, we have some great talks

Beth Ghostraven: Maggie, that’s a great MOOC!

Maggie Larimore: thanks Beth

Marly (marly.milena): Yes, I was at something,  I am just imagining new bursts of creativity in thinking about the possibilities based on what is already an outstanding event

Maggie Larimore: I loved Serena Offcourse’s pre conference hunt too, that was great for people moving around the area–the SL grid I meant

Beth Ghostraven: yes, that was fun!

Nova Saunders: nods

Phelan Corrimal: LoriVonne and I are working up something that is a bit more concrete for post-conference this year, to capture some of that creativity and help focus it a bit more constructively

2015-11-12 VWER - VWBPE_008

Sheila Yoshikawa: the pre and post events do sound good

Sheila Yoshikawa: So – last 5 minutes!

ThinkererSelby Evans (thinkerer.melville): Good to publicize post events at the conference

Sheila Yoshikawa: It seems clear that questions about the call for papers, programme, which track you should apply to etc. go to Letty, and offers to publicise to Beth–right?

Letty Luckstone: we hope to both prepare our participants and hyped the conference, by starting two weeks early with preconference activities

Marly (marly.milena): I am thinking about a panel/workshop on theme of creative process.  If you are interested, please contact me

Phelan Corrimal: we are in the pre-planning stages of that now and will release more on it as we get closer to the conference

Letty Luckstone: yes I’m the one in charge of proposals so all questions regarding the program or or submissions go to me

Sheila Yoshikawa: sounds good Marly

Beth Ghostraven: Sheila, yes, I’m doing publicity

Letty Luckstone: Beth has joined our team this year and she’s doing a marvelous job

Sheila Yoshikawa: as always 😉

Sheila Yoshikawa: Well it looks like there is LOTS of work already going on behind the scenes

Will Burns (aeonix.aeon) smiles

Sheila Yoshikawa: we know how much it takes to run something like this

Will Burns (aeonix.aeon): Yes, I imagine they are constructing an Education Death Star behind the scenes

Phelan Corrimal: there has been a lot of work so far – more to come

Maggie Larimore: there always is; I’m so impressed with you guys and all the work that gets done year after year, it takes a village!

Sheila Yoshikawa: and it’s great that it is happening once again

Nova Saunders: yes

Sheila Yoshikawa: thanks Phelan and Letty for coming along today

Letty Luckstone: it takes about half a year to plan the conference, lol

Tender Skytower: Sheila, it feels like we start planning for the next VWBPE about a month after the last one ends

Sheila Yoshikawa: indeed Letty

Phelan Corrimal: We are still working through a few issues with the proposal submission area so we are asking people to be patient with us on that.

Letty Luckstone: thank you Sheila 🙂

JB Hancroft: wonderful information – thank you, everyone 🙂

Sheila Yoshikawa: and have a good rest of the day/evening whereever you are

Phelan Corrimal: We actually have already started planning on the 2017 conference now believe it or not

Marly (marly.milena): Marly puts a thumb up, one of her working fingers  LOL

JB Hancroft: wow

JB Hancroft: heal well, Marly 🙂

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): I almost didn’t come to this one, have to split wood, but glad I did; I do want to participate in this year’s conference; only heard about last year’s about a week before it happened.

Letty Luckstone: We would love to have you, huntress

Letty Luckstone: you as well JB

Tender Skytower: Letty, when does the call for volunteers go out?

Phelan Corrimal: Just want to remind everyone on the dates : CFP Deadline January 17th, Conference Dates March 9-12.

JB Hancroft: ty Letty 🙂

Letty Luckstone: we do not yet have a date for call for volunteers, but I suspect that will come soon as well

JB Hancroft: Thanks for the reminder, Phelan 🙂

Huntress Selene (huntress.selenium): I will have a rough draft of a proposal within a week; I’ll send it in a NC to you, Letty

Nova Saunders: Letty I signed up already

Letty Luckstone: sure thing huntress

Letty Luckstone: thank you nova

Phelan Corrimal: @Tender – will probably be soon – December as we still need to pull together peer reviewers, mentors, and other people that will be involved in the conference well before the actual conference dates

Tender Skytower: Great. We always need time to organize volunteers

Phelan Corrimal:

Letty Luckstone: my apologies, I use Dragon speak for bad days, and it doesn’t always type what I mean, lol

Maggie Larimore: I’m happy to peer review a couple of papers, I’m not published in virtual world studies but I read a lot of them and am published in psychology

JB Hancroft will have to remember to blame Dragon myself, on some days 😉

Letty Luckstone: lol

Maggie Larimore: got to run guys, have an RL meeting in 20+ minutes

Phelan Corrimal: @Maggie – if you could drop us a line at or pop in your contact details on the volunteer portion of our website that would be great

Letty Luckstone: thank you Maggie the call for reviewers will be going out soon as well

Maggie Larimore: will do that

Will Burns (aeonix.aeon): I have to jet as well, but Beth… keep me posted if you would, please. I *might* put in a proposal this year

Sheila Yoshikawa: thanks again Phelan and Letty

Phelan Corrimal: Thank-you Sheila for having us


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