Our Logo

Our Logo

Many people have commented on our logo.  We happen to be pretty fond of it, too.  🙂

The amazing Viv Trafalgar designed it and we wouldn’t do it justice if we tried to explain what went into the ideas behind the design, so we’ll just let Viv do it herself:

“The goal was to emphasize educational focus in the many emerging (small and large) virtual worlds and platforms – so we began designing the logo around the different sized worlds, and varied orbits.  There is a sense that things are in motion because of the orbits; and that they are coming into being because of the use of basic geometric shapes, much like builders in 3d worlds work from basic shapes. The VWER logo has three colors: green, metallic, and white.  The white is tabula rasa: we can do anything here… and we just might.  The metallic invokes craftmanship and making things, as well as mechanical tools and the communications lines connecting us. The bright green also has tech overtones, but more importantly it emphasizes green aspects of virtual worlds: less travel, more communication for the energy unit expended.”

When we expanded to open the VWERGrid and wanted a logo just for that, once again I turned to Viv and gave her a brief idea what I was thinking.  And once again Viv was able to capture exactly what we wanted.

Yeah, we’re  pretty impressed too.

So, we think you should know more about the amazing Viv.

Viv Trafalgar is a writer, educator, graphic designer, programmer, and virtual worlds builder who is currently creating interactive educational games for Rezzable Inc., as well as working with clients including University of Richmond, University of Delaware, and Oxford University.  Her design group, Bespoke Interactive, has developed projects for clients in Second Life, Open Sim, Reaction Grid, and beyond, and consulted on the use of immersive narrative in educational environments. Recent work has included Steamfish for Rezzable, and custom period clothing and immersive narrative consulting for the University of Richmond House of Usher sim.  She is proud that Ignatius Onomatopoeia doesn’t turn the sprinklers on when he sees her on his digital lawn at “In A Strange Land”.

Viv can be found in world.