November 26, 2015: Open Forum

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Transcript of the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable: November 26, 2015

2015-11-26 VWER Open Forum_003

Topic: Open Forum

Photos by Beth Ghostraven

Sheila Yoshikawa: Hi everyone, and welcome to the Virtual Worlds Education Roundtable. We meet Thursday 11:30am SLT for an hour. 7:30pm In UK, 2:30pm EST. VWER is a forum to educate and inform the community about issues that are important and relevant to education in virtual worlds. This is a public meeting, so we will be keeping and publishing a transcript. The transcripts can be found at The VWER continues to develop a community of educators from around the world. Please join the VWER group here in SL. If you are on Facebook, or Google+ please join our group there. Also find and post pictures to our Flickr group and follow us on Twitter @VWER. When you blog or tweet, please remember to include the tag #vwer. you can catch up on our tweetchat at #vwer.

Sheila Yoshikawa: I am moderating today. This week’s Theme is: open forum

Sheila Yoshikawa: Let’s start as we normally do and introduce ourselves. As usual we will be in text chat for the whole session.

Sheila Yoshikawa: So I teach and research in the Information School at the University of Sheffield, UK

2015-11-26 VWER Open Forum_001

Kali Pizzaro: Dr Evelyn McElhinney (sorry lol had to do it) GCU Nurse lecturer, RN, VWER lead

Kali Pizzaro: cough

Sheila Yoshikawa: Kali just got her PhD 😉

Kali Pizzaro: tada

Sheila Yoshikawa: just this week

Iyoba BatOni (iyoba.tarantal): Congrats.

Kali Pizzaro: thanks

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): great

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): hard work

Kali Pizzaro: nods

Kali Pizzaro: sorry carry on 😉

Birdie Newcomb: Congrats Kali — Now what?

Kali Pizzaro: nothing i stay in the same job but might get to do more research 🙂

Birdie Newcomb: Birdie Newborn, in the throes of redefining myself.

Beth Ghostraven: Beth Ghostraven, middle school teacher-librarian in RL and owner of the Book and Tankard Pub in Victoria City, Caledon in SL; unofficial liaison between education groups in SL. For information on events for the educational groups that I work with, see the ISTE VEN Massive Open Online Calendar at ; Twitter: @booklady9

I’ll be taking photos to publish with the transcript; if you have any objection, please IM me.

Sheila Yoshikawa: yes I’ll be taking pictures too, to put on the VWER Flickr group

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): Derek Richardson I’m an associate lecturer for the Open University

Kali Pizzaro: grand

Sheila Yoshikawa: ok

Kali Pizzaro: Hi Derek

Iyoba BatOni (iyoba.tarantal): Hello

Beth Ghostraven: Kered, do you work with Shailey Minocha?

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): helped with some research a few years ago

2015-11-26 VWER Open Forum_004

Sheila Yoshikawa: so as it’s open forum anyone can raise a question or theme about education

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): yes I did

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): not recently

Sheila Yoshikawa: any takers

Beth Ghostraven: oh wonderful! Shailey’s a regular here

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): not been able to get for a long time

Iyoba BatOni (iyoba.tarantal): Does everyone know that Science School is gone?

Kali Pizzaro: welcome back

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): in another world now

Kali Pizzaro: ah lyoba have they opened somewhere else

Sheila Yoshikawa: i will show my ignorance – what was/is science school?

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): an opensim world

Iyoba BatOni (iyoba.tarantal): An educational sim. I run ; that’s a spreadsheet of all of Second Life’s educational sims.

2015-11-26 VWER Open Forum_005

Sheila Yoshikawa: thank you for the link

Birdie Newcomb: I’ve been wondering lately, based on my own experience — does education actually do what it is supposed to do? — in my mind create thoughtful creative people? Or will we ever know?

Iyoba BatOni (iyoba.tarantal): Birdie, is that what education is supposed to do?

Birdie Newcomb: That’s what I assumed at the beginning, but a lot of it seems like an industry.

Kali Pizzaro: sometimes when we don’t tie it to only about getting a job 🙂 – joking

Kali Pizzaro: ok so why don’t we make this a wee 30 min meeting, Sheila given the circumstances and thanksgiving etc

Iyoba BatOni (iyoba.tarantal): I thought education was about giving people the knowledge not to hurt themselves or others and be good citizens.

Kali Pizzaro: to be critical thinkers?

Beth Ghostraven: Lyoba, I think that’s part of it

Birdie Newcomb: not to hurt themselves — OK, hadn’t thought of that

Kali Pizzaro: mmmm

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): education is about self improvement we all learn all the time

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): and we hope to pass that on to others

Kali Pizzaro: nods

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): instill a desire to improve oneself

Beth Ghostraven: at present, it seems to be more a matter of what the politicians and corporations think education is for

Kali Pizzaro: there is definitely a corporate angle

Birdie Newcomb: Or are willing to fund

Iyoba BatOni (iyoba.tarantal): I think the corporations are on our side. What makes someone a good and productive worker, is education.

Birdie Newcomb: Or sitting still and taking orders

Kali Pizzaro: sure, but industry driven in UK HEI – and becoming the be all and end all when not everyone should or can go to uni

Beth Ghostraven: I have trouble trusting corporations to have anyone’s individual well-being at heart

Birdie Newcomb: Yes, that’s an interesting discussion — but if not college, then what?

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): if we create thinkers that is to the determent of corporations as they will not believe the Bull the sprout

Beth Ghostraven: the Bull the sprout?

Kali Pizzaro: sometimes people are better at other things but society sometimes does not value the skilled worker roles

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): the party line

Beth Ghostraven: ah, yes

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): believe what you are told

Kali Pizzaro: which are just as important. However, if have ability – then being able to pay should never be a barrier. That is why I am so glad we have free undergraduate full time education in Scotland, paid by the taxpayer same as healthcare – morally correct I think–but anyway……….

Iyoba BatOni (iyoba.tarantal): Yes, but a lot of times our interests and theirs coincide. We all need workers who can read and do algebra.

Birdie Newcomb: quantifying the unknown — and it’s a science

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): yes but most large corps have lots of low paid jobs and they want them compliant not well educated

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): I know was in one for a long time

Birdie Newcomb: Yet respecting those with degrees

Kali Pizzaro: indeed lol

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): yes got my degree while driving a bus for a living #6

Kered Owl (kered.rickena): then moved up the ladder a little

Sheila Yoshikawa: interesting conversation about education

Kali Pizzaro: :0

Beth Ghostraven: yes

Sheila Yoshikawa: I do think myself that it easily gets focused on passing exams and so forth, at school

Birdie Newcomb: Gaming the system

Sheila Yoshikawa: yes Birdie


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